Pharmacist Career Information : Pharmacist Career Information

My name is Kate James, I’m a Compounding Pharmacist
in Eugene, Oregon at Broadway Apothecary, and I have a few tips on becoming a Pharmacist.
The most important would be to do very well in school, especially science and communication
courses. The Admissions Boards at all the colleges of Pharmacy love to see that you
have good grades, because once you get into pharmacy school, it becomes more difficult.
So you have to have a strong academic background to begin with. Another thing I would suggest
is becoming very involved in the profession. And there are many ways to do that, especially
as a student. And it can be a lot of fun doing that. There are all types of student organizations
that a person could get involved in. American Pharmaceutical Association, American Society
of Hospital Pharmacists, International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists. Every pharmacy
organization out there has student representatives and members, and they are able to get right
in the middle often times of everything that’s going on from national meetings and local
meetings, and really make a part, make a difference with pharmacy and the direction that it’s
moving in. And the Admissions Board loves to see that. The other thing is being able
to give back to the community. Admissions Boards love to see that you’re sincere in
your desire to help people and being able to give back to the community through volunteer
work, education, however you can find a way to do that, that’s always helpful.