Nurse & Med Student’s First Aid Kit (Home/Travel). What to have in your first aid kit! (Eng/Kor sub)

Hello So today I would like to introduce you our little first-aid kit We actually have four boxes of medical supplies and medications But I would like to focus on the first-aid kit that we carry around all the time. So let’s get it started This is a pretty tiny bag, but it has everything that I need If I start from this side, I have a tape and a Coban Coban is a little bit more expensive than a tape, but it comes in really handy. I also have Hydrogen Peroxide. I don’t usually use it. But sometimes I actually need it. The next one is a flashlight. I always make sure it has batteries And the next one is an ointment for possible cuts and burns And the next one is motrin And my favorite favorite Trauma shears. I got it from the Air Force. Because my husband just joined the Air Force And also have iodine swap sticks or you can call it stick swap they’re just the same thing And it’s my favorite favorite my pulse ox Idon’t think it’s a must-have item, but my husband already had it because he was a paramedic in the past So we just keep it here. And my heart rate is a little high because this whole video thing makes me nervous a little bit And the next one, I keep my gloves here all the time Now since I just touched them, they’re not super clean anymore. So I think I’m just gonna replace them after this video So now let’s start this side the first one is alcohol swab. they come in really handy. (I sometimes wipe my phone with it cuz I feel like my phone is dirty!) The second ones are the band-aids I get minor cuts here and there so I need them I also have elastic bandage which I think is pretty important to have. I have 4×4 gauzes I don’t have smaller ones just because I can just cut them if I need them, you know in smaller sizes This is a tourniquet you simply just put it above the bleeding area and then you tighten the belt And tighten it more with this little stick. That’s actually really most important part. The next one is a thermometer. I have an in-ear one, but I think this one is actually more accurate and This one is a penlight And actually, this one is not a good one. So light is not really working. So I’m gonna replace it with the other one. And this is an ice pack. So it’s really convenient to have everything in this tiny bag because I know where to get things when I need them. I actually fractured my little toe the other day and I found an ice pack an elastic bandage without any problem so my recommendation Keep a first-aid kit in your home and in your car. if you travel, carry it with you You know, just in case So this is it. Thank you so much for watching the video And if you have any recommendations for our first aid kit, please let me know. Then, I can add more stuff to it Thanks again, and have a great day. Bye