Nina, handang hulihin ang pagiging traydor ni Lupita | PHR Presents Los Bastardos (With Eng Subs)

Matteo, you monster! You’re an opportunistic bastard,
just like Lupita! What took you so long?! Sorry, ma’am. I had to
call in more men. Wait, it’s Señora. Hello, Señora? Hello, Nina? Where are you? What’s this I’m hearing about
you running off with Matteo? Don’t forget… …I have eyes everywhere. I can kill you in a snap! Matteo’s not with me. And I’m not a traitor like him. Well, you won’t convince me
with your words. You have to prove that
you can be trusted! Otherwise, I’ll kill you! I’m hunting down the
traitors on the island, starting with Lupita. I put a tracker on her things. I’ll hunt her down, along with Isagani. I’ll bring them back to you
so you can punish them. You’re all talk! Just get on with it already! I’ll get you next time, Matteo, after I take back
my position from Lupita.