What’s up you guys? It’s Griffin and welcome back to my channel. For today’s video I have a fun video that I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. I recently went to Sephora, of course. When am I not there? Let’s be honest. If I walk past it i have to go in. I went and picked up a pretty good amount of the Perricone md no-makeup makeup collection. I’ve been wanting to do a how-to, a trying out a review an unboxing. A haul I guess. Everything all in one because I have been very intrigued by this product for quite some time now. You guys know I love full coverage. You guys see my makeup videos. I do full coverage all the time but I’ve been wanting something that has less coverage lately because it’s just something like I just want to throw it on. Because it’s quick and easy and it’s natural. I don’t know I just want a natural look I guess we can just get started this is a talk through so i’m going to be talking a lot. I guess I can just show you guys what I got from the collection. So first I got the No Foundation Foundation. They don’t have very many colors in this it does upset me a little bit and i’m not entirely sure this is going to match.This is their fair to light and even their light to medium was like like still my color range. I could have used that maybe if I were just a little bit more tan. I’m not tan so it doesn’t really work. It says scientifically formulated to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and enlarged pores while improving the appearance of skin texture. It also has anti-aging treatment and SPF 30 and it corrects uneven skin undertones with dewy and radiant coverage. Next I got the No Concealer Concealer. I think they only have one color which again it kind of limits the amount of people that can use it. I’m excited to try out the concealer. I got the No Bronzer Bronzer, No Blush Blush and No Highlight Highlight. Of course I have a highlight and hopefully it’s not “No” highlight highlight because home girl need some highlight. highlight. So it comes with a little diagram of where to apply it. This just comes in each box and this one is the foundation so obviously it’s going to be applied all over your face. They recommend applying it with your fingertips blending in a circular motion and reapplying as necessary to build desired coverage. I’m extremely nervous about applying it with my hands. I have my beauty blender here with me just in case. So this is what it looks like. It comes in a little glass bottle and it’s like foggy. It’s a really pretty bottle. Also before you do this you should wash your face and moisturizing. I wash my face with skin laundry cream cleanser and then i used the Eucerin redness relief cream and some under-eye cream from first aid beauty and then the Dior Skin Perfector. I think that’s what it’s called as a base. I wish they had a primer as part of their collection but they don’t. Hopefully all the moisturizers and everything was a good enough primer for my face. You have two pumps. I don’t know if you can see it. Yeah you can. I am very pale right now but I don’t know if I’m this pale so hopefully it matches. Let’s put it where this little diagram says. Ok so now you just take your fingertips and blend it in. It feels like I’m putting on moisturizer. I kinda like it but I kinda don’t. Unfortunately have to wait a minute to see what it looks like on me because my skin naturally gets really red when i touch it. i need to wait a minute for it to sink in. While it’s sinking into my face I’m going to take an additional half pump and blend it down my neck. It’s not something I would say you need to work fast with but definitely don’t work slow with it because it’s a product that attaches to your skin quickly, I guess not necessarily dries quickly. I’m really liking this. Wow. I’m going to put a little bit of extra coverage where I have some redness on my face because those are the spots that I really don’t enjoy. I’m not entirely sure how it’s appearing to you guys but to me it looks like skin. You can see my computer screen. I was watching youtube videos. So overall I really liked this foundation. I don’t smell the sunscreen which is really nice. You do apply with your hands which feels weird initially but after you apply you can understand why. Now we’re going to go in with the No Concealer Concealer which is the one that I’m kind of nervous about. Just because I don’t know how I feel about putting concealer under my eyes without setting it because I crease a lot. So I’m nervous about how that’s gonna go. it says crease proof. Kk this that’s good to know. Hopefully it is. On the application it says to put it on your eyelids just to even out the tones there and then put it underneath your eyes and and dab it with your fingertips to work it in. Now iIm going to take a little bit of the concealer and just apply it to spots that are troubled. I like the no concealer concealer but because they don’t really have many options for colors i think that this one wouldn’t be the color that I would choose. It’s a little bit yellow for my skin tone and I do prefer having yellow undertones as opposed to pink undertones but this one just seemed so guys like cheese dust in it or something. I think it actually did an amazing job and I was surprised at how it turned out for the color that it would be. I would just go with a different color had I had the choice. But i don’t have a choice so I am perfectly fine with this. Like it does the job and it does what it needs to do you can’t tell looking at it. So it’s just like some personal opinion. now I’m going to try the No Bronzer Bronzer. I’m really excited for this one because I’ve heard amazing things about this from Jaclyn Hill. it comes with this little dropper. I don’t know if you can really see it that well. One, two Oh this is really difficult to work in quick. If you need a little bit of help to like make sure that it doesn’t look insane or like unblended, I would definitely grab your Beautyblender just to make sure everything is how you want it. ok it’s literally insane how natural my skin looks right now. Now for the one that terrifies me the absolute most is the No Blush Blush. I was never a huge blush person and I’m nervous to see how this one works. Especially because it is already a low coverage and I already have a naturally pink undertone cheeks. I don’t want to look super pink or red or like I didn’t cover my redness. It says to do three dots on the cheek but that terrifies the crap out of me. I’m probably going to do one dot. Oh this is weird it’s kind of like a little – what’s that called? A doe foot applicator. Genuinely impressed with this because I was so worried about this being too pink. But it doesn’t look super pink and my skin still looks like skin and it looks natural. Now for the part that we’ve all been waiting for. The No Highlight Highlight. Actually before I get into the highlight I’m going to take a little bit of the bronzer and apply it to my eyes. Just as eyeshadow. I’m just taking whatever is left over from that initial lid that we had. They have a No Eyeshadow Eyeshadow. I just didn’t want to spend all my money on this and not like it. I like the bronze eyeshadow but it doesn’t really do much because it looks the same as my skin. I mean honestly judging by the rest of these products and seeing how worth it that they are I might just have to go back and buy like the mascara and lipstick and everything. Now that that’s done we can go back to highlight because I want to highlight on the brow bone but I also didn’t want to do it before I put on eyeshadow. I’m going to take a little bit and put it on the back of my hand just so I can grab it with like my pinky because I don’t want to put a ton. I’m taking a little bit on my pinky and getting it in the inner corner so I actually have like a shadow effect. I’m taking whatever is left over and putting it on my Cupid’s bow. I’m not going to lie I was really nervous about how this would turn out just because i did watch videos and I watch reviews to see how other people liked it but I was really nervous to see how I would like it. But honestly I would rate everything in this ten out of ten. Um I can do a wear update I guess in a couple of hours and let you guys know how it’s sitting and how it’s been holding up. really quick off-camera I’m going to apply the NYX Whipped Lip and Cheek Souffle in the color Plush and Just all over my lips you know. Then I’m going to take the Benefit They’re Real Mascara and apply that. They have the No Mascara Mascara and the No Lip Lipstick but im I just didn’t want to get those. I wanted to kind of get the bare minimum. But maybe now I will go get those because I’m genuinely in love with all of this. I will catch back up with you guys in just a minute. Alicia Keys needs to check out this makeup line. So this is the finished look. I really hope you guys did enjoy this video and I hope this inspired you to go get these products because all these products are so amazing. You guys will not regret buying them and this isn’t sponsored in any way. I kind of wish it was because if it were then I wouldn’t have to spend my own money to get these products. But i did and it was worth it. So make sure to go check them out I will have links down below on where you guys can buy it. You can also get it at Sephora. It has now been about two and a half three hours since I put on makeup. I’m already seeing that the under eyes are creasing a little bit so maybe just a tad bit of powder would be helpful there. If i open my eyes because the product is a dewy product, it’s picking up a little bit of my mascara under my eyes. I think their No Mascara Mascara would probably not have the same effect. I didn’t use their brand of mascara. I’m sure that if you did use their brand it wouldn’t transfer down. It’s probably a waterproof mascara or something like that. I’ll do another check in a few hours. That is it for this week’s video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe and make sure to leave a comment down below on some video ideas that i can do because i’m always looking for fun new things to do and hopefully I will see you guys later. Bye