Navy Skills for Life – First Aid Training – Sprained Ankle

And now we’re going to go over a sprained ankle. When you come upon the ankle, try not to move it around too much. There is going to be swelling. If you have a type of boot that is coming up above the ankle, you can go ahead
and leave it in place and make sure it’s nice and tight. Just try not to put too much pressure on it. And if not then you can go ahead and take the shoe off. We’re going to use an elastic bandage to wrap the foot. Start above the ankle.
And this is going to create your anchor. While you’re going around the foot make sure that you’re keeping control of the bandage
so it doesn’t become too loose. Going to go ahead and wrap all the way down the foot from the top to the bottom.
And then all your excess you can go ahead and finish up and go back up to the top. With the remaining material you can go ahead and take it and
tuck it up under your last strip that you went through. Afterwards, go ahead and make sure that we’re checking for blood flow through the rest of the foot. You can press down on the nail bed and make sure the pink is coming back. And that’s how we wrap a sprained ankle.