My backcountry first aid kit. Homemade edition.

today we’re talking first aid. welcome
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first aid I just got back from a trip and as I always do use a bag dump at
home you go through all your stuff I use a little bit of stuff on my first aid
kit on this trip I was taking a couple advil so I just pulled my first aid kit
out to replenish my advil and realize it’s been about a year in a bit since I
did a video on my first aid kit and it has changed quite a bit since that video
so I thought I would rip this thing apart go through it kind of give you
guys an idea what I’ve got in here you guys have followed my channel for a bit
you guys would probably realized I’m far from ultralight I’ll fully admit that
but I am very weight conscious about the stuff that I carry with me in my pack
and my first-aid kid is one of those things it took me a long time to pare
this down a little bit I mean up until a couple months ago I was hauling around a
first-aid kit that was well over a pound my first aid kit as it sits now is a
hundred and ninety-six grams or seven ounces it’s just a very lightweight
still stuff sack it was one of the first things I changed is I got rid of the big
burly like zippered pouches carry my first a stuff in so first thing I carry
on the very top first thing I’m most likely gonna use is
my pills I know this is probably gonna drive some people nuts but I know
exactly what’s in here I’ve got some benadryl in here I’ve got tums I’ve got
Advil and I’ve got some aspirin that’s the only thing I carry for pills and you
know it’s my own personal first-aid kit I’m perfectly fine carrying all my pills
together in a ziplock bag if that bothers you I’m really sorry but that’s
just how I do it next thing that comes in my pack this
little baggie here I’ve got this broken down this is all my bandages I’ve got
some gauze it’s a medical tape I do still carry a tampon because they
are ridiculously absorbent I got some polysporin I carry my spare big mini in
here I’ve got some nitrile gloves I’ve got some crazy glue in there as well
I’ve got my tweezers in here a little bit of gear repair tape just because
it’s in this little plastic bag to keep it safe and I didn’t really have any
other place to put it that give a repair tape I can use for you know if I get up
a hold of my tarp or ahold of my jacket or whatever also a little pair of
scissors in here and yeah that’s uh that’s what’s in this little bag in my
other kid I had this section broken down into two separate bags there’s basically
just twice as much of everything I kind of just realized I didn’t need that much
stuff so that’s what I’ve got this pair down into and then this little baggie
here this is got my leuco tape whereas before I was literally carrying the
entire roll of leuco tape now I’ve just got it pared down into this little strip
that I’ve got cut and pasted on an old gift card um in here I’ve got my point
Minh type stuff so I’ve got some alcohol wipes some burn gel some blister gels
I’ve got some afterbite in here I’ve also got a couple extra things of
benadryl in here just because that stuff I can use for the dogs as well and then
the last thing I carry well one of the last things to carry my first-aid kit I
carry a spare cap for my water bottle I picked that tip up from syntax 77 I just
I saw one of his videos I thought that’s a ridiculously smart thing to do so I
threw an extra cap in there because I have actually busted a sports cap on my
smart bottles and I was glad that I’ve been carrying this extra cap and the
last thing that I carry in my first-aid kit that I added this year is I started
carrying a roll of this vet wrap stuff I picked this up on Amazon ridiculously
cheap it’s something for the dogs but I can also use this for myself as well
it’s just it’s a bandage that basically adheres to itself so wears really good
like if I you know if Wanda cuts her paw up or whatever and I have wrapped
something I can use this and I know it’s not going to stick to her fur so that’s
why I’m carrying that and yeah that is uh basing it that’s what
first aid kit I I basically just got rid of half of everything I realized I
barely ever need to go into this thing so I probably didn’t need to carry like
30 band-aids you know I’m only carrying about five or six now and I didn’t need
to carry the entire roller leuco tape I’ve just got you a little strip about
that long and since I made this switch to trail runners I have yet to deal with
a blister issue so you know that’s basically just for my knees if I ever do
need to tape them and I really haven’t actually had to take my knees and much
the last couple years which is huge for me so uh yeah that’s uh that’s it guys
something quick I I was just going through my gear and I realized I hadn’t
done an updated video on my first-aid kit I’ve seen a couple other the Outdoor
youtubers putting out there for safety videos so I kind of thought maybe I’ll
jump on that train kind of throw my name into the Hat so anyways that’s this is
my first thank you guys I hope you guys enjoyed this one if you guys have any
questions feel free to drop me comments down below I’ll love to help you guys
out if I can and you know as always guys I am Maddy thank you guys so much for
watching and I will see you guys on the next one