Natural Alternative to NSAIDs

Over-the-counter NSAIDs like ibuprofen
naproxen and aspirin lower your inflammation but as with taking most
pharmaceuticals you fix one problem and end up creating another problem. In this
video I’m going to show you a dietary supplement that is the best natural
alternative to taking NSAIDs for inflammation. Enjoy! Hello everybody Dr.
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If you suffer with chronic pain and inflammation and you take any of these
NSAIDs daily, over time these drugs will destroy the protective lining of your
gut resulting in digestive issues and possibly gastric or intestinal ulcers.
One of the best natural alternatives to NSAIDs for inflammation is turmeric and
the medicinal property of turmeric is known as curcumin. As many of you may
know already, turmeric is a spice and it’s quite delicious. When you eat
turmeric not all of it gets into your bloodstream. In fact, very little of it
gets into your bloodstream and in your bloodstream is where you get the
therapeutic effect. So just spicing your food with turmeric won’t give you that
much of a therapeutic effect. For that, you need a good processed supplement
form of curcumin. There’s a proprietary form of curcumin known as Theracurmin
and this proprietary formula is sold to different nutraceutical manufacturers.
Here’s an example of one that uses it in their products so you may, when you’re
doing your shopping around, you may see several different companies that have
this trademarked Theracurmin in their product but know that it all comes from
the same manufacturer and it has the same quality. The cool thing about Theracurmin is that it is highly bio-available, meaning that it
easily gets into your bloodstream because it’s made with submicron
particle sizes and surface controlled technology. In other words, during the
processing of this formula it is very finely milled so that the particle size
is very very very small and it is bound to glycerin and to the sap of the Gum
Ghatti tree which helps to protect the molecule and make it more absorbable. The
result is you end up getting more of this into your bloodstream and that’s
where you want it to be because that’s where you get the therapeutic effect. In
a small human study individuals were given curcumin and their blood was
tested before they took curcumin and after they took it and the same subjects
were given Theracurmin and their blood was tested before and after and in the
group that took the Theracurmin their blood was found to have 27 times more of
the curcumin in it than the group that just took the curcumin alone. Once the
Theracurmin gets into your bloodstream it goes to work lowering your
inflammation just like NSAIDs do but without the side effects. So if you
struggle with chronic inflammation and pain and you want to avoid the potential
side effects of NSAIDs Theracurmin is a wonderful alternative. As with
anything, make sure that you discuss this with your doctor or preferably your
naturopathic doctor so that you know it’s safe for you and that you’re
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