Operating Times of Hearing Aid Batteries

Hi, Zack Mauch here from power one. I wanted to talk to you about four factors that affect the operation of your zinc air battery in your hearing device the first factor is the actual usage so how much you use the battery each and every day some people use them for 6 hours, some people use their hearing aids for 16 hours definitely the amount of time you are actually using your hearing instrument is going to influence the overall performance of your battery Next is the configuration of your hearing instrument That means.. how high or low you have the volume the memory that it has in, if you have a multiple memory type of device and if you have streaming of information that’s coming in to the hearing aid or is beeing exchanged between the two hearing aids those are the actual usage situations some of the things that are in the streaming category that would drain the battery a little bit faster are your ear-to-ear communications so that’s when two hearing instruments are communicating with each other to have a better listening experience television or a telephone or various music apparatuses to listen to that type of audio information puts a heavy drain on your battery particularly television seems to have a heavy influence on the overall performance of the device certain hearing instruments have a function called the tinnitus masker the tinnitus masker is a way to remove some of the noise that is created by that particular type of ear ailment and that also requires some additional capacity loss within the hearing instrument when that function is activated plus.. a lot of modern hearing instruments have multiple memories they have a quite program, they have a noise program you might even have a music program that could influence the overall performance of the battery the 3. factor that would have challenges with your battery is some of the environmental influences and some of those might be high or low humidity next would be heat or extreme cold next would be the overall perspiration of the person sweat sometimes gets on the battery and will reduce the overall performance because it gets on the battery and causes it to to kind of meet not the capacity requirements that you are having with a battery that didn’t have that type of moisture getting on it and then you have various heights so if you are down at sea level you are gonna see one type of performance versus if you would go to the top of one of the largest mountains in the world you are going to see a different performance so height does have something to do with that or the altitude of the actual hearing instrument some of the things that directly affect the lifetime performance of your battery – have a very negative affect on it – putting your battery into a refrigerator that’s not something that would be a good way to store your batteries anytime you have a temperature below 50°F also has a functionality performance factor that does not well with the battery and then lastly a very high humidity environment such as your bathroom would make the battery not hit the performance expectation that you have lastly, there is the influencing factor of correctly handling your battery one of the things you want to do is to make sure that when you have your battery you don’t store it with the tab off in your pocket, this could cause something that could cause a deep discharge along with another functionality that could be looked at that causes problems, would be that it would touch a metal object while it’s in your pockets either one of those could cause some type of deep discharge of the battery when you store your hearing aid in a drying store kit, like a lot of individuals do we also recommend that you remove the battery at that particular time before you put it in the drying store kit anything that is metallic that touches it – like I mentioned before – is something that we try to avoid with the tab on or off when talking about tabs… when you do remove the tab the battery starts to perform! So putting the tab back on the battery is not going to improve the overall performance of the battery Once it starts going it continues to operate until it’s discharged I really appreciate you are taking time to watch the video today if you have any questions.. please contact your local power one representative!