HOLY GRAIL Products to Prevent Breakouts on Acne-Prone & Oily Skin Types

[Music] hey guys welcome back it’s Darlena it’s Felicia today we’re bringing you guys a Felicia’s favorites for oily acne and sensitive prone skin yes because we know a lot of you guys also suffer with acne and breakouts and is one of those problems that growing up it’s kind of inevitable that you get […]

Woman Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder Says, ‘I Can Get Myself Into Big Trouble’ When Off Medicati…

My mother has claimed to be bipolar all her life. People don’t understand bipolar. You have your highs, you have your lows, you have your manics. Remember, I go off and spend a lot of money. I come back home feeling bad, put it in the closet, not telling my husband about that. Sometime, I […]

Spina bifida (myelomeningocele, meningocele, occulta) – causes, symptoms, treatment

The term “spina bifida” comes from the latin “split spine,” which is actually a pretty good description, because spina bifida is a birth defect where the tissue on the left and right side of the back that normally come over the spinal cord to protect it, don’t completely meet up to form a nice seal, […]

Team America: World Police (3/10) Movie CLIP – Derka Derka (2004) HD

Derka allah muhammad jihad.Bakala muhammad jihad!Bakala muhammad jihad!Allah derka derka muhammad jihad!Muhammad jihad! Muhammad jihad!Oh, shit. Come on, gary, act. You have the power. ( guns cocking )Fuck derk derk allah.Derka derka muhammad jihad.Hake sherpa sherpa bakala.Oh…Derka, derka, derka.All right, gary! Told you he was top-gun. I’ve never seen acting that good. He’s amazing. ( […]

14-year-old dog stops arthritis medication after 2 weeks on C60 in Olive Oil

Steve: Is it something you would recommend to other people whose dogs have similar conditions? Bev: I’ve already recommended it. So yeah, absolutely I think if somebody’s got an old dog that’s got joint or movement issues. Absolutely I think it has done her the world of good. Hi this is Steve from C60inoliveoil.com. I’m […]