Our Miss Brooks: English Test / First Aid Course / Tries to Forget / Wins a Man’s Suit

is our mistake starring here but k another comedy episode without armistice under the direction of
our lives but first probably most city in the world is as
newsworthy as hollywood california how often you see in headlines that read august so-and-so or hollywood hero in nightclub wrong if it happens anyone else in any other
comment wouldn’t get more than a few lines on page ten but from hollywood its front page views our soldiers overseas are in about the
same spot just movie stars attention is focused on them constantly if one serviceman gets out of line he’s
taken as a sample of the entire american army but we’re grateful that the percentages
smalls most of our fellows not all that a big
part of their job is to build up goodwill between ourselves and other
people but the few do get into serious trouble make it a lot tougher for the picture our servicemen is doing a lot rifles
ideas his specialist hollywood-style candy the cameras are rolling in the whole
world is watching to cede holding it back a country is known by its people what people think of your country depends on you as it must all school teachers final
exam time came last week long this proves impeaches envision madison high school
that’s why prided morning handy and i had granddaddy and hurried back my landlady was most cooperative my fruit juice missus davis pictures
county stereo scale toast toast promptly copy echoed my cabinet faction a dot kisi county you don’t have to mess
that is antibody a lightning david i did get the chance finish that night at least it’s finished to my fattest
action now about eleven principal like that everything’s okay how do you think i’m thinking instead teen tranny well up in the past week he’d only been
semi apoplectic country salary credit sometime uh… that nothing while today and i’ll
get it deeply nearly full monty recently he’s been getting up on time lately vera
new program bandage jacquie called out of the world
oscar intimidated needs bad man i’m planning good morning news groups glencoe coming fair may i admire you take might be and do numerous books i don’t want the proposed
dented dotted with lobbied and let the dogs and it just a shame that business to
contact would you care for a cup of coffee or
something by could do with the proper duma’s group come on the end of the
dying there yesterday distributor tries to do you
miss the fact that you haven’t stopped by and by the lapd billy dale let me here we’re aren’t good talent and good
morning margaret hit the ground and then you can do with
a cup of coffee missus davis out he cannot pick ups ticket sales cup how about the size of toast to the our
coffee i could do with a slice of toast here do something just like you doing the golf game is
built this at davis it right down here live with the content
thank you miss brooks this is not to be construed
as a social call i was on my way to the engravers nearby
and decided to kill two birds with one stone missus davis and me this broke and they’re probably
forgotten that this is the time of year when some fortunate shouldn’t receives the highest on the medicine has
to offer the coveted still the loving cup thoughtfully provided by our schools
beloved founder you doa it is getting pretty close to crates
time in there award applauding added incentive to all
students has always been presented that people who exhibits superior aptitude
mastering that glorious linguistic infant that heterogeneous hybrid of
sundry tony’s speak english language northern districts if you recognize my
problem how to get those worried backup without
having most of them stop over into the softer that is only part of the difficult it before taking any action however i want
who has the teacher who will be giving the examination to have a full say in
all decisions concerning the oval capillaries and nobody is saying but he
did in are the contest in about forty one years but would sum up the essence of this
product windchill instead of having contest but
nearly straight questions i thought i consult with you more about the
possibility of having a brief composition form of positive rabat a
composition but along with the questions of course not only on the this
internship but also wanted to know what to do is
just looked at the present all issues related that he’ll lead does qualities of which we chatted
earlier seems to me to be the correct one place upon the cup however before going to be brave as i’ve
made up my mind to do nothing without scoreboard strokes belli after all headed and in this no it seems to me a pending your approval naturally anek
checkout that end it seems that the word unique most
closely typifies what we’re at unique means unmatched without an equal
unlike anything else so miss brooks how about having the
inscription read three-year-old dark rich award four unique achievement in
english internal me dead in the matter is close here you can
still copy at recently accomplished a lot while you’re
in the kitchen margaret nixon gate i’ll show you what can be done when
mister cochran and i’d put me in came together uh… to teamwork becomes a spirit of
cooperation how that not be waldman now excuse me language teacher and lining up at the end of all possible
pupils cannot meanwhile that so you’ll apparent cheerful tagging do you are hereby invited to a party
tonight with bank fraud i have been fighting for you to come on the end of the diet have helped
me respects anxious problematic happened to invite
her to the party and she tell me here they weren’t really in a warrant that
this morning he couldn’t find one of these socks exam
and not now freely pte the and giving orders yes getting that it judy good morning a nondescript pell grant the on do trying to crawl into my coffee cup lol playing guided jason involuntary cup of coffee
strengthen the upshot of arsenic i’ll be running along and no but what about you just
absolutely i can’t wait to meet the i seem to have lost my appetite do you
the guard at the capitol both on the myself up in who died out provide
margaret given that you can find sir and think oh i want to do mistrust do you think mister kaplan who
i was talking about here cars not longer he probably thought we
were chatting about the weather the letterhead everybody knows it’s been
grouch was out all week abducted milk and forget about mister
cochran what kind of party these tonight
welcoming castration vs delhi antibiotic even back at his father’s paycheck and happened several of the teachers
march and everyone via dari romantics that mister x and we’ve
taken the liberty of inviting mr blinking it all figured out the mores exactly seven twenty p at seven twenty one u one mr point mil
sneak through an i_d_ card are actually in stretches back inside when you get
through the actually you can look cute little card back lexi and the read-back a dirty al don’t address japan is just not going to spread his
love birds what do you think mister point how do
you want to see those mime-version heard back rafael mister barring the oakland a’s i
didn’t hand them a towel lots of love birds and see what they’re
doing what do you suppose they are doing plot their rubbing their beach together it’s their way of making love and that your point standing right there
with you but you know your expression my pc montego monkey feet monkey do she’ll either around just sit there and hand me a
batman and let’s get going on garden will continue in just a moment
but first on the back lots of the motion picture
studios in hollywood they have what are known as per minute
sets these are outdoor sets made to look like new york streets or
french villages or someday you might see in baghdad london or tokyo standing in one spot you can see
reproductions of practically the whole world it reminds you that improved methods of
travel and communication have made the real world like that more compact more closely enough i think people today feel closer
together too an earthquake in ecuador becomes a
matter of importance to relief organizations in countries all over the
world the disasters fire in paris can have its
effect on the commerce on three continents people are beginning to see that what
hurts one country hurts all of us what helps one group helps the whole world our servicemen overseas have done their
part in spreading that idea they’re shown that the way of life we
declare in our constitution is not a matter of words but something we believe in for all
people is an important thing to remember when
your station then another one of country is known by its people what people think of your country depends on you sided school a few minutes before it was
time for my first class so i decided to give mister blind and an
opportunity to invite me personally distracted barbecue evaluated the biology laboratory disturb
on roads for newsday belarus brooks we don’t have too much time to chat
mystifying tell i’ve gotta get right down the beating around the bush don you made any plans for after school
polyesters which i have this afternoon that i’ve got a heavy
drapes uh… disputes with little nephew is just four years old men play into his
first movie and sound like fun what about the evening mystifying i’ve been invited to a party whisperer a barbecue that’s right it’s just not dressed place have been invited to that party chairman
divine really good yes now that you’ve been invited not been
invited to only one more indication necessary one more do you want to bring somebody halliciforn i want somebody to bring me what do you want to what you want to bring your worst brooks although i want to bring a lot climate policy are a deal and i got to get into my brain
packed now just a minute was if you weren’t kidding
about wanting somebody to take you to the party how about going with me tonight i’m tired of divine i couldn’t possibly
or not ongoing review a dot the confusing nitrate common strategy evening now a children’s books but in most of the
war looking we will go on how bad is in fact meet feeling that
lovely sunny pri barbecue day physically or bill clinton was bookman with a no morris and guy english teacher below these many
years i’m well aware of your galactic efficiency so let’s not talk shop power plant coming along for the party
tonight let’s locals hope local bull moose books i’m afraid that i could have been
all-party please pledge their in going to be any
party immobile rodeo now about blacktext or just wanna portal mortal man what bothers so this morning now i didn’t while mats were fathered seventy second time you
don’t get more similar studies luau party result for the entire wall
someone was on one is sure your dark ritual what wranglers that sentence should win the award by
itself stretch don’t understand your old man
your father i mean that if you don’t win the cup
today the barbecue weekend looks like thought that this invite all of people
implied it doing it to do that was looks i hate to
have you do it through it tell me the truth has studied produced have at all sure though always thought it through everything listing was justice done even harder
than i’ve ever gone saddened and called me the barbecue is
correct notes that there are still a few hours before the
exam if you could get somebody to coax you
like one of the folks soldiers to that watered down to help me lava dam he’s much smarter re on the last test we took you’ve beat me
by twenty points yes i know little more to do it dough do show you a lot at last minute planning
and uh… a that i don’t think we ought to be ideal to deploy u_s_ jets harriet conkland would give you some
pointers you beat wait a minute in that bag happy couple going into my
plan through both of them along the way down during that time all used to you too smokers’ rights response to the senator of somewhere
coaches meanwhile every i’ve got a chance to get the crop referal i didn’t put it quite that way believe
certainly worth a try i’d be willing to do whatever i could be
helped us out i would think that remind me for a now
we want you to pick up the cap on display in your classroom this morning within the confines office right now has
began alright harriet i’ll get it me why you felt like i have to take a
steady period then you kids can take section one of
the event the rooms and drill whatever you can do it asking mister x and who
knows testimony prizes armies catches barbecue picnic
dealing with your white may yet be putting your child’s beat them very bad dot dole out there i’d hate to think i honed my beat from
nothing me his change anything magnanimity yankton
you either in israel alert do and i guess i am iraq tonight or that
putting it through but then you failed to it so much is a split second before
opening it and entering upon the premises can shoot we reported the classification of a
purely rhetorical question maybe i’d better go out in time and
again going on and on this bill most of us into a altogether too many
meaningless phrases in our daily conversation i’d tried to eliminate them
right you got something there mister denton o’quinn newsprint i don’t want to keep short although you
don’t usually candyman d’estaing you’re a nice time lament care ended prematurely if i may stay
till who’s stopping in added i’d like to tell you what brought
me all i know the answer to that one the start does disorders molecule did products lawyer historic payton is a chance in the
desert just eight weeks ago time now with the little bear we didn’t have a deer we had a car hello never duvall will must have very strong hand den i got came by to pick up the loving
cup mister cochran that picked up mister you can’t possibly take anything up and
that is to meet you and the top of which you speak you’re standing on that show
right over your head alright again then if you don’t mind that even if you do
while pic on the loving cup and below and waller a more modern book went into the water very upset was an
outgrowth all member would that cost only a quarter stretch you automatically barbecue party don’t
you through more than anything blunders no good english everything you tell me goes in for two
more years not the other acl hilly area sumitomo blue looking to do at planning dot kalpana colonies are confused
endeavor but i think that he would oppose
sectional lab tried that there isn’t much time
left hiya kid you take this to happen in my
room and get ready for the test yourself caveat on that stretches about the
enigmatic some of the fundamental payments perhaps finite alok carried hotlog aspect in this streamline english course
i’m about to give you i’ll be using a text book which i configured a i don’t blame you know how me dead deals of the word we have independent
make the prep additional address i should explain a simple rule
governing pep additional pages depriving expected to understand the decade
somehow you know mary that was part of my mind
was do directly about them cover those buildings are much it’ll open including now here in the world today at that decision old phrase a
subordinate clauses are intended to be able to take may take a plate of and el nino almost any of its relation then for him to use the society of money with
this time is a portion of the case in which an
intended to use sitting in tonight the object of the presentation four ever undertaken subject you can pen in
pocket the money what unites people on the subject of the
bird wide and it’s followed by by the adjective
been found is that clear does a what problem we’ve got to my mother heheh the the well you know hemlines headlong into this and young
people very i’m john the fishermen i am making a positive statement flatly
stating that i am indeed john the fishermen fishermen acting an application with the
mound john rigid explain the words inside where preceded now but that will be placed in the subject
the mood indicating that the supposition is not a possibility back if i say if i were john the
fishermen were making obvious but i am not john
the patient or if i were down the fishermen i would simply say i m dot on
the pension de-mining but duty and i’m not john mccain and get back a
if i were down the picture that’s easy new age on the bushmen whose books kehta hai but how do you know i ain’t
gonna but if you want to immigration he’ll be going places that i could do
both hugh grant the fundamental onto the bed it a dean hide it the before revealing the winner of the
yellow dark rich award for unique achievement in english i would like to introduce the two
gentlemen that might be it am i right magazines popular biology teacher who
assisted me and i think they can take risks mr philip buying it k thank you students and in an inflatable antenna plan thank you harriet jews time is bigger than any of you to
learn the identity of the lucky people who has won this covered it up his first which you kindly make enough
he and had been made if that’s not bad uh… floors is this some kind of a joke according to your imagination he he next and without any problem didn’t mean to make it that you didn’t
think he used that’s not bad they feel that loving cat replacement books would
you tell me one thing like that’s that’s but i do it experience in the teachers you are the
first you need to every completed an exam without answering one question
correctly hands pauline has helped celine pardon was
produced and directed by no later written my dolls bird analysis of the
music of love mustang mister clinton was played by gail norton this program came to you from the
footprints videos of the american forces network ah… and was prepared to
rebroadcast of this network by specialists or your entertainment leisure their
lives all of the brought darling yvonne five-month again for another comedy
apple sold-out our miss braun under the direction of our but for some reason use of the article
and you’ve had it proved to be all sitting hits a small world in fact it’s even smaller than we
thought the army map service using an improved
way of measuring the victoria or radius of the earth found that it’s exactly four hundred and
twenty feet shorter than previously figured but the earth is shrinking in another
sense too the telegraph radio telephone all the improvements of communication
that made it pretty small we get all the news from around the
world almost as it happens and there’s more understanding in the
world were nations and people can compare notes ask questions exchange
information our servicemen aren’t important part of
this international gab fest there right on the spot from a lot of
different countries where they have a chance to talk to the
people get their viewpoints and give them hours one of the most effective weapons they
carry is true before we can have agreement between
nations we have to have understanding between
people that’s part of the assignment we give to
our ambassadors in uniform a country’s known by its people what people think of your country depends on you so it is with almost broke through the
content which is not too much too fortunately however for the time we’ve had our second cup of
coffee most of those bela book deal but uh… true that is i don’t feel quite a bit better after my
second cup of coffee which i have it seven thirty in the evening the gale and and make really fortunate
currently been pending i can even be cheerful effected that was the case last friday when i got
my landlady did i miss uh… beautiful ma abusing monday maggie meaning that you
would think morning union randy seem like the thank david i’ve got a wonderful we everything down in my where the anything tonight film to you would be that would be as being you but delay army in ninety three patton mang theo i wouldn’t get my need
any place they have the between nineteen th that handling that might be a pound need that they get their willing you
living around like a delivered very meant that in the day that england combat with the content of the
steamboat with the flu do baghdad even better news than that day you with the
content three well reinventing but not wish to the moon that i didn’t hear that you can write is
leaving cool to the rest of the semester need yet fifteen percent distinctive a
lot date them and then i’ve got no leave a bad
thing to keep going up to make her you hit and i think it noted in specific for the victim defending to unit unconnected think they’ve been deprive
event paley and uh… will welcome again demanded a i can’t get that bluedanube adam and
realigned nobody and i thought would be arriving in the county so i can’t blame
you for being happy about it going it means you’re looking at the end of
the people who everything exactly now they have nothing between mystifying
to me except miss divine the they don’t you
don’t need to know enthusiastic about the news mentally i’m not nuthin like being conducted in the
courts in big coffers a diving taking link cuban wear out to happen today that even if
the carton discontinued you can’t take it again next season the night with helping to get some
practical experience karen all that wofford and the bride needed
who will be live with a lot too what do you want but baby hearing
they’ve decided to come out of the car and why kept a card do paintball yet the way while the fact that de
lafayette came to one i’ll bang my head on the winds here and the came in rick value danger ahead on the windshield
when we started birthday with only a flesh wound do try
to control your tendency to speed bumps here out trying but it’s awfully
difficult and a beautiful day like today writing i know how you feel walter in that they related to well that i’d
like him from the same size the imminent departure in one day the
enright i couldn’t be any happier who gave the
enright relieving the i mean newt and i feel very good picture walter
why should you be happy to feared though well because my mother’s been taking
their first aid course in everything she studies she tried on
my father and me you shouldn’t complain about that walter
your mother kept trying to learn how to take better care of her family you know t-shirt academy last monday seems yet business plan practice so
naturally she use me you seem a little flexible growth
windfall for a loans clinton’s plan and then let me extra and then and he told
me walk across the room did you i don’t want stepping fell on my face
the one of your mother divan he then you might think six yards and sterile dyed do use more
out of my dad had nine yards wrapped around her outlook that looks like an arab
settlement all limits and i’m leaving now probably discontinued the practice
or next year anyhow surely you’ve had similar experiences to
maine missus davis takes the same cars then she practiced annual no other
luckily i didn’t have a good deal of the time exudate if at all rent free state
practicing on my next-door neighbor i’ll mrs lam theo that’s right then peel and filled with all the and paaen with brooke kindergarten through the day detail
you’ll be lying in a minute it may look maybe infant morning but the reason for the big mine i kept how do you want the government
who harriet i’ll with smile when i get out of his
carlisle and what everything and i think that your film you had all of the fourth printing anyone you when you talk to in ny have
you any idea what it one demand there nobody found it even more and continue
to you gotta get my one inmate for very well head out the link that good luck
with okay and there a you want to be seeing it occurred and for more proof belief you
re really equipped within the day something about which you
might fini that that that valve body no i don’t know whether or not you’re
aware of it but uh… who’s about to start with rediffmail news enright vp i mean uh… make the
the the tried to control yourself the
prevailing i predict that the north of the group that the fact that the what you see that no one else to take care
before preacher dominique and i don’t have to make you think this is there for
the rest of the semester uh… road believe me it is with deep
regret that i hope that there will be within right if you’ve got it all those quoted by
most the fifteen very capable man dot and i’m
sure that you have more than people think that group within right through i can’t help feeling that from part of with growing with them where we should be good european painful
may make the will be back in the palm at the time for
them heightened political no then sympathies to reconfigure into hire outside help if they could be
must be filled by other members of our faculty of human additional into eyes i don’t think there will be on the cabin
tokyo you there was no good ol man the it though overnight but dendrite even though the mou simple who namely red cross those people she conducted
reidmiller queen that they are again a reviews sees it moved through do in mentioning this boat you are
referring to that in spite of the high on those opposed to the office live at group turnover that recruitment delegating about every amendment
nominate thingie isnt i got my ticket to get very badin the red cross like that
by filters rome on a purely democratic bases one may only for the by exercising
wondering a choice the if you live bother how do you know i’ll buy one p_m_ one you have a large baghdad i’m out there and his teaching the only prepared to
meet with your permitted at night their and would you like to
continue to make a living in recruitment group redneck it all the i hereby at that time i don’t believe
democratic voluntary july fifth banging a uh… uh… a uh… if you’re a millionaire and things all
the money you owe me into a single dollar bill and purple built together and might be a
group of you couldn’t compress them into a single solitary three uh… train take years role and mature and no amount of money and by that that’s why even if you’re a millionaire
you can afford up for a fire on the other hand even if you don’t have
a million in the bank you can fill up for the moment or two it
takes to make sure i’m clear ever met bases fully extinguished before you talk to the way and no one in store for you can afford
that little bit of effort that balance in a campfire required be careful whenever you’re in our round up or a
barrier help prevent for live by hand lolol well planning that i had to take over davy
enright first aid course didn’t help my appetite any nevertheless when lunchtime came i went
to the school cafeteria they did a table with me to know and back down to wake them if they’re
buying but as i’ve tried with my paladin
sweetness and light forty the broke in on my reverie it broke says i live in info that are easily remedied the nobody feeling dodi heating up long ago thanks again what do you mean a game i haven’t had
anything beats it what do you mean wall little banglore
yet take it easy doubting we’ve all got up dot wrote that but with my world practices that we can picture if you can who well with hardly a friend in the world practically no one i sympathize with humans and right now
tell me about you think that a playing an interview uh… get one thing i want to pat
buchanan pointed out here for a moment not at all i can’t digest the poor with anymore and but i a m and that
you’ve been requested to complete my fears eight call what is the word valentin the word is railroaded plan figure out
is one of the problem picked on me alluring so for the job might be otherwise i would never recommend yahoo your recommended me now but kathy is out of the baggage
indian i don’t blame you for being
self-conscious saying that the baghdad get back in the
head you’re really going out in the lady that the infamy aren’t you right now over that’s when i sat down together
dotting i’m not doing anything my fifties decided to come down here and
live with me andrew battering the such a relief i may kill myself the well
at least i won’t have to conduct of plants and the bureau but you were gone that one of the provisions that make the
magnet day i don’t miss the consummate i’d have to
spend almost requirements i think that and he said that he mind a bit as long as you took over for
me as one english teacher to another
weekend i’d i’d just like to say that i’m the one who had been took over do i
don’t don’t think it’s fair for you to write a little ladies corporate interrupting a did a good one other thing that buying this book
with peaking the it now basis and read have you gotten betty appetizing civil
polyester i thought i’d take a look the potholes today i kept it played we spoke
covered for you mister binder or i could probably have a little boy or
girl star do money that wrote that knowing and builders in would you care to try one of the other
men generally why don’t you try both with and i you can’t be one of your faith in our
p_b_s_ a i happen to come hai please reluctant trial because you’re going to have to take
over some of my duty yes i’ve heard you were leaving the
satellite what are you going it promptly i’m not going with all the people like
me you know i won’t well that is important
for the viewers did you hear that was put within like staying on she’s not
living in august but there’s linden uh… week you’re part of the
might be interested in coming to live with me missus going now i’m going to
take care of or a city well read it to be pretty close to home most
evenings water alone don’t know one can know that they want to do it
every night not run one doesn’t go out until one back the
one hand the you may not be give me i’ve got several
things there rule you have to go to store was brought
i’m afraid i do miss it by new york activity of bakeries brought with that where wherein europe i don’t need my check divine all are
still on the a guiding i’d like to remind you that i’m coming
up with you all have like brushing up on the fence eight colour when at the conference idea not affected coming along with me didn’t play and i had we’d be there date
shopping for a pretty baby that is that not you know this but i think a lot of
mister cochran’s pet project dot of light was to broaden his certain
other members of the fact of being it you know what i mean you support provided by requirement for a lot pack uh… salary childlike the by complete man plot i’d killer the
only gap parental taking email right you know what talking here south of the
first thing i don’t see any neff water but i don’t care on all things can’t be that care about have a lot but the pretty bad on and do i get tell me the key to the
company coming over to my place tonight to brush me up on her first aid before or so that about the there’s a chance to kill bill your
favorite management once the eternity dot what do you remember from
your first date variant you get a chance to not only climate and
i but that’s only hack electric totally
unaffected take over that wellness right what do you think it’s being everywhere infanticide fifty one-vote
she can give you the legion of honor i the are at good evening with peru conduct the kind
attn than mine farm in montana that dapat media company made out here but
down that you are prepared for europe at the
car i really don’t think it would be
necessary that that night u_p_i_ i’ve been rereading my manual and
you’d be surprised how quickly the things i’ve learned came back to me i’m
delighted to hear that was wrote but if you’re going to instruct others
i’d like to see some practical demonstrations that non across a gap
followed me into the living room please you can’t be i’d move most of the
pedicure into one part of the room i’ve got the blatant then to give me
pieces already talent that for quite a bit we will suppose without doctor cuz then
the practice elbow and a broken ankle let’s make it to broken ankle very well to broken it another lytle broke yet there then we can recommended lie down if someone had so stay tuned to broken
ankles of the fact that opal is it too unreasonable group to keep in
mind note there but the wrong brown being broken that’d i want to show you what i know
about birthdays defend like the one who met like that you want me to pretend that being black believe me it typecasting dept crumpled the air the rabbit about that so far the let’s get on with the commission
says that the north or anywhere now we’re looking at this and i have
been in an automobile accident and been five leading both on broke and she
didn’t and acute state of shock shot but how do i react edit mister born and finally ask you for
a day paul denied job at the meal by five
intake here they are you know leaving to be covering up the
injury hollow wrote this is a brand new dry really what do you want to be meat or
cured denied obvious from the left the bizarre netted badly injured where my finger packet on back into
theme is the contract were where what group out right there me now hand me that cat
that probably admit the problem review all the wanted for really that we’ve agreed that acted
within about two and a nightmare by karen they contract now in back then
india thank god but i think gently again in the during then i thought the role of
ended here now iraq the ball that one on display
dawn then i put the other on through entire the band and they play you know i’m in fact the process again
bringing the other on through the back gate and wrapping it security and now what nab someone one time i am dot continue
had permit wrote can you all can you not by a perm bandit mean blamed for the bit to wrap with the
content of business and right but let me use one of her leg not being hit with
roughly cooperate with him then governor youth is preferred by a
prove that the donor of that healing yet intercontinental in now than at the time of your company
nearby in hand me a few things where they were liberal advanced feedback
needed needed if you are now we have taken your document and i there and rapid that he didn’t management vote but you don’t put anything up to do impact the back grand no fell right dialing now we take it and it did elad cadmium make payments on time her here the idea to get a good steady support
for the lead around we go into bandit armpit then another band statement by
the end of your book now erected here on the other way rallied he came round and round then ran how did that feel survey dot on it good preview private that might make
tomorrow but day on one of the great to have more on that
then the other believe that bandage and tied on that
uh… this window earth out weather around in my pal it now for your neck yet that the part
of that somebody you’ve got a big spender writing it down i’ll i’ll get it like defined in planning and when i
discovered by the returnable car parked with the biggest with them you’ve got corporate please join us mystifying to or good evening with the company has
been delayed they were you doing having a three
legged race the attack on a blind room the the
returned on a further on the one settlement unlike stress of there here like that you bank that the paddock
cat and didn’t break was reply with them that camera potd reverend
everyone i’ve got to get that wintering would you like me to prove that the
contract people away from where you where you
know what the structural domestic marvin gaye why team around a day down what do him is that
right bill please be careful about nothing it can the is out for that didn’t hurt a bit remarkable recovery you know every which
addressed a first-grade i’ve been thinking of taking that court without but like the neglect of relatively
primitive it could be monday night at a tight throughout the
for expanded although molded clockers and the red light uh… move heaven and earth if you could
go over your roll call well that will be more integrand he can’t wait i have been already
downtown made and i they’ve got one question i’d like to add
you yet rule what one they did warn you that the one cup one though and the the extent of michelangelo the artist
was able to grow perfect ripple freehand you think that’s easy just write
sometime anyhow one every day they call in the
friend the friend was obvious to me with card with a perfect circle of it and everyone knew that michelangelo than
that rather odd called friendship and circles
seem to go together we talk about the family circle and uh… circle of friends that’s probably why we think of the
whole world as justin overgrown neighborhood in the neighborhood we sometimes have
misunderstandings and disagreements but we work things out visiting over the back exchanging recipes in by the irs helping someone with his garden those all have their counterparts on the international scene right now the biggest visitors in the
world or the american servicemen they’re exchanging ideas with our
neighbors in other countries and they’re helping a lot of them to
improve their own ways of life if our men in uniform can help promote
better understanding between ourselves and other people they can bring us closer to the time
when there won’t be any disagreements or unneighborly attitudes do your part of launching the circle of
friendship remember a country is known by its people what people think of your country depends on you and and i wanted an area arm is broke well at the front and without the light
of the dick van dyke with me and the reason we’re preparing man but he insisted on treating your do an
ice cream cut though david for taking your home now they were out of the house before i
could we could get you living that when i got out my red cross manual it bad if your toe into couldn’t pay statement
divine maybe we can practice a bit before your prefect in robert lichter
was growth at here’s an interesting problem inhuman
a back injury for want of a better time to get if they are in the injured party now you place your left arm around my shoulders like this a from n_p_r_ right arm goes around my
way what is the book say we should do next never mind the book adlai boulevard in park develop an overall med a bit of
will bring that that the government played by gary
oldman other than that i’m at brisbane morgan
vikram via mcmillan and mary jane crow be with us again next week at the same
time department well some people are just naturally shy
retiring but according to our miss brooks and
teaches english at madison high schools mister blanton overdoses yes we don’t even hold hands and we go
to the movies except of course mindset dishes they slip in the sixty
five cents from my ticket that’s like contact could be more
romantic the declined but that meant that he feels bad dollar
diamond and nicole he lets go night i was fifteen cents short that’s the hottest time i’ve had with
him and sick reading about this stalemate all week i
decided last thursday night to give them up once and for all supporting completely out of my mind it was difficult to do but website arrived at the decision i’ve
stretched out on friday capitalise and in no time at all at least
peacefully riding around shredding my sheet friday morning my landlady haven’t even
rougher time than usual trying to wake me up honey tony trying to get out the rise and
shine com regarding missus davis tanks still a key i’ve got to get to school i’m dealing with my clothes on you put
them on ten minutes ago when i walked through the first time kazakhstan and they could use a good
pressing stay here picture she was on them goodness i’ve made you take almost a
styles debate the few that i faced house that’s what’s left of the sheet restless night missus davis i hostage and collards worrying about mister boeing sunny not
anymore i decided to call it quits but company all i know i’ve said that
before but this time i mean it i’m going to forget all about it when did you arrive at that decision yesterday after another one of our am i
speak to the park zoo it was terribly disappointing missus
davis the marcelo suits for a five minute
seemed genuinely romantic and and his divine being briefed on the back of my do you think my name is looking over my shoulder at
the monkeys destination and in many ways county but i’m sure you can patch it up now there’s nothing to patch up missus
davis and that’s going to put him out of my mind completely whatever you say the
air mouthpiece for tonya she wasn’t coming
to this tiny breakfast of the rating agency you go on ahead i’ll be right in logo i was absolutely i don’t take it wrong gear i don’t want your
breakthrough to get cold and then add of times connie would you like to toast tell businesses day five laps and
harassed where is it just lift gate be returned to your cheek remember when i’ve been so not bad was as greens i guess i must have dreamt of a hundred people every one of them look like mr fein as silly as does fear and then did you try to forget someone
he takes over your thoughts completely maybe if i read the morning paper i can
get him out of my mind let’s see what they had died missus davis looked on the front page a picture of mister aborn tennessee why connie what’s the matter with you
uses the indian ambassador patients a day american ambassador to
india but is the image of mystical and they hear the allies well i’m closest studied it seems to be
spent much older man in this department still is a remarkable resemblance you
only imagine there is because of your mental conflict interests economy
one-sided b_m_i_ named is trying to do miss schiavo right now well the other side is kinda locking me hundreds of noisy in there is just standing there pay-t_v_ c_b_s_
bringing back the one thing most difficult of target is what you’re
trying to forget if u cooperate with me county and show
you just what i mean with a simple experiment just try to forget an uptick tonya skate anything at all bought the coffee pot for using this copy-cat any coffee pot not close your eyes and clear your mind closed in tightly who taxing no connie brooks i commend you on nafta think about
coffee pot there’s no lose such things are coughing lol coffee hostile just keep telling yourself you must not plainclothes coffee uh… non-profit
guidelines and i think of the coffee strides no old coffee pot no office applique connie what do you think enough
a copy pat can understand that something must have
gone wrong i again now are you still thinking about coffee pot yes but it looks like mister klein well at the same shape is it now it’s
than it is the same shaking his head in fact the whole thing is now now i’m wrong it couldn’t possibly be
mystifying it’s circulating at some copy saugerties at the front
door yet this morning it seems intent on you and to the
following callout dispatched out uh… just what you want are called xxxxxxxxxxxxx player natural history access a french field mouse haha about kissing
on both sheets that made okay abstractor response inge when you pay the postman funny he’s
waiting at the dojo certainly missus davis men that were here last night part these days as you yeah what seems to be the trouble system me what are you doing in that
postman that’s it how did you get off the phone and over here so quickly producer point
mam my name is mcdonald on the new clothes for this business now if you’ll kindly give me a knuckle
experience technical miss mcdonald but please do me a favor wait here just one
minute it’s very important are you still there mister barone asked that’s all i want to know i think that yes ma’am flag to tell me that i knew postman is the
image of mister boeing what you’re seeing john we spend on those doesn’t
love anymore like mister bonior naidu and he’s got a p scottish power he doesn’t have any more scottish bread
not french field mouse and that’s it not careful yourself together ec connie
when my sister angela was being treated by her action my goodness how i learned
quite a bit about psychiatry what is that had to do with me guest is
still here as a result of your decision to break
things off with mister billington who are suffering from a combination of
visual and our regular hallucinations you see mister mahaney space on the
other people because you want to see you hear his voice because you want to
hear it all this may be like into a moronic to see when i’m driving it you’re trying to tell me that i’m
perceiving objects which have no foundation in fact i’m experiencing sensations which have
no actual external cause and that i am in general blowing my card out baghdad looks like wait a minute why don’t you look like mister bond to
me it doesn’t work family coming familiar faces don’t change is new and
use it as soon as it came to be most readily but don’t you worry do you know i’ve got
that based remedy in the world fear couple my visit diversion i’m going to give a big party here
tonight we’ll invite the conkland some of your
students and by all means invite mister barton he should help you from getting
best of all follow your doctor’s status i appreciate your giving me a party but
if it’s just one of your schemes to bring mister bond and meet again i’m not
on the silicon if you don’t want me to come activity banks businesses course at the
party doesn’t do the trick volume you can always see doctor friedkin enlisted took care of and sheila well i finally got to school a little bit spent the whole morning
like someone and then dream reality seemed to return when i stand in
front of seemed able in the school cafeteria and second lunch i might write
palomas worked tirelessly down about it that bad at three thousand are you doing in school shouldn’t you be delivering the u_s_
mail missiles i missed the point one of my got to do with the u_s_ mail or the u_s_ female for that matter at the field mouse well not to mention that i heard this
morning that the exhibit from called off the french field most never done here
seems there was a strike in the poll he was on couldn’t leave port you mean he
was too chicken to swim excuse me i promise i klimova definitely
tables i really don’t understand why you’re
giving me the cold shoulder to that michelle norris called mister bonior
only because somebody blew a big chance to warm about i don’t quite understand that either well maybe some of your companion with
his new could explain it to you the novel is this something i’ve done
that while you’re staring at me so strange in
this book now i was just wondering disappointing to you have a twin brother who’s a postman sign indian ambassador course not do you have a twin brother who is a copy
part you really matter giving out about this
poll that fine allow that have everything might have to happiness
slopping over played out laminate observations you don’t seem a very good move for your
party i haven’t seen you smile all day i don’t
don’t let that julia and the reason i’m not smiling and because i’m miserable contact meanwhile offered extremely
personal well as a matter of fact i was changing classes i saw missus davis
driving by she stopped tell me that you tried to
cheer you up because you feel so miserable all the list of what mickey’s
falling apart and i kept forgetting that’s what i’d say it’s personal lifetime to forget mister barnes should
be personal alder now they tell you know that i hope
you’ll keep your staff fall don’t you worry miss brooks only a black hopwood splattered thing like that terry ongoing or you know i think she joins us
for lunch deleon well i and i had mindful of what you’re trying to protect the volume waiting to hear that harriet like that where did you hear that laver mouth response dot figure secret you can
depend on that call you certainly can with uh… it’s the cafeteria copy crowded today bloody knife have talked with you allowed allow mister patten can happen it’s always a great at best allied with the black sensible
about about school not a passionate on earth would be more
welcome do i have a lot of the shudder ramamurthy i_c_u_ finished fuel the the and so as the lead in the saying goes all-new videos of the new users two-thirds of meanwhile jet love sharam fighter there newsgroups effect what’s this i hear about in trying to
forget this before not like this you hear about me trying
to prevent mystifying i don’t know what’s this all your budget
right where the rat pack i don’t get pissed at my personal life my principle we are empowered to
question the only on those matters which are pregnant school business but this
does conserved school business go supposed to spend six dollars of
everyday northwest was broke suggest most of that price you will
always tell us that you have to stop all of them like a hopped up because brilliant said forget it therefore i
could look for an improvement no work acknowledge your unit that uh… that
not only is absolutely nothing between mister bond me that there’s going to be
left eighteen the helped me forget mr fein party was
about to begin with some strange people whose names
missus davis was trying to help me remember some of the best of our regular
contraceptives i thank you tonight’s going to be a wonderful party
county and you see mister clinton is bringing mister abernathy wanted engine is bringing a patently
city hall stipulate that levi’s mimi is end as missus foster missus foster a friend of mine who went to the beauty
shop i’ve been wanting you can you give for
months nala so if he wants to show that you forgot
to indict just the postman i can’t get over how closely resembled
mister by in my mind that in this morning even his voice was the same
ichthyology oconee you create eighteen september elemental conflict
when you decided to forget mystifying that your eyes and ears played tricks on
you if your because after friedkin my
sister’s analyst he explained it to you in a minute well im hoping this party
will be all the medicine i need to make me forget that this device never existed henry keith kiki kiki late inculcate well i’m not going to
cook a moose just for him deflationary is this abernathy within
are not yet he stopped at the store for something according to stop just a few here q
falling marbles on the right now you want to go in and chanting hindustan i’ll finish preparing dinner allied date when do we came to an end to the table it is just a few minutes s such as travel masters of the uh… yet how you tonight la bak allah just fine
mistrustful after marbles gestures expressed this disaster phillips pleased to meet you miss brooks calm now sort of a gag is business define missed
appointment missus chester litmusbox but he’s the image of mister barton that is levi’s and we’ve been very much that
uh… would you move your feet a little miss brooks armada look around the four
wait a minute i’ve got to get this straight these missiles i haven’t got
all my marbles leader market me i’d be out on section eight mystified at chester how old are you plug forty bubbling up
fifty there was real peachy chino if you’d let
me come over tonight and i think i’ll go lie down if you like the excusal nevers works i want you to meet a friend
of mine this is mister abernathy one delighted image of his books campina stabbing at your mystifying just avoiding left by the compliment
status of the year old way appointed as a young biology teacher
medicines and so less u_s_ roads well uh… minute dentures with me i
fight you we even get a copy tiny not now missus
davis walter take a good look at mister avid nasty
okay not a good look at test to prove it i’ll give it to me straight this either of them resemble mystifying only say unknown missus davis but is it time plots doctor freed in
style number i’m ready for the couch thank you nevermind i’ll look it up account experts all help you get the coffee you know you see kind of unsteady on
your feet through a spokesman don’t worry you’ll feel better that the e smasher diabetic take this coffee pot hearing
all about that one still on that looks like mystifying there’s no time to explain how long i’ve
got to look at dr pleadings number inside d_e_a_ share can say s has do u all day teaching it just for ourselves and hard
to say it was just read etc here anti indeed yes heehee he asks details cleanup uses missus foster how do you do they
all know you know you might hear mrs services told me in my husband so much
about you mutual alleged get-acquainted seemed
like it hills forgive me this daring missus
foster that there’s something about your face yours sino but it can’t be helped sessional beautician i’m not the girl i
used to be conseil out there pain you looked so very much like
someone and you stand here and that also
shouldered dress all kinds of blood flow availed myself course i don’t think quite as much
sewing lately as i used to it down of the baby k but is it that care levine my last foreigners avoid i have seven all told runs i don’t know what i’d do without
the dive the service has brought you look rather pale
naturally maglaj just left for dr friedkin you have to excuse me now missus foster
i’ve got to make a very important phone call yourself into the pilot i don’t know any
of your guests aside from the conference and what does this look over the phone call possibly wait until
you’ve introduced me to the others well all right colony missus foster this is just too good well-adjusted gesture missus foster
hello missus foster missus foster mister abernathy fellow
mister abernathy instead of having missus foster well missus foster duvall matscher sailboat customer that there’s one you ever met this brooks in
the baby carrots right behind you baby care it’s but took delivery of bringing the
baby with me is only six months old only other children little rock with its just starts results liz as levels elizabeth but
let’s just see if this works highlighted beautiful ninety-three didn’t pani wake-up d unequal party-line missus davis this tuesday evening you’ll never get to
school if you keep the ocean off the net shared connie it’s almost hard to tell
me missus davis has mister mcdonald then he
reacted the new postman what you’re talking about a postman is still a list of fitzgerald
he’s been with us please he misses davis what about the party was
going to help me forget mister bond i don’t know anything about the party
connie you must be uh… you’ve been dreaming call no iranian-backed after you’ve gotten
dressed you told me that she was sick mister boeing taking you to the zoo so
often you know and i went to the front dog let
his divine even you must have dozed off again he’s waiting for you in the living room
this divine excuse me a minute testified defined hamas books please find do you have any plans for
this afternoon though i haven’t when you take me to visit but ms brooks within the personal
practically every day this week almost two years ago pulverized mister cochran was played by gale gordon
well this is a nice cast which i am morgan dekh raha baba rockwell and
gloria macmillan they should be with us next week for
another company of the soul of almost blocks this is the united states armed forces or l_a_ oh hard damn garment work recruitment margaret
margaret roberta and political reichman liability
frightening but i’m not committed before entering the pact nine years when i got
a bit to cope with ever be in thailand and that after all the way thinking
remarkable in and let me thank god that somehow i had to get my company what i don’t think the problem it directly
windy morning with my landlady newton grand prairie department darker got
environment for the that level econ including david more
directly improving appointment boil already hooked up and i don’t like the who had
an equipment on the line right through the holidays department garden favorable opinion of borrowing from you i don’t want them on my own view of the
document mike and i think you with my background the know dat my b-day yuko room for improvement lou remembered no removal at rel where widen redrawing the war their land mind-boggling northcote cabral i would love to go with them our proposal working but they’re not
read laundered collected and i haven’t heard a great great great there retroactive record notepad miracle private property away like a bloodbath
wildlife microwave away completely from the cockpit on the record line allied
with the new car will require a prime broker right my predicament are now that would require they’d like
me blame mayor replied all i have a handful of removal of
nuclear i’m currently working for the post in the pool or liberal remember repair or magical you know that magical global
capital markets all right i don’t know over a period of great i know that they’ve been logarithmically doctor walking with para
nothing wrong with me would be great if you haven’t had a program polite remarkable record player hidden without one on the ground pair grew were are really a lovable loser thing delivered around the country lab saturday football conference in the
morning bad by google approval a good significantly
gary cooper seventy five dollars new denied relatively will pam and her family could
baby the football contract with open arms
remain act while working under under you’re outperform ivanko repelling people’s
input i’m not good combined bruni lately about my lack of knowledge
report attitude inquire magnified and grew by nearly blacked with anybody rodent included on that coupled with the funeral work although or the grand prix blindfolded we are
happy and bono along the riverbank now i think they’re worth it the bargain when some and then veteran upward bound poland on their
winter coat appropriate point you can’t very dependable and getting home i couldn’t afford to talent that ride nominated do you know the only one move might be able to buy program i won’t have to do button looked at me and i don’t feel like the
growth of the real title building want more popular nothing quite like my
mother and then we wouldn’t be nafta morning so i’d better get going but
nobody would bother nothing dramatic new infant car one little trouble with reluctantly out therapy rowband your worldwide panel it rhetoric the i’ll probably or did not mongrel remembering done their d one because proper football entrepreneur while my mother or propose company ka a convertible a corrupted in blue eroding the minds of young and old alike
protecting people from all your overview oh around reform pocketful artur talking about or improve lobbying mark how are you thought it was
never got before remember where we live have point governor
whitman room from a couple of them you’re repairman agree mud ivory proving that column in an
effort to fathom what people call it dot com i’m quite busy got it logged into the
comfortable about gunmen biographer wat i don’t regret getting hydraulic line
relied speaking to my daughter record outdoor now parent together throughout the conflict i don’t know how you men you’re a curfew
on the front get very good morning now if you kill me but it didn’t know you have a lot mine i think that a fair my favorite one impact of printing the family hud that night now people i’m not around union catherine everything could never
molybdenum government like active out there you know they’re certain things that we
configure patrick daly with walkout graham the old idea clinging to the old law of field in the field happened revealed and new york new does wire purposes cuter you predictor so
happened that my wife crazy about told me any number of times are much
like union hold maruyama company reluctant to rename will likely be on twelve we met down finite fowler down the hall how during my
marriage manner ruler in into that kind of you would go to the
cause of maker sabko we’ve heard after all why can’t you cannot use pick up the hard working for him
politically wealthy farmland parade millbrook like a great deal of
uh… parker backfired on my way downtown at the very
few about a new outfit or not that recurring with the content what happened i never got their core length of the involve gotten i got into with better idiotic
editor walter bender imaginable wanting to hold up before congress and
the mother well you know of right panel but our brother in a row our bedroom akin to the conduct of all
like milton berle role palmer again a newspaper or anyone else in parker
from correctly predicted the delinquent bill the community moreover anyone under my perfect and
control up to report equivocating director anthony arriving dot by my office river i’ve got
one of the pattern i know during that part of my country without something who would like to do for your word for
that but go ahead heard dot liberating nerve or what pacifica ca reflecting ryan practical people her in there certain parts of the those involved before what they’re doing luther need
certificate i’m not going to come from i knew fifteen get mad at me rampant beautiful a book your model will michael you know or where revealed the no k ethanol and if you thought it was a some
political carter lou applied for perfect they couldn’t come
up now comparability and we are confident knowing how do you hello uh… you do didn’t your a lexapro will continue half of all i’d like to be
convicted order for a bit requirement of that elementary i mean that but i agree that three i was a little died about my
first writing a paper like with another man acquire man a lot for women in britain and the
lingering illegality jordan there edgar allan poe pelham remain without men yeah i think there are a little bit
burgerville connected with the certificate notebook prepared the only
thing i can move this along with comply with the bargain five you receive this
award for anything other than the white before please go ahead and that one of
those reading in the there water or repugnant pair recruitment fifty dollar fine fighting
for corporate recruitment will become a part of the problem the heavier than
usual practice falling further pic botha when character deploying
compared to other thirty during the it will continue one throughout my preferred to begin
with you here for monday their equipment that can good who grew
up there repairing the poor not bad at the problem word meron their apartment dollar run toward the completely lacking effect on our melo other pandemic plan about the playing field i think that i don’t like talking like
that well i gotta get black water and then i
think they’re preparing for that fell at her won’t mind lenovo thinkpad and right i got nothing on the one that promptly
fell ronco clean cut organised yesterday to get them luther for the perfect time to prepare for the
call entrepreneur leptin you don’t really
care about the playing field cricket panera plant can electric reprimanded but boy you know annabelle at the back side i’ve read all morning moreover ho three
girl riot girl priority worry during the morning and my lifetime goal in mind that we
combined the school cafeteria and poured out my miserable sorry independently and i think what looking for directions the combined filled with one of the
approximate enlightened and sympathetic statement are recovery work delivered it would be a little crowded with that a back on their dot com group record manpower record that everything worked
were repertoire grouping you won the cookbook prepared to recoup
rewrite grand lucu many feel too good to be calling for a
man who committed complimented filling in your reputed for coming in a poll
right right you promise to keep the perfect with
secret and there are going with the company wildly approaches the giveaway
gary you limit of photographers waiting to take a picture when you go down to
pack in the price right back he wrote nothing with work either p however i didn’t know if it will be
different might really exactly that wouldn’t you could’ve butter from
faculty member who might be that had occurred here that i might be open to work together at the following or dude one friend of mine i think the if it is only one way out
for you you hold the fate might come out for monthly do whether or not you would like to give
reverted back from the conflict in there starting with mark over by the window you’ve got a great martin luther king
dollars unit that was that commitment or operated getting printed book probably got the within his incorrect
coat pocket or you’ve got to a credit card affair
without his knowledge in worry grover and provide new april micro comes out of the you’ve been repaired it money later meanwhile you would have looked like
that yet but if i remember hearing that might not be taking no i lied about the problem anti-growth program i’m out of thirty
dollars they really are pretty quick to pick it
up there certainly i’ll be happy to give you
twenty dollars alert we haven’t heard recovery if you’ve got to get there has
been difficult for a call but it was clayton route cup of coffee cope with activity phil cogan one could volunteer
to heavy cole ccole or it could work landrigan program when without warning
everybody murder the barnyard period that their doctor
making the toll free movement of the bacteria now let me be clear rock
electrical mid-afternoon apparently regarding the airline soulful unit bargainer your with all the way bob corporate territorial overrun the
critical in fair trial looked like a meeting with regret dot at the hotline at the cabin right now with the problem one the computer do anything on microfilm in
office cleaner where people can reading the pacific and thought we were morning
get more money ordered yeah and i directed totally doing gary department door year to carry out a long called operate black granite
photographer recruitment than require wait a minute the man who packed away by the clothing
bombing were poor and one of the grammar divine uh… love affair all you have to do report time to get the ol witness report or at your weather react
normally make appointment correctly you in a few moments duo that is moneyline from time to move one home greensboro a local radio and heard well i didn’t have a camera review with barbara berra i couldn’t get anything multi-ethnic newspaper photographer bernard lurking for that impacting work burglar three
here it you know i don’t want to learn something
about the cause of that are better when helping working written
like their pero gorakhpur wilbur wilbur to mourn do were here degree preferred recorder better merger of america only rogue
trooper born here have been back here in trying to protect
me a prepared him for a lot master of that mantra hotmail with me right a not grand around like it group if anyone angry headband divine or did you know me wrote lacking from my phone number occurred provide government and they’re doing nothing and i’m prolly renumbered review a during world war
gilbride and i think i reckon you’ve got that one advantage what do you think you ought to mandible out in the back looking for a while mister bond out in black if you don’t want to flag in returning
to the right repeatedly great hit camera but that really make neglecting are a well you don’t want to defend my honor i
object that defended my now uh… thank god that at back of the solar will record your honor do and more recruitment buffalo in hollywood carbon fiber order carrier selected for coming to me on
that yet because i think that when i got pregnant a photographer from the morning without perot and pat compliment format
victory probably format my remarkable remembering that them reporter dl coleman uh… medicina no longer under another program into
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