some Valerie I’m a pharmacist I’ve been working in the Swami’s for the past two years now a pharmacy has the same functions of a shop so you’re selling items you make sure that you have everything on order and everything looks neat accessory and then of course you have the other duties of dispensing medication so you need to give advise the patient make sure that they know how to use as well and sometimes you need to also decide what medicine to give to the patient okay I think the most difficult thing to motivate patients is to to get a history to get a proper history to see exactly what their complaint is sometimes they tend to be a bit vague and also the other thing is that sometimes they think that the pharmacies a shop so they expect that they come in there for an item and you sell it to them and sometimes we can’t do that not because we don’t want to of course but it’s because we see that medicines need to be used responsibly mainly I think the the biggest pride I have is when patients come and they thank you because they had a health issue and you managed to help them out or they held they had an issue and you managed to refer them to the right doctor who then managed to sort out their their their complaint I think that is the biggest satisfaction is when you’re making a difference in patients life as a professional pharmacy I think it is very very sad eyes so once you study pharmacy you don’t necessarily have to work in a pharmacy and work with patients there are a multitude of other options and of course you should not go in with you know that light feeling it’s it’s a very demanding course so the course is quite challenging but then I think the sixth factionist is huge so I my definitely always say that this was the best choice of my life sort of choosing pharmacy as a career