Post Malone “Patient” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

The song is about firearms, flossing and just
having fun. If you hate on me, it’s all going to come
back. I’m 21 now. I started off when I was 18. A lot of people push me around, and you know
what, they still do. A lot of people don’t quite understand the
vision yet, but I’m done being nice to people. I’ve had enough. Now it’s “fuck you, pay me.” I’m chasing that cheddar. I love ‘Goodfellas’ but it’s a generic
“fuck you, pay me.” FN Herstal, it’s a firearm. I’m a big advocate of the second amendment. It’s a crazy time which we live in and violence
of any kind has been going on for so long, but I think it’s really an exploitation
and taking advantage of our right as humans to protect ourselves against a tyrannical
government. It’s on the way and that’s why I’m building
my apocalypse shelter. Everybody always talks about it like people
that didn’t fuck with you, fuck with you now. Girls that didn’t fuck with me, now want
to fuck with me. I was watching ‘Narcos’ while writing
this so I said shout out to Pablo. My manager is from Brixton in London and a
strally is another word for like a scang or a strap. So you keep it inside of the Bentley. In the Bentley truck. I don’t if you can see it cause I’m fat. It says “Molon labe” and in Latin it means
“come and take it.” I don’t know if it’s Latin or not. It’s like Spartan power. I got it in Tupac style. Belly tat. It hurts so bad. Shout out to my alter ego. He’s Leon DeChino. He’s from Colombia or Romania. But he’s a legend. There’s people that delayed my album from coming out and
just a bunch of stuff. More than one group of people that made my
life very tough and the reason why the album isn’t out when it should have came out. And people are always asking me about them. I see people and they’re like, “Hey you
know this guy?” Yeah I know them, but i don’t work with
them no more. And we’re going to snap on them. We’re going to go crazy and show them what’s good because you can’t stop us. You can never stop the plan.