Navy Skills for Life – First Aid Training – Dislocated Shoulder

Now we’re going to go over the dislocated shoulder. Try to keep this arm as close to the body as possible. You’ll be able to feel extreme pain and lack of movement in the arm. For your first aid, we have our cravats.
Go ahead and just unfold them into the triangle bandage but try not to move the arm around too much. And to alleviate pain, we’re going to go ahead and just take a corner piece and go up under the arm. And we’re going to put the top of the triangle at his elbow.
And then this piece will go lay over the good shoulder. You don’t want to cover up the whole hand because you still need to make sure and see the fingertips. And then simply go around to the other side and tie behind his neck. Everyone has different heights so you can adjust this however you need to be by tightening or loosening this. And then we’ll go ahead and take another cravat.
We don’t want it too tight and, like a rope, we want it more flat. And then we’ll go around the body putting the flat side over
on the arm and coming around and tying it on the other side. And that’s how we treat a dislocated shoulder.