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Hey everyone, it’s Katy and welcome back to
my channel. So today’s video is going to be a little bit different. I’ve never done a
video on this in depth but today I’m going to be talking about medication and what medication
I am currently taking. This is a very sensitive and personal topic,
in my opinion, and I feel like talking about this will give you guys maybe more of an insight
into my health conditions and what I suffer with generally because I take 4 medications
currently only 1 of which I take for Fibromyalgia and the other 3 are sort of for more – other
bits and bobs that I haven’t really spoken about on camera before. But medication is
a big thing for me to talk about, I do get a bit anxious talking about it but because
I’ve been taking this medication for a very very long time now, it doesn’t really phase
me as much talk about it. Because if someone comments below and says ‘this medication is
horrible, it did horrible things to me, don’t take it’, which happens a lot when we talk
about medication on YouTube, it’s not going to phase me so much because I know that this
works for me, this is what I’m comfortable taking, I’m not going to change it or feel
any worse if I read comments like that. So I’m going to get stuck in in talking about
medication today. So like I said, I’m only taking 1 type of
medication for my Fibromyalgia and that is ‘Amitriptyline’. Amitriptyline is actually
an antidepressant but it’s just been found to be more effective in pain management and
dulling pain and pain-killing then it actually is for treating depression. So it’s widely
prescribed for pain as opposed to depression nowadays. It’s a really really low dose antidepressant
so I only take 10mg which is tiny really! But a lot of people take it, not just for
Fibromyalgia but for chronic pain or even arthritis, people who are just in pain long-term
or short-term are quite commonly prescribed amitriptyline. I haven’t been taking this
for very long, maybe like 2 or 3 months, so I haven’t really seen a massive effect because
I think it takes a really long time to actually work. But with Fibromyalgia, because your
pain goes up and down, it’s quite difficult to monitor it with a medication. But it has
had some positive effects already which is the fact that this makes me drowsy, its only
side effect is drowsiness and it helps me to sleep cause I take it in the evening just
before I go to bed and then I’ve found that my sleeping has actually improved since taking
this. But also the other effect that it’s had that is really really positive in my eyes,
but may not be positive in other peoples’, is weight gain. When I first started taking
this, I was getting drowsy as a side-effect but I was also getting really really hungry!
I had a massive appetite for ages and I still do and I find it really difficult to maintain
and actually gain weight, so if this is doing the job for me, I’m not going to complain.
It’s worked really really well in that respect and yeah, can’t complain!
One of the other medications that I’m taking is Oral B12 which is very shakey – so I’m
not going to hold that, I’m gonna set that down! I just randomly found out, maybe 2 years
ago that my B12 was stupidly low. Vitamin B12 is a vitamin and you get it through animal
based products in your diet. So that is why a lot of people who are vegetarian or vegan
often have low B12 levels. But I am not vegetarian and I am not vegan, so to have a B12 level
that was through the floor like mine, threw us all. We didn’t really know why. I don’t
have Pernicious Anemia which is the condition that effects how much B12 you can absorb,
or it stops you from absorbing B12 completely. I don’t have that condition, I just have really
really low B12, it’s just something I have to deal with now.
So like the B12, I also take vitamin D, which again, I just randomly found out was low.
Vitamin D you get from the sun, so you don’t get it through your diet, you just get it
through sunlight and I don’t particularly like sun! It’s just something that I don’t
enjoy. I’m always cold so even if it’s sunny outside, I’m still wrapped up warm so my skin
isn’t exposed to the sunlight and also I found that sunlight actually triggers a lot of my
symptoms of Fibromyalgia – don’t know if that’s just me, let me know if you’re the same in
the comments below! But sunlight does trigger some of my symptoms. So not a big shock that
my vitamin D was low but at the same time as finding out it was low, I also had a bone
density scan which showed that I have low bone density in my spine which i something
I’ve got to deal with now but I take vitamin D to combat obviously the low vitamin D levels
but also it’ll help with my bone density. So the final medication I take long-term is
actually the one that I’ve been taking the longest. I feel like I’ve done this in reverse
order – oh no – haven’t quite done it in reverse order but almost! But this is the medication
that I’ve been taking the for the longest amount of time, which is the contraceptive
pill. I know what you’re thinking, don’t worry, I’m not going to be talking about anything
sexy in this video! But I basically take the pill for my periods, that’s what it comes
down to at the end of the day. I have had horrible periods since I started my period
and they’ve been irregular, they’ve been heavy, they’ve been painful. I just have not had
a good roll with my periods at all – I was gonna say ‘I haven’t had a good flow’ but
that might be a bit too much! I basically just take it for that really and sneakily
I actually started taking it kind of like an antidepressant because I was getting really
really bad PMS before my periods, which made me very depressed, rapidly my mood would go
downhill just before my period and it would take a very long time to climb back up and
then just as it hit the peak, I would go back down because it would be time for my next
period. So it was a good way to level out my mood but also manage my periods and I do
want to do a video about managing periods with chronic illness. It will be a sensitive
subject for some, I think, but I don’t have a problem with talking about periods., I’m
very open to talking about a lot of stuff – I have no social boundaries! So I do want
to do a video on periods because heavy, irregular periods is actually very commonly linked to
Fibromyalgia and when you’re dealing with any type of chronic illness, that can go from
anxiety, depression, it could be mental health related, it could be neurological health related,
it could be chronic pain, anything, having to deal with your period become twenty times
harder. I want to talk about the journey that I’ve gone on with my periods and how I manage
them now with everything else that I’ve got to deal with. But yeah, I take the pill for
my periods and I will probably be a do video about periods in the future. Let me know if
that’s something you want to see or interested in seeing.
So yes, I think that is about it, well, I know that is it cause that is all I actually
take – those are the medications that I take. Point blank. Done. Finito. But let me know
if you like talking about medication, I might do a few more videos talk about it or just
let me know your views and opinions on medication. I tend to treat things non-medicinally and
I do want to do a video talking about that. I actually did a video like that on LetsTalkTics
and it was really well received. So I’m going to do an updated non-medicinal therapy video.
But yeah, let me know your opinions, if you treat things with medication or if you treat
things non-medicinally, what is your opinion on medication and treating it for chronic
illness? So let me know!I think that is about it, hope you’ve had a really good day and
I will see you soon – bye!