Our Place Therapeutic Recovery Community

We’re here at the Our Place
Therapeutic Recovery Community. It is such a wonderful place that is going to support people who are struggling with addictions, people who’ve been homeless, people who may
have been in and out of jail and this is going to be their community and their opportunity to rebuild their lives, to learn life skills, to learn work skills and to be able to recover from their addiction all in one place. My experience living in a therapeutic
recovery was very beneficial for me. It was really stepping out of my
own comfort zone in my old identity, in my criminalistic thinking, and
that’s why I got off the meds because there was no more unsure, there was I’m doing this and now have I have a reason. I have the support and I want to. If something like that was made available earlier in my life, I should’ve did it a long time ago. I have an addiction background and I got
sort of sick and tired of living that lifestyle. I wanted a new life. I never thought I’d
be working for a therapeutic community. I never thought I’d be part of this
and some of the goals that I’ve reached, you know, now I’m a paramedic. I’ve been to university. These are things that I never thought would be possible and now I’m not only a role model
to other guys coming out of the institutions, but also to my family and my son. It’s amazing. This program can really change
lives and I’m so grateful for it. When I think of mental health, I think
of people in my community, people in my family. Each of us have struggled with our mental
health and it’s important to recognize that hey, there are other people out there who have the same struggles as I do, and they’ve moved beyond them. That’s one of the great things that this facility will provide. When Our Place Society first brought the idea of a therapeutic recovery community to View Royal, you said yes. You said yes to learning more
about Our Place’s vision for a safe place where people could rebuild their
lives with dignity and with respect. And I just want to say that
View Royal stands as a powerful example of a community saying “Yes, yes in my backyard”. Let’s hear it for yes in my backyard.