Pets Are Therapeutic (Day 2128 – 9/22/15)

Stephen: Hey, buddy. Who’s a good kitty? Huh? Is it you? The answer is very much yes. Yeah, you’re a good kitty. Hello everyone, and welcome to, uh, Tuesday. Tuesday. It’s been a day. It’s been an interesting day. I’ve been working hard, Mal’s been working hard. It’s been an interesting day. Cats are therapeutic. Cats are very therapeutic. And I wanted to take today to — to say that. Let me clarify. Pets, I think pets — just in general — are therapeutic, although I tend to skew towards cats, or any really any fuzzy mammal. Um, nothing against anyone out there who gains, uh, that uh, therapeutic feeling from whatever pet you may have, lizards, or whatnot, but there’s something about holding a fuzzy cat to your chest, and stroking it, and having it purr back at you that I — that I love. I’m sure dog lovers feel the same way about dogs. But, um, Mal had a hard day. Mal had a hard day at work, and uh, she came home and we talked about it, and um, obviously, I think talking is– is extremely helpful, but Sagan helped, too. And I think it’s really nice, um, especially for anyone who doesn’t have someone else with them. Maybe you live alone. Um, having a pet, you know, is therapeutic, and it is really nice. You don’t have to be — you’re not qualified as like a crazy person because you talk to your pet. I think it makes you pretty normal. And today, I — I talked to Sagan and Kep. I mean, I’m the only one here, but I talked to them as if they can — they can understand me. And I think to some extent, um, they — I don’t want to say they can — it’s not that they can understand English, but, you know, the tone of my voice, they understand that I’m — I’m being loving towards them, or whatever. But, um, cats can be therapeutic. They can help out a lot. You’re having a rough day, you just hold a cat. It’s really nice. Anyway, I just wanted to share that where, um, it has — it’s been a rough day uh, for Mal. It’s — it’s been an interesting day for me. I’ve been, uh, uh, getting a lot of stuff done. I’m happy about where I am with everything, but there’s still a lot left to do, but, um, I think we’re, uh, we’re gonna go out and — and get a bite to eat out tonight, um, just because, uh, the evening is not going our way. [laughs] Which is unfortunate, so. Take today and talk about, um, pets. Particularly, the aspect of pets that makes you feel comfortable. The therapeutic aspect because, um, cats are pretty fantastic. Stephen: [laughs] It looks like Sagan is going to try and jump from your back to his toy, which is up on the, uh, the dresser. It’s a bad idea. [laughs] Anyway, thanks for watching. Uh, talk about, uh, your pet. Cats, dogs, lizards, et cetera, and uh, the therapeutic aspects of them. And, as always, let’s meet back tomorrow, shall we? Stephen: I think he’s actually gonna do it! [Top video] (singing) We’re gonna have a good meal. We’re gonna have a good meal. We’re gonna have a good meal. Tonight. TONIGHT! We’re gonna have a good meal. We’re gonna have a good meal. We’re gonna have a good meal. Tonight. TONIGHT! [Bottom video] [monster growling] What is he… using on me? Oh, shoot! ‘Sup, bro? Oh, God! My butt!