You ain’t lived a quick morning until you’ve lived a travel morning So good morning everybody. Today, we’re in Greece I’m in Athens with Damon right next to me probably taking up half the bed This is the one time Jo will wake up before me: to film a video. He’s totally right and today, I’m gonna show you how I get ready in 5 minutes Or less so I can soak up every last drop of sleep before exploring a new city Here’s the key: pick good accommodation That’ll allow you to not tiptoe around We found the adorable hostel that we’re in today that cost us 45 bucks a night And it’s super cute, super cozy making everything that I do way smoother And if you’re a vampire like me you’re gonna need to open the windows, otherwise you don’t be dead all day long. Good morning, Athens! Although I do love a good sleep in session Just just look at how cute this place is! This is literally grandma’s house in a hostel form. So, I pick up my glasses, which are somehow Damon’s same exact glasses, pop those babies on, and then pick some earrings And then I yawn I’ve yawned, like, 18 times already When it’s time to get dressed I think simple. Where am I at? Today, I’m in Greece, so I’m going for a white-on-white look It’s gonna be a white jean with a white flowy shirt, and it’s way colder than I could have ever imagined It’s springtime, so I’m bringing an overcoat with me. Layers are key. Gotta have the $5 white shoes, come on! Then deodorant Jo: We’re good to go…
Damon in background: ow!
Jo: We’re not Then I spend the entirety of the five minutes putting on my contact lenses This one goes out to all my girls with curly hair – braid your hair before you go to sleep. And when you get up to get ready Put some hair cream in it. If you don’t have hair cream you use conditioner, put it in a huge bun at the top of your head, and continue getting ready You’ll thank me later Then I go to the bathroom, and do everything that every human being would do every day no matter where they are (hopefully) Brush my teeth, wash my face with the first aid beauty facial wash Shout out to their travel size container. If you’re a company and you have atravel size container anything, you already have a loyal customer: me! Pat the baby face down and we’re good Let’s go! You already know how I feel about staying hydrated We’re staying hydrated and vitaminalated because when you’re traveling you’re most likely gonna get sick, so stay protected Especially if you’re travelling with Damon, he always gets sick. Oh yeah, then I turn a regular shirt into a crop top So my first step in putting on my face is my First Aid Beauty tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 in it. I love this product so much because it is, like, a triple threat. This is like the travelers dream. You got your SPF 30 which is critical when you’re traveling or even when you’re not. You got your tinted aspect of it, which means that it basically acts like makeup, you know? You can blend it in, you can put makeup on top of it and it’s got this micro pearl finish so you feel luxurious. You have your glowy face that’s ready for any picture that you might want to take And the moisturization stays on for 12 hours straight. and instead of ever getting my eyebrows done, I just shape them Okay, eyeliner tip: get a felt tip pen. Be confident the pen will sense your fear It’s a little smudgy today, but hey, it’s fast, not perfect! Then mascara, just to make it look like I have bigger eyes than I actually have For lipstick I’m choosing a light nude color today. Super easy.It makes me look more done up than I really am, and that’s, I think, the key to getting ready quickly Picking these nice basic items that make you feel put together without spending an hour to do so When my face is done, I rip out – okay, no, I don’t rip it out. I take all my hair, and I fluff it up Final touch is just making sure no ash is happening, because I’ve had that instance where I walk out thinking I’m ready, and then there’s an ashy elbow situation Put on some lotion, please Don’t forget the neck Moisturization and then I pack a bag to carry with me through the day, my wallet that I’ve had for way too long, my Canon G7X, some funky sunglasses, gum to stay fresh My film camera and my first aid beauty wipes because these wipes have caffeine in them, and they give you a pick-me-up if you need it in the middle of the day When you’re traveling you got to think what am I gonna need the entire day, so that I do not have to go back and waste time not exploring We’re trying to get you to shut up and go, not shut up and stay inside of your hostel So when you leave, be ready to leave for good, and that’s how you get ready in five minutes in a hostel Hello, world! So, what you want to do today? Go to sleep! I can’t get comfortable! You’re not actually going to sleep! Damon: Can you turn that light off? I’m trying film a morning routine video! Is my part done here? Jo: Yes, you can get up Damon: you seriously massage your eyes when you do this Damon: You know it takes the average person one second Damon: What are you doing?! Damon: That’s not how it works! Damon: Jo, take it out! This takes 5 minutes alone Hello? Is that you, Athens? I’m coming!