Patient-Pharmacist Interaction on NSAID Avoidance

>>Male Speaker: Hi, John.>>Male Speaker: Hi, Justin. I’m dropping off a
new prescription.>>Male Speaker: No
problem, I have this in-stock, but I do notice
that this prescription’s from the hospital. Can you tell me more about that?>>Male Speaker: Yeah,
I was in the hospital for about 10 days. I had this infection
where the fluids are. I need my refills. They didn’t give me any new
prescriptions in the hospital.>>Male Speaker: I did
have auto refills for you in the pharmacy. Unfortunately, I had to
return it to stock since you weren’t able to pick them up. But, if you give me 20
minutes, I can get them all ready for you. [music playing]>>Male Speaker: I
twisted my ankle leaving the apartment this morning. It’s hurting real bad.>>Male Speaker:
That’s terrible John, especially since it’s your
first day coming back from the hospital. But I did want to talk
to you about one thing. The Ibuprofen tht you’re
holding, especially with your medical condition, will
have a tendency to reduce blood flow to your kidneys.>>Male Speaker: Really? They told me I
couldn’t take Tylenol, but I thought that
Ibuprofen would be okay. At the hospital, when
I first got there, they said my kidneys weren’t
doing too good, but when I left, they said everything
was back to normal.>>Male Speaker: Well,
if you don’t mind, John, if we can go over to the side
area and I can discuss with your further. Can I see your ankle, John?>>Male Speaker: Sure.>>Male Speaker:
It does look swollen. Does it hurt any more
when you move it?>>Male Speaker:
No, it’s the same.>>Male Speaker: I
think the best thing for now is to get a cold pack and
elevate ankle to 45 degrees. Let me grab that
for you real quick. So, this is the
instant cold pack. So, just basically, to activate
it, you just squeeze it, place it around your ankle,
and elevate it to 45 degrees. And the reason why I feel
more comfortable with this recommendation is because you’ve
told me about your kidney problem in the hospital, I
really don’t feel comfortable with you using Ibuprofen. And because of your
liver condition, the fluid is pulling
in your abdomen, which is restricting the
blood flow to the kidney. Ibuprofen will further restrict
blood flow to the kidney, and your blood pressure
medication,[inaudible] which is normally
very good medication, that will further reduce
blood flow to the kidney. And the total effect of all
three of these factors will drastically reduce blood
flow to the kidney and lead to kidney failure. And that’s why I feel
more comfortable with the cold pack recommendation. And if you have
further questions, you can talk to your doctor.>>Male Speaker: Thanks for
letting me know about this. I certainly don’t want
to hurt my kidneys. I’ve got enough problems.>>Male Speaker:
That’s why we’re here, and if you want to walk with
me back to the pharmacy, I can get all your
prescriptions round up for you.