Nowa seria! New series of videos! – Iwona Blecharczyk 2019/60

Hi there! If you follow me on instagram you probably know that I love to eat healthy when I am on the road so I’ve decided to make a special series of video about that! So… My first idea of healthy food was to start from breakfast series but recently I had one week off, which I didn’t plan becuse the blade I was supposed to load had wrong holder and I had to wait for a new one that was sent from Sicilly (Italy) and that’s how I made a new series of videos, by chance The series is about home made pickles and that’s sort of stuff yes, you heard well. Home made pickles like famous polish pickled cucumbers, beets salad, string-bean salad, blueberries, tomatoes, peaches… lots of staff all the pickles that we do at this part of the year, put it into the jars and we enjoy it for another year and we take it on the road, into the truck I realise it may be hard for you to make it yourself but maybe your wifes will find a couple of hours day or two to make it if you think that might be the case, maybe it would be a good idea to send this move to your partner if not – just look at me, I made it, so you can! of course, I had one week off, but it took me 2 afternoons I am pretty sure you can make it at weekend There are couple of reasons why I have decided to make this series that at first sight doesn’t seem to be related to trucking First of all, I noticed, that we completly change our eating habits during last 15 years more less and now we don’t eat pickled vegetables, salads or fruits in winter time instead we buy fresh tomatoes, cucambers fruits which are less nutritious in winter not mentioning about the low quality and taste I think that home made pickles are more valuable for us during winter and tasty especially when you compare it to the vegies grown on ‘cotton wool’ I noticed that our diet don’t change any more during a year and during winter we want to eat the same staff that we eat in summer So first of all I would like to encourage you to come back to your roots, no matter which country you are from The second reason is that sometimes person would like to make some pickles, but don’t have propper recipes and without good basic you probably fail and give up After all, not every one has been taught how to make it In my case, unfortunately, when I was a kid instead of watching cartoons my mum would ask me to wash the jars for pickles so I was so little I had to stand on the little chair to reach the sink and we loved home made jams etc so let’s say I know sth. about home made pickles, jams, etc. so basicly I want to give you very good recipes of my mum and the first reason is convenience ready to eat salads, veggies or fruits in the jar is a very convinient way to have fast and nice meal or addition to your meal on the road Of course, it is some easier to buy everything ready unfortunatelly, we live in times that if you don’t cook yourself, you probably get a chemical soup for example very often pickled veggies are not pickled but put into lactic acid solution, they contain a lot of preservatives, flavor enhancer a lot of sure, much more that we would use I know how much work and time it takes to make it but then you use it during whole year and it is an investment into your health If you decide to make my recipes please you use good quality products otherwise you will be wasting your time That it I hope that even if you won’t cook you still watch my videos to recall that memories that you probably have from your childhood, when you helped your mum or grandma in the kitchen One more thing it is the very last moment to make all those pickles so I have to publish all the videos soon to give you time to use the recipes I hope you won’t ve angry that I publish so many videos about cooking at once meanwhile I will try to publish trucking videos as well for those of you who are not interested in cooking OK Just want to remind you can SUBSCRIBE my channel, if you want to be on time and enjoy! Let’s make some food for winter!