Male Patient Returns for a Full Non-surgical Injectables Treatment with The Lovely Clinic

today we’ve got another channel takeover from dr. Kish and it’s the return of an old patient hi youtubers my name is dr. Kishan I’m one of the cosmetic doctors at the lovely clinic I’m here today with Steven and we’re going to discuss some of the objectives of his treatment hi Steven how are […]

In Aid Of An Icon

Sage-grouse are the largest of the grouse species in North America and they exist in the Western United States. They tend to be quite charismatic and they’re known for their strutting displays and make this very characteristic sound while they’re strutting to attract females. Well sage-grouse rely on sage brush year-round. They use it for […]

Dementia patients’ oral hygiene benefits from researched techniques

Helping dementia patients with oral hygiene. That’s right now. inMotion. ‘Oral hygiene is important because the state of the mouth dictates the state of the body. There is research pointing to cardiovascular disease in people with really bad oral hygiene and then periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is caused by a lack of oral hygiene. Over […]

Finding Issues in Your Discourse Community

In your assignment description, number seven and eight ask you about issues within your community. Perhaps you’ve already come across some of your previous research. If you haven’t already, you might want to explore our library databases to see if you can learn more about interesting issues or controversies occurring within your discourse community. Academic […]

Verb Tenses: Tense Sequencing in Discourse

In this short video, we’ll be discussing tense sequencing in discourse. Before we get started, we need to define some important terms. The first term is discourse which is spoken or written communication. Some examples of spoken discourse are conversations, storytelling, and speeches. Some examples of written discourse are email messages, text messages, paragraphs, and […]

The Discourse – H4-RP4 Inquest to Convene in Days

The Society of Conscious Thought has convened an inquest into the Kyonoke crisis n the isolated Postouvin system in Solitude, aboard the H4-RP4 Keepstar. Delegations from the four Empires and independent capsuleers are already arriving at the facility, which opens formally in a few days’ time. Deployments of advanced medical equipment, intelligence personnel, and other […]