Why a stay in the ICU can leave patients worse off

JUDY WOODRUFF: More than five million Americans are admitted into hospital intensive care units, or ICUs, each year. Undoubtedly, they are a crucial component of the health care system for treating seriously ill patients and preventing deaths. But some patients also eventually leave the ICU with new complications and problems. Special correspondent Jackie Judd looks […]

Therapeutic Patient Positioning & Uses

Hi, Friends welcome to the channel – The Nurse. Here we are discussing Therapeutic Patient Positioning & Uses. If you are not subscribed to our channel, please subscribe. Therapeutic Patient Positioning:- Positioning patients correctly is important for a variety of reasons. In surgery, proper positioning provides optimal exposure of the surgical site and maintenance of […]

Professor Richard Leeman and the Teleological Discourse of Barack Obama

What inspired me to write it was that I was invited to participate in a colloquium, a course taught by Africana Studies, where each week, a different professor from across the university would come in and talk about the presidency of Barack Obama. I was asked to speak on his rhetoric and his public speaking […]

Dhammapada 11-Jarā Vagga (Old Age) (Tipiṭaka Chanting Project)- Turn CC on for subtitles

Ko nu hāso kimānando niccaṃ pajjalite sati Andhakārena onaddhā padīpaṃ na gavessatha What is laughter, what is joy, when the world is ever burning? Shrouded by darkness, would you not seek the light. Passa cittakataṃ bimbaṃ arukāyaṃ samussitaṃ Āturaṃ bahusaṅkappaṃ yassa natthi dhuvaṃ ṭhiti Behold this beautiful body, a mass of sores, a heaped-up (lump), […]