Here we are with our Olaplex Expert Ariel… And I´m so grateful for this invitation to receive the full Olaplex Treatment on my poor damaged hair. Don´t worry Heidi. We are going to recover your hair. It´s an internal restructuring treatment. It reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair these are responsible for our hairs strength when we excessively use heat, dye, bleach or straighten our hair our hair becomes weaker… more sensitive To restore hair from within, Olaplex Stand Alone treatment is necessary. This is a worldwide bestselling treatment. It is the best product and the only one that can get you instant results. It´s not something that will translate into shine or smoothness because this is not a cosmetics product. It is something internal. Let´s get the mix ready and get started! I´m impressed! Yes, I´d like to see as the days go by how I´m feeling it… If hair breaks less when I brush it… I think then I will be able to see Olaplex results more clearly. That´s exactly what will happen. As days go by, you notice your hair is stronger. What you will do next, is use Olaplex Nº3 once a week. Do you remember how? I apply it on wet hair and only shampoo after. Leave on 30-40 mins MAX. Thank you so much!