Patient Online benefits of online access to records for GP practices and patient

Hello there Sir, how can I help you today?
This is the Street Lane Practice, we are based in Roundhay, Leeds. We have 13,500 patients
roughly on our books at any one time. We’ve got 4 Partners in the practice, 3 salaried
GPs and we cover quite an affluent area of this part of Leeds. Patient Online is a portal that enables patients to interact directly with the practice, rather than turning up at the reception counter. It enables them to book prescriptions online. They can actually complete questionnaires online which helps with their health care
and it gives them the chance to be involved more readily and heavily in their own care
and health. It really works for me, it saves time and
its convenient, I can do it, sitting in my armchair. Online services are more flexible I can access it as and when I want to. Well the prescription, the repeat prescription one is very handy and also making appointments. What patients usually say to me about having access on line is that it’s fantastic. It’s much easier for them, they don’t have to worry about getting through to the phones before 6pm they can go home and log on while they are having their tea even. So when I go online it’s an easy process but you need to go in obviously to the Street
Lane site to start with and then you get a menu option of all the things that are available
from the practice and information but the one you need to logon is the first box, appointments,
information and online access. And then there’s a menu option of all the various things that
are available to you. You can book appointments and that can either be a telephone appointment
or a meeting with your doctor in the practice and then you can look at your current prescriptions
and order online repeats quite straightforwardly. Just press request medication and then prescription
available to pick up in the practice as usual. The early part of the roll out was really
just to help people to book appointments and to get prescriptions and the appointment could
either be on an app on their phone, or using the website but as time has gone by the functionality
has improved and we’ve been able to help people to access their full medical records
and also to look for instance at their blood results and things like that. The view that patients have when they look at their records is this same as it is for
the clinicians, which is to say that they can look at their consultations, they can
look at the prescriptions, they can look at their results and their outpatient letters.
This is a test patient, which we use for training purposes, this perhaps would be the type of
consultation I might document in somebody with newly diagnosed hypertension. So I suppose specifically from the patient point of view, it’s documenting a diagnosis which potentially they could look up, but it’s also documenting a plan for what we want them to do. Personally I’m a firm believer in empowering patients to look after themselves and to manage
their own health and I think the online access to records, helps them to do that. So here’s my patient record, warts and all. The last time I went to the practice was 28th July and I saw Dr Sheehan and the summary of that meeting is absolutely accurate, give
or take one or two typos. We were getting requests from patients to
view their records or their full records and that takes time for the practice, typically
a 30 minute appointment and we’d have to come up to a cupboard like this extract the
records and just as an example, that’s one patient who has had some issues, might have
some chronic diseases, moved from surgery to surgery, we’d have to sort through all
of that with them and give them any copies they wanted.
Another one patient’s record, so you can see how much time would be involved, whereas all of that is converted to electronic and is scanned and on the system and summarised. They can look at all that sat at home, having a cup of coffee, and come in and discuss it with the doctor, if they need to at a later point. If a patient can access their records it means often they will have read around the significance
of their results and the test its self, what it means and it means that we can have a more
meaningful discussion about the significance of the test and a plan for the way forward
from there. The benefits to the practice are obviously
time, effort and we have to mention it, money. Any time we save making things more efficient saves the practice money. The process of getting repeats in, patients booking their appointments online has saved all that time and effort for the reception staff and freed them up
to answer calls more quickly and deal with other things that might be happening over
the counter. Good afternoon, Street Lane Practice. The Patient Online access has made our jobs much easier, the phones aren’t ringing as
constantly as they used to, we can get on with day to day work, prescriptions, registrations,
paperwork, so we are more up to date with things. From a GP point of view it means less
telephone calls to patients, so again less appointments that we are having to provide
to refresh information and to advise patients so it just means that we have more time to
see other patients and do other things. The online services is just an additional tool,
some people think it’s going to replace normal GP services, that will never happen.
There’s always a role for a face to face GP appointment. It just offers another avenue
for patients to be able to contact practices, and deal with some of their health issues. I
started getting repeat prescriptions first then I found I could get appointments and
now I can get the record, so it’s a complete picture now.