MY PAMPER ROUTINE ✨ | Skincare + Iced Coffee Recipe

I look crazy… and that is because I am
NOT doing my makeup today. Today is all about my pampering routine. I feel
like my pampering routine is not that fancy;
it really isn’t! Don’t get me wrong, I watch some people’s videos of
their pampering routine and they make it look so cute and artsy and whatnot, but
I’m like “girl, ain’t nobody got time for that” you know what I mean? So this is not
gonna be one of those videos, if that’s what you’re hoping for, sorry! it’s gonna
be a very realistic, weekly pampering routine. I’ve been out of the shower for about 10 minutes now; I like to give my skin
some time to kind of recuperate from taking a shower and washing my face. Then I take a cotton pad. I’m gonna be using this Thayer’s? I
think it’s pronounced Thayer’s, facial toner with witch hazel and this is their
alcohol-free lavender formula. Pretty much the purpose of toner is to even out
your skin tone and just kind of get your skin nice and balanced.
I love toning and not only does it feel good and it’s good for your skin, but it
also allows you to see that you missed a lot of makeup when you were taking your
makeup off. After taking your makeup off when you go to
tone your face there’s like so much it’s gross. I’ve been recently just trying to
focus on having really simple products. I think skincare can be over-complicated and if we over complicate it I think our skin doesn’t react good to
that and I speak from experience, so. recently I’ve been learning to keep it really simple really low-key and create consistency. just so you
know I use this CeraVe foaming facial cleanser for normal to oily skin. I
try to keep it really simple when it comes to washing my face. I don’t wanna
overdo it and so with that being said, only at night, I use
this facial brush. It has like two different levels and I just go like this.
this is my favorite little head thing for it, because it is silicone, super gentle so I can
actually use it every day without irritating my skin. it also has this
one and I didn’t use this one today because I used it Iike two days ago.
I use this one only maybe two or three times a week. this is more of an in-depth
brush head, so it gets deeper in your pores and whatnot. but if you overdo it,
you can irritate your skin cause acne so now I’m ready to
start steaming my face and I’ll show you guys what I use to steam my face, but
before that I want to go ahead and show you the tool that I’m gonna be using as
I steam my face: this is a blackhead removal tool and it’s gonna sound
so scary. there are many of these out there I
would just say, try to get one that is FDA approved. as you steam your face,
probably give it ten minutes into steaming your face. your pores are gonna
be nice and open, its kind of gross I can’t lie because so much gunk comes out
that you don’t even realize you have but this thing is so good. so this is my
facial steamer. back here is a little water tank and I like to use purified
water, just because this is what you’re using to open up your pores and I don’t
know if you guys know, but Florida water is gross, so I like to use purified
water. Funny story: I try doing this to my husband and you know, in my mind
getting my face feels so great, I feel pampered. But as the steam was hitting his face, he
was literally like, “what the heck is this?? I’m so hot!”
I just thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. and then I was like doing the
[blackhead removal tool] and I was like “baby, it doesn’t hurt like relax, you’ll be fine!” and the whole
time he’s like, “ow! this thing is like sucking my skin.” like, yeah! that’s the
point, honey. I’m gonna go ahead and take this mirror and go ahead and turn
my little thing on and I’m just gonna start going this way. *Husband yells playing games* Yup, that’s my husband of course making his weekly appearance on my videos. obviously my skin is gonna look red first, I like to bring it down my nose
slowly but not leaving it on my nose for too long I’m gonna go over with the blue
light for just a few minutes– I don’t think this part is necessary but oh well. now
I’ve got here a very nasty-looking mask that I’m about to apply. let me apply it
before it dries down and then I’ll tell you guys what’s in it! now that I look so
beautiful… I’ll tell you guys what’s in this mix. First, the very famous
Indian healing clay which is a deep pore cleansing clay and yes, my face is
getting steamed as I have the mask on. it really allows for your pores to
kind of open up so that they soak everything in. I take this one scoop, put it in the in my little bowl here.
I personally like to mix it with apple cider vinegar instead of water because water dilutes this formula and it’s not as strong. it doesn’t smell good,
it smells like old feet! so then I like to go ahead and add this organic
turmeric powder to the mix which is the reason why it looks such a funky color
and then I also like to add two to three drops of this tea tree oil into it, which
just really helps soothe the skin. turmeric powder– actually this is my
first time adding the turmeric powder in the mix… maybe I should have done that
before recording it. turmeric is known to be super anti-inflammatory…
wait, does that sound right? De-flammatory? anti-inflammatory? I don’t know
but it has a lot of healing aspects to it and it’s just overall really good to
digest and to put topically, so and the tea tree oil is just meant to kind of
soothe the skin calm down any redness. it’s also
antibacterial. another thing I personally like to do is go ahead and take some
time to kind of clean up my brows. so I’m back! I took that off and then I’m
gonna finish this off by putting on this ginger and turmeric vitamin C jelly
mask from first-aid beauty Now that it is rinsed off, I’m just
ready to apply my regular go-to skincare for the nighttime. so I’m gonna
go ahead and start with this pixi Rose ceramide cream. I recently got it so I
really can’t say if I love it or not but it feels really good on the skin. it is
super hydrating, smells good, not too strong. I’m just
taking this much. well, that’s delicious! before I go on, I’m gonna go ahead and
take some aquaphor and that’s all I use for chapstick. I think it’s really good
for your lips and it’s much better than chapstick.
next, I’m gonna take this item which I am not commenting on yet. I really can’t say anything about it because I just started using it a week
and a half ago but I tried theis curology stuff. so far it feels good and
I’m just being really strict about putting it on to actually test it out
and see if it does work. so I just take one pump of this– this is my, what they
call, the super-bottle and basically it’s the acne-healing treatment that they put
together for you. then, I either apply this pixi overnight glow serum or the
fourth ray after-hours detox face oil. I think I’ll do both today but usually I do
one or the other– I don’t like to stack too many on. now, I’m gonna go ahead and try to show
you guys how I make my iced coffee. it’s the most delicious thing ever…. I’m in
love…. I’m in love