Pharmacist Career Information : Pharmacist Tools

I’m Kate James, a Compounding Pharmacist in
Eugene, Oregon at Broadway Apothecary, and I’m going to tell you about some of the tools
that Pharmacists use. In general, one of the biggest tools we use are, well it is the people
that we work with. We have technicians and clerks and auxiliary staff that really help
us to do our job better. They keep us organized, they’re able to help keep the pharmacy work
flow very efficient. Along with those people, of course, no matter what pharmacy setting
you’re using, some sort of computer software. So you do have to be comfortable with a computer.
Those would be two of the biggest things in general. In the type of pharmacy that I do,
we have all types of tools that we use because we custom make prescriptions. We have ointment
mills and capsule making machines and sterile hoods, and all types of safety equipment that
we’re using. The good old mortar and pestle, it’s still around and used thousands of times
a day across the country. So those are basic tools that are used by a Compounding Pharmacist.