Point of View Perspective of a Trauma Patient

Two, three. Sir can you hear me? Tell me your first
name. No responses. Not showing any head deformity, no
bleeding. Okay, let’s put a c-collar in place. Slightly diminished left side but
reactive. Sir, Is there any pain where I’m touching in your belly? No pain a rigidity. Arms intact. Sir, we’re
going to lift you up on three. One, two, three. Sir, can you hear me? Do a large-bore
18. Left AC. Go ahead and set me up a second line. Not showing injury to his
chest. No deformity. (Sound of ambulance sirens) Sir, can you hear me at all? McLaren Macomb
Medstar alpha 1-0-9. Medstar 1-0-9, McLaren Macomb, go ahead. McLaren Macomb, inbound party, one. 27 year-old male involved in a trauma, MVA,
hit-and-run, unwitnessed by pedestrians. Patient is showing a head
injury. …the pupils to the right side. He’s
unreactive, sluggish. But as a result his blood pressure is 134 over 86. Heart rates up 82. Sinuses sp02 98%. Unresponsive at this time. ETA about two minutes. Anything
further? 27 year-old male, unknown trauma, possible hit-and-run. (Go around to the other side.) … left side abdominal evisceration, multiple abrasions to the
left side of his forehead. We have an 18 established, each AC.
Bolus in currently. Pressure was 60 over 20. Okay, let’s move him on over. It’s unknown speeds, he’s been
unresponsive to us the entire time. Alright, Ready? One, two, three. Blood pressure? 60 over 20. Okay. Keep the IVs wide open. (sound of heart beat) (sound of heart beat)