New Makeup Releases July 2019

Hey guys it’s Lauren welcome my channel
or welcome back to my channel in today’s video you’re talking about a
bunch of new makeup lunches that I’ve either just hit the market or are going
to be coming out very very soon I try to make products that are very notable for
one reason or another whether it be good or bad we will be going over it in
today’s video I tell a couple of these a new makeup launch videos in the past if
you want to check them out I do have a playlist with all of them called like
what’s up and make up or what’s new to make up something like that I will have
that flu linked up in the cards in the description box down below if you’re
interested but in these videos I just kind of give my opinion on the products
I share about the formula the pricing where you can get them when you can get
them all of that good stuff so if you are interested in all of that then just
keep on watching but just see you guys now all the pictures that I’m going to
be using in today’s video did either come from treatments Instagram account
and her you know handle is at treatment one and I will have her account linked
down below or they came from the brand of whatever product I’m talking abouts
website or they came from Sephora Ulta that kind of deal I just want to make
sure I’m giving credit to all the right places and a lot of the information it
did come from Tribute as well so you hope you guys enjoy it if you do please
be sure to put a big thumbs up so I’m gonna do more of these videos and that’s
flattering from me let’s go ahead and get into the video first product or
collection I’m going to talk about is the Urban Decay stay naked collection
which I believe is a complexion line and they’re coming out with a bunch of
different products but I want to focus on the main three I think are going to
be most attention when these products do roll out the first one being they’re a
liquid foundation which is gonna retail for $39 which i think is pretty
reasonable if you compare it to other higher end brands at Sephora and Ulta
that seems pretty good but they’re coming out with 50 shades of this
foundation so when I compare that or think about the brands that are coming
out with 75 and 100 shades I kind of like the smaller number and I’m not
complaining by any means I think having more shades is definitely better than
not having enough but when you’re trying to find your foundation out of a hundred
different shades that can be kind of difficult especially if you’re looking
online now don’t get me wrong more is better than not enough but I think that
is something to note and I haven’t looked at this specific shade range
enough to really speak on it like I barely glanced to the foundation shade
range for this liquid foundation but I will say I think I probably mentioned it
in a video before but my opinion is that it doesn’t
as much how many shades of a foundation or concealer that you are coming out
with and matters more that you are equally distributing the amount of
shades that you’re putting in the fair category and like the deep or the dark
so what I mean by that is if you’re playing you know five shades that
someone who has a fair skin tone can choose from then you need to be putting
five shades and the deep the dark the medium the light so that everyone has an
equal amount of shades that they can choose from that’s right it’s my opinion
you can disagree on it I know there are totally so many different stances on it
but I just thought I’d share my take on this because I am talking about a few
complexion products in this video they also coming out with a correcting
concealer and this is gonna retail for $29 they’re coming out twenty-five
shades which quite frankly I don’t think is enough for me I’m more of a difficult
time at finding my concealer shade than I do my foundation shade and I’m often
out to pick up more concealer shades because I like to work with a lot so
that doesn’t give me a lot to think off quite frankly and then these are going
to be a semi matte concealers so I don’t know if this will be something I’m
picking up simply because I don’t love you know real matte looks especially
concealer I like something a little bit more you know refreshing and hydrating
because I do have a really dry skin especially underneath my eyes so that is
an area that I have to be careful of these are going to be full coverage
though so hopefully they won’t be cakey but they’ll be just more seamless I have
a feeling that probably will be Urban Decay’s complexion pretty well
and then lastly or not lastly the last one I’m going to talk about from this
collection is their Vice lip chemistry it’s kind of a different name but this
is just a glass of Lipton I’m pretty sure they’re coming out with like 13
some hi there 8 or 13 I can’t remember how many shades each of these were in
retail for $22 there’s not really much I can find about these little lip products
they look intriguing though they look different than anything I’ve seen before
just so you guys know these products are going to be rolling out on Urban Decay’s
website on July 19th they’re gonna be coming to Olga’s on July 21st and
sabores and a few other retailers on July 29th and they should be hitting
stores August 1st starting August 1st and then after that you should be seeing
them pretty regularly next up we have a palette from benefit it is their party
like a flock star palette which retails for $34 this is the Flamingo inspired
eyeshadow palette and in it first off it has three mini sized pans of their cheap
products it’s not gonna be your full-size hula
it’s going to be like you know when you’re going through the cash track at
Sephora you’re waiting you’re like oh there’s this really cute hula that’s
like only 14 dollars or whatever that’s the size that you’re going to be getting
of these three cheek products so the first one is going to be a blush and
that is Gala for Nia I’ve never tried it it does look really pretty then we have
dandelion which I do really like and then there is this split pan and it has
hula and hula light so you’re not only not getting like the full mini version
you’re getting half of you know the mini size of hula half of the mini size of
hula like so it’s not that great of a value and you’re also getting your also
getting like four lip products in like a couple eyes shadows but to me I’m just
really not I’m not interested in this and I’m not trying to completely bash
benefit but I feel like lately they’ve just been coming out with a lot of like
uninspiring products like reusing you know the California blush the damn line
blush hoola like they’re just reusing things putting them in palette and it
just seems very like uninspired and I just wish this is like not like me I
don’t want it to be seen as me like criticizing them but it’s more like a
critique because I feel like they could do really well if they would just put
the time that they the time and the money that they spend creating a palette
like this and just something new and just like innovative I feel like they
have a lot of things that they can do with this kind of you know how it’s like
more like the old timey packaging and feel I feel like there’s a lot that they
can do with the theme behind their entire brand I feel like they’ve come
out with a lot of great stuff in the past and lately I don’t know what’s been
going on but I feel like they can do better so Mac actually has a product
that’s already available at all that these are their mac fix+
prep and prime and mini scented setting sprays and these are very tough words 16
dollars I’m not sure if these have been available at Mac for a while if they’re
even are available at Mac but these are going to be limited edition of Ulta and
they’re coming out with a couple different since they have a watermelon a
pineapple a white tee a peony a cucumber they’re coming out with a lot
cucumber is actually going to be available in full size as well so you
could get the small or the large river that scent they have a couple other
scented ones and Ulta that are like full-size but those are the minis
they’re available for a limited time I’m considering picking up the watermelon
one because I’m just really intrigued by it but I wanted to include this in the
video they have been available for a little while now but I always don’t hold
up like I really ever shop at Mac and so I’m always on old like I think we placed
an order last night actually for a giveaway and so I think that’s a lot
easier of a retailer for me to purchase these from so I like the availability
and how easily accessible they are from Ulta now we’re talking about a brand new
collection from Kim Kardashian beauty KK W’s website we’ll be having this
available on July 19th so stay tuned for that if you’re interested in any of this
the first product and I think the most exciting is going to be so fire with
three o’s eyeshadow palette and this retails for $45 you’re going to get 10
shades in this palette and they’re pretty much really warm tone I will say
I feel like she’s kind of late on the game to this I feel like the warm toned
eyeshadows especially like the reddish orangish warm tones are kind of a little
old right now but that may just be because I’m not someone who loves those
type of shades I like more neutral and cool tone shades but maybe this is
something you’re really interested in and I do think it is a timely of course
for the end of summer and then going into fall fall it’s the time where I
feel like people wear these more reddish warm tones more than ever so I think
timing is Devon white but they’re also coming out with the assaut fire
eyeliners they do retail for ten dollars they’re supposed to have like really
amazing pigment and honestly I think they will and as they do it for a ten
dollar price tag I think that’s really great they’re also supposed to be long
wearing and they’re coming out with three different shades they’re coming
out with one being their copper and it’s supposed to be like really metallic
they’re also coming out with a yellow gold which is this be really metallic
and then they are coming out with rust which is a matte shade I can’t speak to
their eyeliner or eyeshadow formula because I’ve never tried them but I have
heard great things about their eyeshadow formula also they’re coming out there so
fire the loss and this these are gonna retail for $18 they’re swiss be you know
you’re high shine the last light finish lip glosses
you know just the really shiny gloss is which I’m definitely into you if I were
to pick up anything up from this collection this would probably be what I
would pick up they’re supposed to be really hydrating and smoothing to the
lips I they have some good ingredients in there
that will help with that they are coming out three different
shades of the lip gloss first one being a flammable which is that orange e shade
then they’re coming out with radiant which is like a pinky nude or peachy
nude it looks more like a peachy nude and has had like a gold reflect to it
which I think would be really pretty that would probably be the one I would
go for and the names English which is kind of like your brownish gold I know a
lot of people are down with those type of shades but for me I don’t know I
don’t know I don’t think that would look very cute on me but I definitely think
people who like bolder looks who like those warm tone looks this is definitely
gonna be the collection for you of course I haven’t tried out I don’t know
but it definitely looks like something to keep watch on I know I’m not the only
one who feels like two faces been teasing about their skincare line
forever but it is actually finally available it’s already available on all
those website to face Sephora I think Nordstrom and Macy’s
they say they should be available in stores I do know for sure that they are
available online so stay on to those in your stores but the first product they
came out with is the hangover gonna bend serum and of course it wouldn’t be
two-faced if they didn’t have kind of a unique name there but this retails for
at $39 and you’re getting 29 milliliters of a product in that one this one I
don’t know it’s like a hydrating serum and that really does intrigue me like I
said multiple times I say it all the time I have incredibly dry skin so
anything that could help I’m definitely willing to try I know a few people have
kind of been I don’t know not bashing to base but I mean not only to face but
like highly Cosmetics for the Kylie’s skincare and I know that was a whole
debacle in itself but people have kind of been like staying you’re only like
let the cosmetic brands do cosmetics let the skincare brands do skincare and I
don’t know if that’s always true I feel like they could always bring in a team
of you know skincare experts to help come up with these products I definitely
don’t think there’s Jared Lind you know and they’re like making like skincare
products I think that he definitely enlisted support for these products and
they couldn’t be really good of course I don’t know I’m sure there’s some you
know reviews out there but they also came out with the hangover good to go
moisturizer and this one does really intrigued me because I have a feeling
that it’ll will pair very well with like their hangover RX primer
because I can they want people they want to encourage people to use things
together because then they’re just buying more two-faced products and this
product will retail for $34 it’s about 40 milliliters our product in there and
it has SPF 25 so it’s supposed to help protect your skin from sun and it’s also
supposed to get like a really luminous effect to your skin kind of giving a
glow so I think that’s very interesting of course I haven’t tried them I
definitely point to you like this is actually a product launch that I’m very
very intrigued by then again I’m intrigued by Allah by to face that let’s
have to see so just colors just announced that they are coming out with
a foundation this is their your hue foundation it’s gonna retail for $36
it’s gonna be available on digital colours website on July 17th I’m not
sure if this will be available at Ulta or on ulties website I know that a lot
of the dose collage products are carried in all times but I’m not sure if this
one will be I would hope that it would leaves me on line so this project is a
vegan and cruelty free product so animal friendly very friendly and then also it
does not have any toilet parabens oil or fragrance so if you do have an aversion
to fragrance like I believe many of you have said this should be a pretty good
product for you of course I haven’t smelled it I don’t really know I’m just
I’m talking about things but also this product has 40 few shades and they have
six categories of shades and they have seven shades made category which i think
is absolutely amazing I mean I keep talking about how much I want a brand to
do this how they have equal distribution in each shade category and they
literally like set it now of course I have not seen a picture of the way that
their shade range is spread out they have not I don’t think released any
photos of that you think done like a you know they show like a light shade a
medium shade in that a deep shade but they don’t throw all the shades in the
collection so I don’t know as of right now I’m sure that I’ll come out very
soon so don’t take my word on that and definitely like if it ends up being like
terrible don’t blink on said it was amazing because like I don’t know like
I’ve not seen it yet but that’s kind of the rundown this is going to be a
natural matte finish foundation and for all of the reasons I mean you know it’s
a very like healthy foundation as far as ingredients go I was like very
interested in it and I do like those colors that’s a brand I like that it’s
being and I like that it’s cruelty free but it’s matte and I know how many times
I’m video can I say that I have dry skin but I
don’t want a matte foundation and it says natural matte so maybe it will be
more natural than like the mattes I’m thinking of like some really really
matte foundations like the Becca line that I tried out a couple a while ago
but maybe it’ll be really nice it is a medium coverage foundation and I
typically go for medium coverage foundations in general especially on the
day to day I like that I can kind of go up a little bit so everything except
that a little like a matte word I’m like loving about this foundation so we’ll
see if I end up trying it out or not if you guys would like me to try this
product along with any of them once I’m mentioning just let me know in the
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