Pharmacist Career Information : Why Become a Pharmacist?

My name is Kate James, I am a Compounding
Pharmacist at Broadway Apothecary in Eugene, Oregon. And I became a Pharmacist because
it was just a natural fit. I really enjoy science and I enjoy working with people, and
there aren’t many jobs where you get to do both. I had jobs where I was able to do research
in laboratories, and that was really fun from the research perspective, but it was the same
few people day in and day out. I’ve also had jobs doing retail and food service when I
was younger and I do like working with the people, but the quality of the job and job
satisfaction just wasn’t there. So it was nice to find something that was a good fit
to be able to use all of those skills. So I really enjoy working with people and getting
to know them and being able to serve them and educate them. So that’s why I became a