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– If you’re using the products
in the wrong order it’s gonna prevent your skin from
receiving the full benefits. Welcome to ipsy U Beauty
101 where we’re talking about the order of applying
your skin care products. And even though I’m over
40 you’re never too young or old to start a skin care regimen. So let’s get started with the
morning skin care routine. I know I always feel my best
when I get up a little earlier in the morning so I have
extra time for my skin care routine and I would
encourage you to do the same. So the first step is face cleanser. Today I’m gonna be using First Aid Beauty facial cleanser and you just massage some into your skin and then rinse and dry. Next up is Pixie by Petra’s Glow Tonic. This helps to exfoliate your skin, brighten and remove excess makeup. For this product you use a cotton round and apply it to your face and neck. The next step I’m using
Dermadeli’s Pumpkin Seed Serum. You just apply it all over
your face and your neck and it’s perfect for normal to dry skin. The next step is Origin’s
Defense SPF 20 Eye Cream. I apply this around the
eye area very gently with my ring finger and
I place it all the way around the orbital bone
so the entire eye area is protected from the sun
and it’s also really good at fighting fine lines and wrinkles. Next up is Murad’s Moisturizer
with vitamin C and SPF 30. This product is great for the day time because it has SPF and the vitamin C helps to brighten and it really
helps protect your skin from environmental pollutants. So if you don’t have a
face cream that has SPF in it already you can use
two separate products. The first product is Youth to the People Kale, Spinach, Green
Tea and Hyaluronic Acid. You just apply it all
over your face and neck followed by Coola’s SPF 30 product. Next up is Lasting Smiles
peppermint lip balm. It’s refreshing and
feels amazing going on. Apply it over clean lips. It’s refreshing and
feels amazing going on. My favorite thing about this
brand is that each product helps fund cleft surgeries
for children around the world. Now let’s get into the
nighttime skin care routine. There are even more steps for this routine but don’t worry, you can
include just the steps that work best for your skin. So the first step is eye makeup remover. You just apply some to a
cotton pad and gently sweep it across your eye to remove eye makeup and it even removes waterproof makeup. Next up is simple
micellar cleansing water. You just apply it with a cotton round and it removes all of your makeup and it’s great for sensitive skin. The next step is facial cleanser. I’m using the same cleanser
from my daytime routine, the First Aid Beauty facial cleanser. You can skip this step if you’d like to and just use the micellar
water but this time I’m double cleansing (bright music) Next up is this Dr. Brandt
microdermabrasion exfoliator. You just apply it in circular
motions and rinse your skin clean and this is a
product you should only use one or two times a week. Next up is Murad Essence. I like to apply this product
directly with my fingertips so I can press it into my skin. This is the super hydrating
step of your skin care routine. Next up I’m gonna mask. This time I’m gonna use a
sheet mask and I’m using Timeless Beauty Bar Up in the Clouds. This mask has vitamin
C and hyaluronic acid so it’s super brightening and hydrating and a mask like this you should
use at least once a week. Another option for masking is a clay mask. I’m using the Sand and Sky
Australian Pink Clay mask. It has vitamin C to help brighten the skin and also pulls out toxins in your skin. You just apply a thin
layer around your face, leave on for 10 minutes and
then wash off with warm water. Next is an optional step is First Aid Beauty’s Retinol Serum. Retinol is a wonder product. It helps to help
hyperpigmentation, fights wrinkles, boosts collagen and can even fight acne. Now this type of product you should use two to three times a
week while you build up a tolerance to it because
retinol can be drying or can be irritating to your
skin and you can work up that tolerance and use it every night if you feel comfortable. The next step is I’m
gonna use the Dermadeli Pumpkin Seed Serum that I
used for my a.m. routine. I just place a few drops
in the palm of my hand, warm it up and then press it into my skin. This product is really
hydrating and it’s also vegan. And the next step is one of my favorites. It’s a hydrating mist by Juice Beauty. You just spray it all over your skin. It’s cool and refreshing and
provides extra hydration. Next up is this Bare
Minerals gel eye cream. You just place some on your ring finger and gently press it and tap
it around your eye area. Next up is Murad Retinol Night Cream. You just apply it to your face and neck and this cream is extra
thick for nighttime to provide hydration
while you’re sleeping. Next up is Bare Minerals neck cream. Don’t forget about your
neck before you go to sleep. It’s extra smoothing and
hydrating and you just apply it to your neck and massage
it in before you go to bed. Now you want to apply facial oil. I’m using Tarte’s Maracuja Oil. You can apply it from
your face all the way down to your neck to lock in extra moisture. And when you have left
over oil you can massage it into your cuticles. Next I apply my Lasting
Smiles peppermint lip balm, the same lip balm that I
applied in the morning. I like to use it twice
a day because it keeps my lips extra smooth. So the final step is a hand cream. I’m using Sol De Janeiro’s
Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and applying moisture
to your hands is often a forgotten step for your hands go through so much during the day. This product helps to tighten and smooth the skin on your hands. I hope you found this video helpful. I know it can be so many steps to remember so to help you out we
created a step-by-step skin care guide that you
can access down below. Make sure to like this video
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watching ipsy U Beauty 101. I’ll see you next time. Bye. (bright music)