Hi, everyone. So tonight, I’m gonna show you my current travel skin care routine, and currently I’m here at Vdara Hotel, here in Las Vegas, and it is about… [drops phone] Almost dropped my phone. It’s about 2:20 AM, and I thought I would do a quick impromptu video of how I do my skin care routine while I’m traveling. And it is different from what I do at home. What I do at home is a bit more… There are a lot more steps, so There’s still a lot more steps for this one. [chuckle] Okay, so I’m all changed and I’m wearing a really nice night gown because when in Vegas, you do Vegas things so this is something I actually never wear, but [clap] anyway, let’s get to it. So I have full face of makeup on, and I’m going to use my current favorite travel makeup remover because the one I have at home is different and what I have right here is the TATCHA cleansing oil and what I’m gonna do is use two pumps and rub it all over my face. And what I like about this cleansing oil is that I don’t need a cotton pad. It’s pretty much like a facial wash. I just put it on my hand and rub it all over my face, and it kinda just melts the makeup away. And for this reason, I don’t wear mascara while traveling, generally just ’cause having to take off mascara is a pain and while traveling, you can get pretty tired at the end of the day so I just stick to eye liner and eye shadow for eye makeup, and that’s enough for me. So now that I’ve rinsed off the cleansing oil, I’m gonna go ahead and use my facial wash and I use the Proactiv Step One facial wash. I do have oily skin, and it’s acne-prone, and I currently have acne, so I’ll show you guys how I do spot treatment for it. So very self-explanatory, I just wet my face, wet my hands, and I put my facial wash, and now I just rub it all over my face. And I try to be gentle with my hands on my face, especially if I have acne and especially if that acne has an EYE, so I don’t pop it or agitate anything. So after I’ve washed my facial wash, I’m gonna go start moisturizing, and what I like to use first is my eye cream and this eye cream is the First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy eye cream. I got the name right. [chuckle] This helps brighten up your circles. Even though I technically don’t need it because it’s night time, it’s really good for the morning. Plus I just use one eye cream. I don’t wanna use too many and bring too much with me So I just squeeze a little bit on my finger. Ah! Don’t drop it. Just gently apply it under my eye circles. I’ll use this cooling tip, and this will help me relax before I go to sleep just ’cause this is very… relaxing. Other side… And just in case you guys are curious, this does come in two shades, and I’m using the lighter shade for this one. So after I’ve applied my eye cream, I’m gonna go ahead with step two of the Proactiv- process [chuckle] and step two is an acne treatment with salicylic acid I think, and I just gently apply this all over the face. [relaxing sigh] And the next thing I’ll do now is apply the Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer, and I did put it in this cute contact lens case and I have it right on this side. Open, take a little dip, and apply. [Relaxing sigh] Smells so good. And now that my moisturizer has applied, I’m gonna go back to the step two of the Proactiv- steps, and I learned this from a dermatologist who loves Proactiv. Use the lotion and put two layers of the lotion right on top of the acne as a spot treatment. So right now, I’m gonna let this dry, maybe take a piss, and then wash my hands, and apply the second coat. Okay, it’s dry. Now I will apply the second coat. It’s the time of the month, so take care of your skin. So for the last step, this is not something that I generally do while traveling. I’m just doing this because I’m in Vegas and my nose is really dry here because the air is really dry. I’m taking Neosporin and I’m putting it in my nose just to keep it moisturized. [digs nose] So… [still digging nose] …yeah Putting it in… Mmm, that feels so much better. [chuckle] Thank you guys so much for watching. My website, Instagram and Facebook links are down below in case you guys wanna follow me there, and subscribe to my YouTube if you want more videos on travel from me. and that’s it, you guys. Have a good night, and I’ll see you on the next video. Good night!