Pharmacist Career Information : Pharmacist Job Description

Hi, my name is Kate James and I’m a Pharmacist.
I work at Broadway Apothecary, a compounding only pharmacy in Eugene, Oregon. And now I’m
going to tell you a little bit about what compounding pharmacy is. Basically what we
do, we customize prescriptions and tailor them to meet a patient’s needs. So what we’ll
do often times if somebody needs an in-between dose from what’s commercially available, or
they need special formula that doesn’t have lactose or fillers or dyes, we’re able to
do that. But we start with raw chemicals, raw drugs and we’re able to turn that into
exactly what a patient needs. The main duty of a Pharmacist is to accurately dispense
prescriptions to a patient and educate them on their use. Different settings, there are
different formulas for doing this. In the hospital setting there’s going to be a whole
different set of software, and checks and balance systems that are going to be used.
Retail setting, again, different software, you have different people helping you through
that process. But the main goal is to make sure that patients get the right medication
at the right time and they know how to use it.