MS in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics Symposium Fall 2019 Recap

As states have legalized medical
cannabis, trailblazers like you have lined up to be at the forefront of this
emerging industry by opening or working at dispensaries or welcoming patients
into your medical practice. Those of you not directly involved in the industry
seek a way to be involved, to advocate for improved regulations and policies to
change laws, and to better understand the science of this plant. Thank you for
putting your trust in us, for enrolling in our program, and for the dedication,
excitement, and enthusiasm that you have shown in just the first few days of the
program. I want to welcome you all to our first symposium. Welcome, class of 2021. It’s thrilling. It is truly thrilling to see you all here today. I think that this
diversity in our group is going to make this experience all the richer for you, for me, and for all of
us who are teaching in this program. These connections that we’re making here today in this orientation – it’s going to really drive us to really change what’s
going on in the industry, and the fact that there are only a hundred and fifty of us that get this
opportunity this first time, you know it’s incumbent upon us to be leaders, to
stand out out in the crowd, and to do something more than just get the degree.
I want to stay ahead of the curve and so the opportunities that the program will
deliver to me is that high level of science as well as a deep dive into
policy and I’d love to be able to impact policy down the road and I think you
know areas of science that we don’t even know yet but at the forefront for
example where cannabis meets genomics and to be part of that history is really
exciting. So far in orientation we’ve gotten to speak with a bunch of
different experts, physicians, dispensary managers. Everyone has been super
informative – really nice people. I’m pretty excited about the program so far
and I’m also really hoping to get a better understanding of the cannabinoid
processes in the body, so we’ve heard a little bit about that what we’re going
to learn in our following courses so I’m pretty excited about that. I learned
quite a lot in orientation, especially during the roundtable discussions with
other cannabis industry professionals. There were different sectors that we
could communicate about and learn about and just really get exposed to more
options for our own careers and what path we should take so that was a very
good, positive reinforcement of what we could be. We were looking out at our at
our fellow classmates and we’re making history in that room. You know, meeting
each other and over the next two years and the opportunity to be as Dean
Eddington said you know not only is this the first program in the country but in the
world focused on medical cannabis, the science of medical cannabis so it’s
really exciting.