Pharmacist: ‘It’s not too early to get your flu shot’

YOU’RE PROBABLY SEEING A LOT OF REMINDERS TO GET YOUR FLU SHOT. PHARMACISTS WE TALKED TO TODAY SAY IT’S NOT TOO EARLY. THE C-D-C RECOMMENDS EVERYONE OVER SIX MONTHS OLD SHOULD GET ONE. KAYLA GREEN TELLS YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS YEAR’S SHOT. ((PKG)) “” ((VO)) ALEXANDRA SAVAS HAS BEEN GIVING THIS YEAR’S FLU SHOT FOR THREE WEEKS NOW. ((SOT)) the flu shot lasts the entire year so it will give you coverage all year long until next year’s flu shot becomes available so it is not too early to get the flu shot now ((VO)) I GOT THE REGULAR VERSION OF THE SHOT– IT WASN’T THAT BAD. THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS: THE HIGHER DOSE SHOT– IS FOR PEOPLE OVER AGE 65. THERE’S ALSO ONE FOR KIDS– AGES TWO TO SEVENTEEN. THE FLU MIST IS ALSO AN OPTION– FOR THOSE WHO DON’T LIKE SHOTS. ((SOT)) There is other concerns with the manufacture of flu mist there was some limited availbiiltiy in that distrubtion so we currently do not have that available. however the CDC does not recommend one version of the flu shot against another really the most important thing is that youre getting immunized yearly. ((VO)) THE SHORTAGE OF FLU MIST IS HAPPENING NATIONWIDE. WEGMANS EXPECTS TO GET IT IN– EVENTUALLY. TO THOSE WHO SAY THEY DON’T NEED A FLU SHOT… ((SOT)) it will give you no matter how much of a a match it is it will give your immune system more of a chance at fighting any version of the flu virus more successfully ((KAYLA)) SAVIS SAYS WEGMANS OFFERS THE FLU SHOT ANYTIME– YOU DON’T NEED AN APPOINTMENT. SHE SAYS THEY DON’T EXPECT ANY SHORTAGE OF THE STANDARD FLU SHOT THIS YEAR. ADAM? ((ADAM/VO)) CONGRESSMAN JOE