Garden City Ruby 2014 – Pharmacist or a Doctor – What does your code base need?

PAVAN SUDARSHAN: Hi. My name is Pavan. ANANDHA KRISHNAN: And I’m Anandha Krishnan. I’m also called Jake. Not Anandha. I know. We work at MavenHive technologies. P.S.: This is probably the only talk where there are two speakers, and we haven’t rehearsed who says what, so we’ll be stepping on each other’s toes, so yeah. […]

Overcoming Barriers to Medication Adherence for Chronic Diseases

>>Good afternoon, good evening, or good morning, depending on from when and where you are joining us. I’m Dr. Phoebe Thorpe. And it’s my pleasure to welcome you to CDC Public Health Grand Rounds for February 2017, overcoming barriers to medication adherence for chronic diseases. We have an exciting session, so let’s get started. But […]

First Impressions Idun Minerals Nordic Veil Foundation in Jorunn Wear Test & Review | Vegan @phyrra

Hey guys. Welcome back. I’m Courtney and I have Phaedra in here with me. Nyx is at the vet right now. So, today we’re going to be doing a first impressions wear test video with the Idun Minerals Nordic Veil Foundation in the shade Jorunn. I really love the Idun Minerals Norrsken foundation in this […]

Prefrontal Lobotomy in the Treatment of Mental Disorders (GWU, 1942)

[Narrator:] A review of the landmarks on the skull and the more significant structures in the frontal lobe will give one a clearer impression of the nature of the operation. On the prepared skull, at a 0.13 centimeters behind the glabella, the coronal suture is outlined. Six centimeters above the zygoma in the coronal suture, […]

Join a Meeting

In this video we’ll go over how to join a Zoom meeting. When receiving a Zoom invitation, you’ll see the joint link in the meeting invite. Click the link and you’ll be prompted to download and run Zoom. A launcher dot zip file will download. Simply click on the file and you can install […]

Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection | Ford How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] Your Ford vehicle may have a feature designed to alert you if it senses a potential collision in front of you with a vehicle or pedestrian and help to potentially reduce the severity or possibly some frontal collisions. Let me explain. [MUSIC] Pre-collision assist may help drivers avoid rear end collisions with other vehicle […]

Does Forskolin work for weight loss? | pharmacist review

Forskolin is a weight-loss supplement that promises to burn fat, boosts your metabolism and give you those washboard abs you’ve always wanted. After two weeks of research looking at every available scientific paper on Forskolin I’ve discovered it’s much more than a weight loss supplement. It does some very strange things to the human body. […]