Euphorbia Hirta: Do You Know This Herbs? Rare Opportunity To Meet! / Medicinal Plants / Indian Herbs

Hi guys! Welcome to my channel! i’m looking for a plant. It’s euphorbia hirta Euphorbia hirta is a strange, hairy herbaceous plant that is often found growing on the roadsides in tropical parts of the world. Considered to be native to India, this herb has now become a pantropical species, which makes it very easy […]

Aculon NanoClear Stencil Treatment

Do you get this? But you want this? Then use this. Introducing Aculon NanoClear. Enhance your stencil performance in seconds with Aculon NanoClear stencil treatment technology. Aculon, a proven supplier to the stencil industry, introduces the best in class stencil treatment technology that improves print quality, increases efficiency, lowers total costs and enhances printing with […]

Women Healers of Himalaya, Ayurvedic Herbs Niti Village Uttarakhand, 10,000 ft 4K

One who suffers from weakness or high blood sugar Drink its infusion early morning empty stomach Consume it daily 1-2 months or even years It is completely harmless It only acts as tonic with benefits and no harm at all I am Mrs Vineeta Fooniya I am from Mana village I got married in the […]