Pet Pharmacists and How Human Drugs Can Harm Your Pets

Hey guys, I’m Dr. Mike, the Bow Tie Vet Guy. Today I’m going to answer questions from you specifically you, yes, you at Nicksurfs1 Nicksurfs1 asks are there pharmacists for vets? Awesome question. The answer is yes and no. Pharmacists deal in animal products and in human products and a lot of time there’s overlap between the two. There are pharmacies that are called, compounding pharmacies and those are special pharmacies that that make drugs into different formulations. So instead of just a pill or a liquid, they might make it into a liquid that is flavored however you want it. So, for instance, for a cat you might want tuna flavor. And that’s an awesome thing to be able to have. In fact, I get my own cats medications made up into little treats that are tuna flavored and they love it. It’s really awesome. But it’s really important to remember not all medications people can take are ones that animals can take and vice versa. There are some that a person can take and it’s totally fine, but would kill an animal. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory’s are a perfect example of that. For instance one Aleve one Aleve or several Ibuprofen could kill your dog. So don’t ever give any over-the-counter medications to your cat or your dog without checking in with your vet first.