Pharmacist Career Information : Pharmacist Pros & Cons

My name is Kate James, I’m a Compounding Pharmacist
in Eugene, Oregon at Broadway Apothecary. And now I’m going to tell you about some of
the wonderful things and some of the not so wonderful things as far as being a Pharmacist
goes. Great things are you get to work with people. One of the bad things is you get to
work with people. That can be a plus and a minus. Some, a lot of the people we deal with,
they’re sick, they don’t feel well, they’re not very happy about what they have to pay
for prescriptions as far as insurance reimbursement rates goes. So that can be a difficult thing,
but it’s also a wonderful thing because you get to build a relationship with people. Especially
in community pharmacy, whether you’re in a chain or independent or that type of setting.
You really get to know people and help them and help them understand their medicine over
time. And that’s a really neat feeling. You really become a part of the community as their
Pharmacist. Another great thing about being a Pharmacist is a lot of people are able to
set their schedules fairly nicely. There’s a lot of part time work available, and a lot
of people appreciate that. They are able to really pursue their interests and activities
outside of work and the pharmacy career allows for that quite nicely. Other cons, I would
say insurance is a con. That’s not a wonderful thing to deal with. It seems like you’re always
struggling and it’s an uphill battle to try and get people what they need and that can
kind of drag you down some days. And then the other thing is work load. That would be
a con. It turns out that more and more people, especially with the baby boomers coming on,
are needing medications. And so you can have a very busy, very jam packed day. Sometimes
breaks and lunches just don’t happen and you learn to deal with that. But overall, it’s
very rewarding because you know at the end of the day that you’re helping somebody or
educating somebody, and you’re enabling somebody to have a nice, healthy life.