Peaches & Cream | Full Face Valentines 2019 Tutorial

Once your little Valentine see look, but I also Want to do a really dramatic Valentine’s Day look so I might get cut to that later I tried to put some two bits in there and do some skincare And I also really tried to do a talk through Get rid of this video cuz I know this something guys always request. The only reason that I don’t do talk through get ready with me is I can’t figure out how to think my damn microphone with my Videos as you can’t figure it out. That’s why that’s why so audio is a little off sync I know I know one day I’ll figure it out until then. Just watch what happens. Let’s get into it First thing is first I use my glycolic toner because it helps me fade scars and it’s meant to encourage the turnover in cells that’s very science, but It basically just makes your skin Rejuvenate itself faster and also the fades all them Fun stuff like that So like to applaud every morning I use the 5% one I’ve talked about on my Instagram briefly But I used to fight for someone in the morning and then the 7% at night and I know if some people was a lot But my skin really doesn’t do anything with anything so it doesn’t look infected whatsoever I’d like to kind of let it dry a little bit just so it soaks in and I threats I’ve read somewhere I remember where but I’ve read that you’re supposed to leave it on for about 10 minutes before you apply different product I don’t know how true that is. Here’s that information for you I don’t think only you know for 10 minutes before I applied But I let it dry a little bit before the next product. Just you know, just in case It’s really sunny today and living for because it’s never sitting here it’s never sunny anywhere I don’t know. I prefer the miserable existence in my life. Like I went from Russia to Canada to London I’m just a hater of nice weather and warm. Ok. Anyways after that’s more or less dry and not sticky. I like to spray a Toner and essence down they don’t do this every time definitely not consistent, but I do like a good facial Mist it just feels so good and it’s so nice. This one has been so so good It’s been one of my favorite ones But basically the reason that has been one of my favorite ones is not necessarily because of the actual mist But it’s because of the spray pump it gives you I’m gonna try to find the best way to explain it But basically, you know, when you spray on this, it’s very like quick sprays like you press down all the way and it’s very quick This one you press it down and it gives you like five seconds of mist like it’s such a long Spray, I really don’t know how to articulate that but that’s basically it but the mrs. Grace Do you do you know what I mean? Like do you hear that? Like I can literally miss my entire face like – it’s not good huh, and I’m sure it does like those good things We’re ready to use such a big portion of it that I guess I’m into it. It’s a Tasha Harper one I really like that brand actually Anyways, after that been using a lot of first aid beauty because I like how gentle they are on the skin whew to haul my Instagram I’ve been basically screwing this and this videos coming but I’ve been screwing my skin with the ordinary because I just would like You know what? I’m gonna go in and I’m an experiment and I’m really gonna figure out What I like and dislike about the brand so I can give my opinions on it. So I basically tried like Half of the stuff they carry and obviously broke me out because that’s what the ordinary does and everyone in my dear No, I didn’t listen but I’ve been experimenting and they’re kind of gone, but this entire side of my face a little bit here, but this entire seven phase was just scarred with acne scarring Because I can’t Let a pimple just be a pimple and enjoy its life. I have to like pry at it Not only that even if it’s not ahead I would like make make it happen. I would literally like squeeze my brain out while popping that pimple so obviously I would like scarred my face because I am a child and I’ve been killing it. So back back to the crickets I’ve been trying out a lot of thought of first aid beauty because it’s so gentle and who doesn’t really have anything to It in terms of extreme ingredients and it’s been really great during this time of recovery So if you’re somebody has a lot of issues With skin I really really would try this brand I just mixed the ultra Repair barrier cream, which is just there are new moisturizer they launched and I mixed it with the cannabis and oats rye oil and I find personally the dry oil and all face oils in general really really help in aiding pigmentation scarring like anything to do with Dark spots, they really help kind of get rid of that So I’ve been mixing it with the oil. I’ve been trying to have their eye cream. I’m really Not thinking when it comes to eye cream because I feel like they always would do the same thing But most of them are just basically glycerine with one active ingredient or two But I thought why would everyday is it just you know, just do your eye cream? It’s just an eye cream, you know That’s been my skincare routine I guess lately so the topper into makeup very simple morning routine I mean simple to me probably not to a large tool. I mean that was like five steps Not that many products compared to my usual life Primer, I’m gonna be using this Bobbi Brown extra golden glow illuminating moisture balm, but I broke the pump like really badly So that guy I could genuinely fucked up the whole product packaging So I’m gonna scoop it out with a brush because I actually really enjoyed this product. I think it’s really good. You just need to You know use the product let the normal person would use it like it was designed to be used And not you know be dumb above it. So Gonna get some of that It’s honestly tragic what I’ve done with this I Am stop using though, it’s good I don’t even think it’s really a primer. It’s more of one of those liquid illuminators Very dry It smells kind of funky though. I’m not gonna lie For my foundation and not sure how to quite Express on YouTube yet because I feel like I haven’t really done Many get ready with me as videos but on Instagram, we’ve used it a few times I’ve been talking a lot about the do your forever skin glow and just the regular forever foundation I believe this is a new launch this game glow on is for sure But I’ve been using this every single day without fail for maybe the past two weeks three weeks. I really like it I’m gonna shade 1.5 and and Also fun fun part about using glycolic acid everyday your face self-tanner will go within within a minute so if you fake tan Like all the gosset is not your friend, but you know, that’s alright So are you gonna match it to my neck? But right now I’m a 1.5 and the kind of range between that and to one of those things that is extremely extremely light coverage so it’ll give you a Little bit of a glow a little bit of a pigment, but it will not cover Much past that it’s a good spring foundation, you know, I know we’re in the beginning of February foundation I have it. Where’s as well? That doesn’t get patchy who doesn’t get weird Stays pretty well, but I mean for your foundation, I wouldn’t really expect anything less if it didn’t wear weld and that’s an issue. I Really like this so below that are asked to Guess is in the name the times up. I’m trying to get a little bit more coverage out of it I’ll just layer it I’ll wait for this to dry and I’ll add another layer I Go as far as to say, this is my new concealer of the century But I’ve been liking it as far as director of concealers go. It’s the make a glow makeup stick by a wet and wild and it’s obviously not an extremely pigmented concealer, but It works it covers if I’m trying to like erase My tie on dry area I use this shape shape and it just works like magic This one is more of like a natural cover if that makes any sense which I don’t know if you want to look at it as it’s a shitty concealer or if it’s just like a natural look but I choose to look at it as a natural look concealer. My armpit is so Poorly self-doubt. Hello. It just basically gives me a little bit of a glow under my eyes and not a Shield of payment so I like it but you know, it also doesn’t crease which I am very impressed by And I can see how bunch of covers All right now this has been It’s not my favorite product of the year. Then at least my favorite product of the month. It is the scent abudiate Matchsticks and the shade amber and this is the most perfect Perfect contour that I’ve ever looked for I literally went in with a goal and a mission to find the most cool toned contour there You can literally find out Sephora. They’ve looked through so many friends so many brands oh, and I needed it to be a cream contour because The contour gotta go so many brands just did not understand what I was trying to do. They gave me warm contours Give me orange contours. I’m not trying to be bronzy. I’m trying to contour and I’m trying to mimic Bone structure. I’m trying to mimic bone structure Contour is not warm on people’s faces in real life. It’s grayish and it’s a shadow So I found this no surprise that was fancy because Fanny kills it every time but it’s in the shade amber, and it’s the most perfect shade if You’re like light to medium. I feel like it’s move way too late for anyone. That’s past that but lights to medium Amazing today honestly perfect shade for contour. So I’ve been so into it This is probably one of my favorite products ever ever created so I would pick it up if you’re into cream contour It just gives you the most realistic contour I’m into it Laura mercier loose translucent powder not my favorite powder and century but it’s fine. It’s a loose powder. I just Try not to go overboard with it because it does take away so much pigment So I literally Very gently Sprinkle it I Don’t know so many people swear by this powder and its really it’s cool Katie It’s not life-changing Like how I would describe that do you see what I mean it like instantly takes away pigment how describe this powder is It’ll do and that’s just not how You should be buying a product like it should be Surpassing that expectation of it’ll do especially for a powder being this expensive like it’s just shit honestly fuckers It’s literally taking away every single bit of thing that that I’ve concealed Just instantly liked it. And that’s what I mean. Like what a powder does that and a lot of setting powders you got Try find one That doesn’t the one that I found is the best and I’m gonna get it because I use it in every video I don’t wanna branch out for the two-faced loose setting powder and the MAC Cosmetics Patrick Starr powder. They don’t do that this shit You might as well just stop going on foundation. It’s better reason to Face try to trim never lets me down For that pulling a separate cheese on and whatever conceal just I wanted a little glow, you know to peak through Man focus time will tell I’m gonna take NARS Laguna and I’m gonna browse things up a bitch Feel like I’m full-on in spring mode with makeup wise and I’m not mad about it but I also feel like I’m always in spray mode a Little bit of an experimental branch for me. I have never personally heard of it. I don’t we know what it is I’m assuming it’s a drugstore brand just judging by the packaging and you know, just the Browning called Cokie clock II Don’t know. I recently got it in my mail, which I don’t know how the fuck they got my address It’s fine and it’s quite cute. It has like a little droplets it’s a little liquid highlighter and there’s a few products that I have it now cuz I’m Doing a little try but I’m gonna try the liquid highlighter drops and these are usually quite hard to fuck up. So I have pretty Pretty high expectations for them. The only thing that usually goes wrong personal preference but it was the only thing that usually goes wrong with me and Highlighting drops is that they’re a little bit too oily. Sometimes not these specifically but just highlighting drops and Start dissolving the makeup underneath and kind of make it a little bit funky So we’ll see if these do that but that’s usually my only complaint about that They look good, though, they’re not too glittery, which I really like in glow products I don’t really like glitter seems to be doing well makeup wise I’m gonna Pat them not drag them around just to be safe. I Quite like them, you know And I looked at the bottle is glass and shitty So, you know 10/10 don’t have other outer products can’t speak for the brown but these drugs are good For my brows Been trying to branch out because I used the same technique over and over again so once in a while, I like to switch it up and Today, I’m gonna be do you know? Just gonna brush them up And highlight them instead of passing them in That way there’s a little bit of structure but it’s not intense and then I’m just gonna apply it some color brow gel just to kind of a Tint them B keep them in place I’d like to brush it against the grain just so kind of collects and picks up every pigment every pigment Every little bit of pigment and then I brush them in place after that what you gotta really be careful and use a light hand Because sometimes it goes on the hairs and then it goes on your skin So it kind of makes a mess, but he’s a pretty light hand I’m gonna keep them more or less fluffy after just use it as an eyeshadow base as well I’m literally liking these two pallets there the BH Cosmetics Love in London and the hanging in Hawaii pallets and I just feel like they have a really good range is jaylee things Of daily shadows, which I’m kind of about Phil strawberry and chocolate action alright So I’m just gonna start packing on this orange e shade it is called Hibiscus and I mix a little bit with lei which is a little bit more darker It’s kind of burnt orange E. And I’m just starting to pack it on next I’m just taking a blending brush and a little bit of the shade. Ohana, which is just a slight baiji pink I’m starting to kind of transition it in the lid shade into my crease, but nothing too intense, you know Just something too soft in it Next on a smaller brush. I’m taking the shade Maui, which is just a medium dark very cool toned brown shade And I’m starting to work it into the outer portion of my eye and into my crease Kind of deepen everything and add a little more character For my lower lash line I’m taking the shade paradise it which is just this Vibrant pink shade just on the lower part of my eye and into my lash line Once I have that base of the paradise shade I’m taking the Hibiscus shade once again And I’m starting to pack it on right on the lash line lending it into the paradise shade and I’m taking Maui again just on a small pencil brush, and I’m starting to Pack it into the very outer portion of the lower lash line Just kind of smoke it out a bit Don’t forget to blend everything in between and after that that’s pretty much it for the shadow for my eyeliner I’m gonna skip liquid liner, and I’m just taking my Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil. This one isn’t a shade Roche rich Bronzy eyeliner, and I’m just tightlining my out with it. Give me my eyelashes a nice good curl I’m using my Tarte lash curler and then just moving on to my mascara, which I’m just using my benefit of roller lash I almost forgot how curled lashes feel I Literally never curl my lashes. I know why it makes such a difference. I feel like I need to start doing that For my lips today, I’m taking this pixi by petra Liquid lipstick and this one is in shade matte beige I could have probably used a lip liner with it, but I don’t know just decided it to be lower maintenance today Skip the lip liner but yeah, definitely would have paired that with some, you know, some stripped down or something I don’t know after that that is it for the face and for the for the makeups. I Hope you liked it. I hope you uh You know, I hope you liked it. I Hope you liked it. And that is basically if you look I’ll see you next video. Love you