Phyrra Says Vol. 43 – Life Update, Puppies, LA & Dragon Con

Hey guys what’s up. This is just a quick little personal update
on my life to let you know what’s been going on with me. Sorry I’ve been MIA the past couple of weeks. As you know I got a brand new puppy, Nyx,
and puppies take up a lot of time. Anybody who tells you that there’s not a high
energy puppy is wrong because I think all puppies are high energy. Nyx is very high energy. so she’s taking up a ton of my time. So basically my time is split between work
and Nyx, and then when I have time I do stuff for my blog and then Youtube. So most of my time has been spent playing
with Nyx because she needs it. We’re still housebreaking her because, you
know, she’s really young. She’s like 11 weeks. In addition to that I recently took a quick
trip to LA. I was in LA for 3 days. The trip got booked on a Monday morning, I
flew out out Tuesday morning. I had to get up at 4:30 am to make my 6:50
am flight. I had a great time in LA. I hung out with my friend Emily from
most of the time. I hung out with her on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then Thursday I got up at 6:30 am no 6:20
am to be at the airport by 7:10 so that I wouldn’t miss my flight home. But unfortunately, Delta had a lot of problems
leaving out of LA. My flight kept getting delayed and delayed
and delayed. I don’t think I left LAX until after 1pm,
even though I was supposed to leave at like 10, I think my flight was supposed to board
at 9 something. And be out by 10, so yeah, I was stuck for
many many hours in LAX which sucked. And then I got home really really late. I am getting ready to go to Dragon Con. By the time you see this video I might actually
be at Dragon Con. So if you’re going to be at Dragon Con in
Atlanta, Georgia say hi to me. Just tag me on Instagram @phyrra or something
because I’ll be doing all kinds of updates on Instagram and Instagram Stories while I’m
gone. Anyway, that’s what’s going on with me. What’s going on with you? Please be sure to let me know in the comments
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