NHS 111 lead operational pharmacist – Usha Kaushal

What I enjoy most about working
in NHS 111 and Integrated Urgent Care is the fact that I’m part
of a multi-disciplinary team. I think it’s really important
that we all work together to help the patient get the
right care at the right time, first time. I’ve brought 30 years of
pharmacy experience to the role. I’ve been a superintendent
pharmacist, I’ve worked as a clinical pharmacist within
acute hospital trusts
■ I’ve also been a principal
lecturer clinical pharmacy and
therapeutics. My current role is a culmination
of that 30 years of experience. The other important thing has
been actually learning the telephony side of things,
and also the clinical decisions support system because together they help
you to elicit the information you require from the patient. My role involves managing
a team of 12 pharmacists that actually work for us
within the call centre. I’m also involved in giving
advice on clinical governance issues also producing standard
operational procedures. I also do take clinical calls
as well. I do speak to patients
regularly. I think developing that
skillset has been really important to the role, because
at the end of the day what we’re trying to do is,
we’re actually helping to manage the patient
and actually make sure that patient receives the best
care possible.