Payday 2 – PSA: First Aid Kits and Proper Health Care

I see you are looking for that doctor’s
bag again. But, why? You are only slightly hurt, you do not have any serious medical
problems that need attention. Why not try a first aid kit? It is smaller,
faster, and your fellow psychopathic murderers can carry many more of them. In fact, with
only one skill point you too can bring up to four first aid kits to the party! A dedicated
medic can stuff his bag with 7 or even as many as 14 first aid kits. First aid kits will replenish your health
very rapidly. But, if the police have already shot you full of holes many, many times, and
you’ve been lying on the ground helplessly until your fellow scoundrels have helped you
up, it might be time to go looking for a doctor’s bag instead. You see, whereas first aid kits only help
you regain your health, a doctor’s bag also regenerates how often you can drop dead. If
you have been murdered 3 times already, your outlook on life turns grey, and the next time
you fall to the floor with zero health, you give up all hope until police take you into
custody. With one charge of the doctor’s bag, you
can valiantly throw yourself into enemy gunfire and drop dead for another 3 times. But, be
aware that doctor’s bags are rarer than first aid kits. One skill point only allows
you to bring one bag with 2 charges. Only a dedicated doctor can bring 2 bags, and if
you have a true medical genius in your party, his doctor’s bags might even have 4 instead
of just 2 charges. When survival is critical and nobody thought
to bring first aid kits, it can be prudent to patch up your wounds with a doctor’s
bag, but try to avoid this. Did you know that yearly more heists fail
from police custody than any other cause? Know your health care and help prevent police
custody from happening.