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I’m not your typical ‘Punjabi Boy.’ I mean, I don’t really listen to
the latest punjabi songs. I don’t necessarily break into Bhangra
every time I hear– Wait a sec–
We did that in the last episode, no? So I had a great time with Josh
the last time out. – What’s up, man?
– Hey, Josh! This time I’m going out for some Bihari food
with ‘Bihari ki Laali’… who’s so Bihari that she doesn’t end her friendships,
she takes out a gun and ends the whole deal. “It’s not like that. In Bihari, there are
alcoholic drinks with 90%, 100% alcohol.” “I’ll slap you so hard,
you’ll shit your pants.” “What is all this? It all
just smells so bad!” I’m very proud to be called a Bihari now,
but that wasn’t always the case. You know, the word “Bihari” is
often used in a very derogatory way. And also, there are a lot of negative
stereotypes attached to the word. But then one day, I suddenly… just…ran out of f**ks to give. So what can you get by calling me a “Rickshaw Wala?” You’d be a classist anyway. …while paying a 100 bucks over the metre
at the same time… Wow! You really do fit the
“Bihari Stereotype,” Aakansha. But to be honest… Whenever I think of Bihari Culture, I think ‘Litti Chokha’,
‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, ‘Lalu Prasad Yadav…’ and THE GUN! Pal, why does mainstream media
paint a certain picture of Bihar? Dude, because, it’s mostly true. But here’s the thing: This justification is not just about that.
Bihar is also about… It’s also about culture, community,
delicious food. That’s why I’m taking Akshay to Potbelly. According to me, they’ve come very close to replicating the authentic home-cooked food that I used to eat back home. In life, I haven’t talked about
Bihari cuisine at all. I haven’t… …asked people about it.
I mean, I don’t know much about it. Have you never eaten anything Bihari? No, pal. I’ve just had Litti Chokha.
I just know that Litti Chokha is the star. You’ve only heard of it?
You haven’t eaten it? Have you seen it? I mean, I don’t know.
Maybe I’ve seen it with another name. Now Bihar, I don’t represent the whole Bihari. I cannot, even if I tried that. because Bihar is not one homogeneous state. So there are three different languages: I’m a Bhojpuriya person. Then you have
the Maithali people, who have their own language. Magahi people, who also have
a language of their own. …and then Bhojpuri, of course,
because Bihari is not a language. Bihari is not a language!
Whoever thinks that Bihari is a language… – …is me ten years ago.
– And people were like… “Hey Pushp. Say something in Bihari.” I’d be like “What do I say?” “Bihari!” I’m going to talk a lot about this.
I’ll ask a lot of questions about this today. because I’m very interested to know. But before that… …can we order the food? Yes! I’m so excited for you right now, Akshay. You’re in for a treat, literally–
“My Treat.” Oh, give it up! Pal, they made us sit like that
and now we can’t do high-fives. Oh, dude. Alright. We’ve got some salsa chutney here. The eggs, dude! It’s not an egg dish.
It’s the most vegetarian thing ever! This is not Bhagiya Basket,
this is something called Pittha. Pittha. It’s basically Rice-flour Dumplings. Yeah. And it has the filling of pulses. Let me tell you one thing; I’m not the biggest… …Daal fan. Not the biggest. – You’re also not a big daal fan?
– No. – But you like Pittha?
– I love this. Okay! And (3x) They’re calling it ‘Pakora Basket’
but we call it ‘Bajka.’ So these are very simply
different types of vegetable slices… …deep fried in besan & rice-batter. Then, the chutney here… This is your regular green chutney… …and the tomato in it is baked
before you make the chutney. Cooked on open fire. Why? Does it give a different kind of taste? Yeah. You get that earthy taste. Earthy. Yeah. Smokey taste. Damn, then we should have it now? Going for it. I’m going for the pakora first,
because this is the taste I know. This chutney. Akshay. Cheers. Eye contact. Cheers! Eye contact! This Pakora melts in the mouth! Generally on Sundays, when my
Mother is at home… Yeah? We have this really lavish lunch. Yeah. That lunch is Daal Rice, three types
of curries… …Bajka, Papad, Chutney, Achaar and… …your Ghee. Of course. There has to be Ghee. My favorite part used to be Bajka. I knew when it was cooked
because of the smell… so I’d just run towards the kitchen
and start eating. And then my Mother would, like
“Is this an etiquette? I’ll give you a big SLAP!” “You already had it all?” Like, I would fill myself up
and would not eat lunch after that. So I was chased out of the kitchen. If we look at the ingredients,
Parval Ka Chokha… Basically no one else would have thought
to make salsa out of Parval. Oh, it’s Salsa made out of Parval? Like that. We have Dumplings! Dude, I haven’t had this yet. How do we have all this? You haven’t– let’s have this together. Yeah, let’s have the Dumplings together. Guys, cheers to my first vegetarian– Bihari Daal Dumpling. It has the taste of Sauf. A bit. Oh, it is Sauf. Which we don’t usually put. They’ve sliced it up, no? Yeah. Sliced it up, huh? Yeah. What kind of language are you using? Because you’re in a Bihari restaurant, you’re using slice-it-up & all. Oh they’ve cut it into pieces. A dumpling is whole. Ever since I was a kid, my understanding
of the Bihari Culture… I watched this movie called
‘Shakti: The Power’ which you must know… By the way, that movie WASN’T shot in Bihar.
We don’t have deserts. It wasn’t shot in Bihar.
It has a bit of a terrain problem. And the dude who’s never been in India… …and who’s watched ‘Shakti: The Power’
& ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ …they’ll think that that’s what
the whole state of Bihar is like. ‘Shakti: The Power’ was a bit exagerated,
but ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ was… …based in reality. It was based in a time when
Coal Mafia was a thing… …and sh*t would get really violent. Sanjay Mishra is from Bihar? Pankaj Tripathi is from Bihar? Yeah. and Aakansha Pushp is from Bihar? Raveesh Kumar is from Bihar? Crazy. All these tall-bods are from Bihar yaar? For every Raveesh Kumar, you have
one Lalu Prasad, you know? For every Raveesh Kumar, you have
a Sudheesh– Sorry! For every Raveesh Kumar, you have a–? Sudheer Chaudhary. For every Kanhaiya Kumar, you
have a Lalu Prasad Yadav. For every Kanhaiya, you have a Lalu–
that’s great, that’s true. That’s true. Jhinga fish? So this is Jhing, Jingh Jhinga? Nope. Oh there’s more! Oh, this looks very nice.
Very plain, very simple. What do you say about this greatness? To me, it looks like a basic dish. But these Puries, it looks like I’ve never had them before. – So, uh…
– Different, different colors. That’s Palak Puri, that’s Pyaaz Puri
& that’s Aloo Puri. This is Jhinga. Yeah. This is Jhinga but
I’m guessing they’ve improvised …because these aren’t the
river shrimps. When my Mother would cook it,
the whole house would smell like Jhinga. because it’s really smelly, but we’d just endure
through it, because it’s really tasty. That smells good, pal. And that’s Pumpkin Curry, by the way. Kaddu. I have it a lot. So who should we attack first? Start from the Puri. So this is the orange Puri? So can I?
Okay, I’ll have it with the Pumpkin. There’s an auspicious phase
every year… …before Saavan. Even before
like a wedding… or a big pooja… the meal before that would be this. But damn, it’s damn tasty. Have you noticed that the curry
is slightly sweet? Yeah. Yeah. So it has a slight
sweet kick to it. This is your Flaxseed Chutney, friend. Flaxseed Chutney?! You know? The superfood that
the whitey foreigners are crazy about? Flaxseeds are what we used
to call ‘Tisi’ at home. Like they did it with Haldi–
“Turmeric Latte” Yeah. Yeah. Like Chai Tea. So like uhh, Flaxseed Tisi. Flaxseed Tisi, no friend. Ugh. Shush. Is there a cultural thing when you
guys like eat or something? Like, in Nagaland when you take a cake to somebody’s house, they’d find it very insulting… but if you take a pig’s head,
they find it very respectful. There’s this one thing. If someone comes to your house,
you’re supposed to offer them water… …and at least something sweet to eat… …within the first five minutes. Otherwise? You’re not a good host. That’s nice. I’ve seen my Mother getting angry at me
for not doing that. Anyone’s walked into the house,
give them some water and something sweet, I mean… Basically, whenever we’d go out
to play as kids… and if we get thirsty… or I have to go use the loo somewhere… I never had to go back to my house. I would walk into the first house
that I would see, and I’d be like “Water.” “I wanna use the bathroom.” What are you saying? Yeah, because when you’re
raised in a community… everyone is taking care of you. Let me ask you another question… Yeah? How much did you score in UPSC? I didn’t give the exams. AWW! Because when I said I want to be a fashion designer… …people didn’t react… Nobody knew that it was a legit
career opportunity. They were like “What?!” “You’re going to design Sarees? Handkerchiefs?” Then? “You want to be a tailor?” If I ask a Bihari if he wants to be the CEO
of a multi-million dollar company or an IAS… They’ll choose the IAS officer. – They’ll choose the IAS officer one, right?
– Well, I’m guessing that. I dunno, like I wouldn’t. People you know, maybe they’d be IAS officers. Because IAS officer, respect for life. A multi-millionaire
company can fail like tomorrow. So security is the factor here? It’s the long haul. Like, government jobs are more secure. Dude this is damn tasty. What are you saying?
This is not this and all? The Jhinga isn’t authentic.
The gravy is. It’s supposed to be soft, no? It’s not the sea-shrimp. Shrimp is a completely different texture. What did you try? What was that face? Oh, that’s Daal Curry, by the way. You said you don’t like Daal? How great is this Daal? So let me just… …repeat that Akshay said at the start of this video that he’s not a huge fan of Daal and you guys use it a lot. and right now, he’s giving me that… What a Daal. …Pornstar face. After eating a lot of meat in the Nagamese cuisine in My Treat: Episode 1… Malayali Cuisine in My Treat: Episode 2… let me just say that I’ve found
vegetarian food… …that I love. So what are we getting next, huh? Oh, yeah. Now we’re talking. Thank you so much.
What is this? Champaran Ka Matar. Champaran Ka Matar.
and this? Litti Chokha. Litti Chokha!– Ohhh yes. Oh, it’s hot as hell, dude. Oh man. How do we break this, man? Focus on Akshay because this is the first
time he’s seeing, touching and sniffing Litti. The first time looking at Litti, yeah. I’ve uhhh… Basically, I’ll tell you what to do. Take a bite, rip it apart and
dip it into the mutton. Dip it in the mutton? Yeah. I’ve never had Litti before. No, take the first bite like… With mutton? Just make sure it isn’t too hot
and you don’t burn yourself. Yeah, it looks damn hot and the steam is coming out. Oh, that smells so good. All the spices, dude. 2 minute silence for Akshay’s Litti Orgasms… God Bless You… for telling me to put the
Litti with the mutton. What spice is in it? This is Sattu and Masala. Sattu, dude. Sattu is basically roasted Gram-flour. Try it with this. This is Bangun ka Chokha and that is
Aloo ka Chokha. I love it. I love it. It’s a little too dry… but when I had it with Mutton, it was
a nice combination. What great Mutton is it, dude. That is again Champaran style Mutton.
Champaran is a district… which again is like the Metro side of Bihar. Champaran is that where Gandhi ji did
the Satyagrah thing? That’s how we know what Champaran is. I’ve heard a lot about Champaran. How do people marry in Bihar? Like, are there special rituals? – Yeah there are.
– Do people get drunk or what? They can’t.
It’s a dry state. It’s a dry state. We have a special ritual: Dowry. That’s why guys either wanna be IAS or… …Engineer or Doctor because the rates are very high. Oh sh*t. You know what is the worst excuse
that people have? “If I gave the dowry in my sister’s wedding,
wouldn’t I take it back?” Have you ever heard about
the Pakadwa weddings? Groom-napping? Yeah! Grooms get kidnapped in
Bihar at times. I dunno if it still happens. – There’s a movie coming out based on–
– Jabadiya Jori. Because the dowry system was so prevalent… …people just started kidnapping grooms.
“We’ll give you dowry?” “Just come to the fields
with your jug in the morning.” “Let’s make you disappear.” Our next course is here. Wow. Did you ever see the violence? Was there a lot of violence around?
You’re talking about groom-napping. …and even the dowry system. In that context, have you seen violence? So I’m not saying that every
Bihari has had an experience like this… So late at night… …we heard this loud noise at
12:30 AM or something. My family just assumed that in my alley,
a lot of… …a lot of kiosk holders used to pass
with their moving kiosks… and we thought that someone dropped their kiosk. So it was that loud, the noise… that all their stuff fell or something. So, nobody went out to check. And a few hours later… …we found out that
it was a gunshot. …and that person bled for hours… …before someone took him to
a hospital and he passed away. It was your gang related violence and all. So lines get really blurred between… Mafia gang or a politician gang. They’re quite intermixed. But it’s a one-off. It’s a one-off. Yeah, yeah. Sh*t. Of course. It could have happened next to
your house, Akshay… suddenly you’ll relate to the fact
that it’s Bihar. I was living in Gurgaon. I know someone
who was gunned down in the same locale. Noida, pal. Then, uhhh… Yeah, what is this? Sattu? Cooling drink, huh?
I think we need this after that story, Aakansha. I can’t believe I’m having a Daal Shake. This is a Daal Shake. Yeah. It is. It’s basically
Chana Shake. And I started this entire video
saying that I’m not that fond of Daal. You were like “You don’t like Daal?
There you go!” What’s this? Sabu Dana? But there’s Karela with it too? It’s not Karela. It’s Alloo Bhujiya. These are basically… …Atta Dumplings in Daal. Atta Dumplings, Daal Dumplings… Rice Dumplings… Rice Dumplings! Okay so let me just
define it. Let me just tell you that,
guys, this is… …Daal went abroad and made a good life
for itself. That is this Daal Pitthi. Please explain what is in this? Is it something sour? What is it? I really like it.
It must be something. The biggest punch from there is Heeng. Yeah. Heeng. (sings) Heengiya ke Papa! And you know? The Manoj Tiwari we knew was… (sings) That’s the Manoj Tiwari I know. WHAT?! Yeah, I was a fan. But that’s a catchy song, yaar. Yeah it’s very catchy and
he sang it in one breath. See how difficult it was for me?
You wanna say this? “I’ll hit you so hard you’ll sh*t your pants.” “I’ll hit you so hard…” “I’ll hit you so hard…” “I’ll hit you so hard…” hit… hit you… sh*t your pants sh*t your pants “I’ll hit you so hard…” Not tora. Tohara. Tohara. “I’ll hit you so hard…” “I’ll hit you so hard you’ll sh*t your pants.” That’s what it says, right? “I’ll feed you so hard… that you’ll sh*t it out anyways.” Makhana Kheer? Thank you! How is it made? Do you know what Makhana is? I know what Makhana is. Foxnuts. I have them every night. Bihar is one of the biggest producers
of Fox Nuts. Okay so fun fact: I have never had Makhana Kheer either. Oh you’ve never had it also?
You’re having it for the first time? – Yeah.
– Dude, cheers! But I’ve heard… so much about it. It’s not a thing in my house. Probably because my Mother… can we actually do a cheers
like that? Yeah. I’ll tell you why I liked it. Why? It reminds me of Ras Malai. Yeah it does. My biggest weakness is Ras Malai. Now tell me what was your assumption about
Bihar & Bihari food? How did you like it?
What were you expecting? How true or untrue was it to your expectations? Have you found something new about me? All of that. Okay Aakansha, now that you’re asking. The only thing about Bihari food I knew was Litti Chokha. Only because people have spoken about it.
I’ve never seen it. Till today. I’ve understood that I’ve seen it somewhere… but now I get that this is Litti Chokha. I knew it would be mostly vegetarian,
so I was a bit afraid. I was like “Sh*t. What if I don’t like the food?” I didn’t know how it would
have turned out. But it has shocked me like crazy. It’s the first time ever that I’ve seen you
want to… like have a nice experience. Because otherwise, I don’t give a f**k, right? Exactly. So that’s how well connected you are to… …Bihari cuisine and how much the food means
to you and how hospitable you are, pal. and because of you,
I’ll have a Potbelly now. If you like this video… …don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT
and SUBSCRIBE to… ‘OK Tested!’ Don’t eat–
does it take too much time to eat? Yeah.