Pharmacist Embarrasses Patients | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Jones your hemorrhoid medication is ready Chris the general [ward] medication of course that pharmacist is our activist Tracy and Don’t worry the customers whose information. She’s spouting for all to hear Paulina Herpes [and] hemorrhoids are actors, [too] So here we go Your medicine is ready you’re here for the viagra, but are you ready to deal with our careless pharmacist? Along comes this woman so how long have you had herpes looks like she’s having an adverse reaction to Tracy [gotta] be careful out there Hope you’re not dating anyone, sweetie, [and] she can’t take it any longer We can you please yeah? How are crackers just say something you’re making announcement? [it’s] about personal things about this person all over the store so that everybody [could] hear it. It’s none of my business I’m sure she’s mortified [so] it would be much in a kinder of you if you took her on the side had a conversation 22 times You’ve used the word her 22 well at least okay B. I don’t even realize didn’t kill me had I’m so embarrassing hey Thank you don’t be like my daughter I Would be more times like just why don’t you just add your business. I am not minding my own visit I’m telling you that you’re inappropriate this is confidential information Okay, we can break it, but I was actually speaking to her. I’ve never seen it for the whole board here Oh, this is fun. Time to make an announcement of our own. Hi, ma’am. Oh again Not a lot of people said anything you did tell us I was mortified because I thought that this young girl who was very much like my daughters Doesn’t need to have her personal information splashed all over the world you had no problem confronting the pharmacist. No none at all [I] have [Bladder] nerve