Pharmacy calls police on black woman for using coupon | What Would You Do?

Customer:Hey! Cashier:How are you? Customer:Good! Cashier:How you doing? Customer: Great! I actually have a coupon for that. I’ve never seen this coupon before, I can’t take this. Excuse me? Sorry. Can you get your manager? Stories have been popping up all over the news, black people trying to engage in everyday activities Only to result in a white person calling the police Police questioning a group of young women Called cops on a black graduate student for falling asleep in the common room. Called police on children Cutting grass. Just checked out of an Airbnb. For golfing too slowly The golfers say the only reason police were called was their race. A white store manager called police on a black customer following a dispute over a coupon a CVS manager captured on cell phone video in Chicago as he calls 911 because of a coupon controversy The manager refused to process the coupon claiming he believed it was fraudulent African American. No, I’m not african-american I’m black black isn’t a bad word CVS fired the two employees involved Including the man now known as coupon Karl and released a statement saying they do not tolerate any practices that discriminate against any customer. May I see the coupon? Sure. Ma’am, I’m the manager and this looks fake to me. I can’t accept this. I’m sorry It’s a hundred percent real I don’t understand if you overheard a store manager – Ma’am, if you don’t leave this store right now I’m gonna have to call the police -calling the cops on this woman, I have an unruly customer here. I need help.- What would you do? Our hidden cameras are rolling at Kobland’s pharmacy. And Erica is having trouble cashing in her coupons I told you this is a fake coupon and you can’t accept it. It’s from the manufacturer This woman gets in line as the transaction is coming to a halt. Ma’am. I can’t accept it Can you just scan it? I’m not going to scan it. It’s a fraudulent coupons Not really helping anything and I mean I understand you’re frustrated You’re involving our customers Its okay I don’t want it, im leaving Good luck She runs for the door get out of here. Oh, I’m calling the cops. So I’m gonna call the police right now But with that threat she stops in her tracks. Yes. I have an unruly customer here. I think we need assistance I know I’m just walking in on this and I understand tempers American woman disturbing the customers She’s in here – as things start to heat up. Okay, here we go. We’ll break. We come in to cool it down Hi guys, how are you, ma’am? What were you thinking? I’m so embarrassed, I wanted to cry I just was very upset anybody would act like that in this day and age seeing Somebody call somebody out for race because I’m biracial it bothered me and I wanted to leave but I couldn’t Why couldn’t you? Because there was an injustice being done Erica is back at the register. I don’t know ma’am. This doesn’t look real and right away This woman stops browsing the magazines and turns in to our actors. Can you scan it? No, I can ask you see two fraudulent coupon ma’am, ma’am. I know how you people are People this is a fraudulent coupon now. She’s backing away from the register As she walks by empty-handed she gives our actors a piece of her mind ma’am, what do you think I should do Before she steps out we step in this is cold. What would you do? I know I’ve seen you before What did you feel like telling that man wasn’t about the coupon. It’s about you people Mr. Sultan, mr. Robert Horry. So, how about leaving? Looks like you’ve made it yourself Who has time to do that? It’s not everyone we meet today voices their opinion. If you don’t leave I’m calling the authorities Okay She’s an african-american woman blue pants black. Like I’m black black is not a bad word She walks away without getting involved What did you think of what you were hearing their stuff needs to be honest happens a lot all the time So I just didn’t think anything of it. That’s almost Immune to it Numb to it almost like I’m so used to this they call the police on black people all the time. So there’s no It’s been happy to exchange Can you just get it and you’ll see it’s not fake they don’t think they don’t take it, you know, he’s not even trying This next shopper isn’t sold on her coupon Coupon they sent it to me in the mail. This is ridiculous. And now this customer has some different advice for our shopper Right, it’s right. It’s nothing about black white blue they don’t accept no drugstore that do I Mean you don’t want to make anything worse. It’s too much hatred and all this Craziness going on in the world today, you know Come on let’s break it You know don’t weigh them The show is called what would you do right so I’ve watched it God knows I never thought I’d be on it. I Hope they understand it has nothing doing race. I’m so sick of this Back and forth for a scrap. Do you understand? What if it is it what if it isn’t right you got right you got wrong every day of our life, but arguing constantly Over and over and over again You never gonna complicate anything What if that young lady was so infuriating she pull out a gun and blow her brains out. You never know You never know. This is the world we live in Okay, this is a fake coupon. I’m not dumb I know what your people do throughout the day blood boils And that’s like a totally racist thing man as our cashier carries on most racist thing. I’ve heard all day You have to want to purchase, you know, what how wouldn’t want to purchase anything away you can’t she’s trying to scam us she’s not Chinese Kim because that could be to us people can meet and Us people can be the coupon and it said your first purchase is free. It looks fake Fake fake – how about that the wall of the story? She bought a coupon in and he shall honor that coupon skin color has nothing to do with a cool Does it matter in today’s America? Well, you got to have a mouth on you today That’s the only thing people understand you try to be nice about it if they don’t understand you being nice, then you got to get a little bass in your voice and I have a manufacturer’s coupon This is not a legitimate coupon man as we rolled one. Last time we meet this mother-daughter duo You’re upsetting my customers. You’re making everyone uncomfortable. Am I making you guys uncomfortable? You know making us uncomfortable, but you need to move hastily compact at first We think this woman is going to leave our actress to fight this battle on her own and she does Until she hears these hateful words African-americans are always trying to get things for free and it’s not gonna work here It’s just say that here we go. Here we go First up here just gonna take your visits of my house. This is clearly not where her daughter jumps from right in See what’s happening there’s a view They stopped to comfort her before storming out. Don’t you say you people? Thank you I’m calling the police Time to meet these very vocal women. Hi mom. How are you? I’m John quinones. You’re in tears We’re so do fun today. I Don’t see things like this. It makes me so upset Because we need to do one you got angry, too I wasn’t gonna give them the business this unacceptable behavior and when we see it, what should we do stick up for one another? We’re all human beings and you know, we deserve to be treated the same Is no matter what her ethnicity is we need to stand up for what especially now