Mold Toxicity Treatment – 7-Year-Old Joshua’s Success Story

Where you from Joshua? America How you feeling? I was diagnosed with Mold Toxicity and we
live in Vero Beach, America. Florida I should say. We drive 3 hours up to Tampa to get treated
at Dr. Sponaugle’s Institute. And I really think its been a big change for
me. I’ve never known what it would feel like to
be normal because my whole entire life I have been sick. Thats why I got this picc line so I wouldnt
have to get a needle everyday. Because I do infusions almost every week and
on the weekends we go home. I normally come up here with my mom or my
dad because they were also diagnosed with mold toxicity, maybe lyme. Thats why we have been coming here. Do you remember how you felt before treatment,
when you were sick? What did it feel like? It was really weird because all the times
I went to the doctors and all that, they said that I was fine but as soon as we started
coming here, we started realizing that we had mold. Thats why we started. How do you feel now? I feel way better.