Preparing Your Hurricane Survival Kit –

Hi, I’m Brian and I’m here to talk to you
today about hurricane preparation kits. Hurricanes are one of the most
devastating natural disasters that occur and hurricane season goes from June
to November each year. Whether you live in an area that’s at risk for hurricanes, monsoons, or tropical storms you’re going to
want to be prepared just in case the worst happens. A few of the essentials you’re going to want
to have in your hurricane preparation kit include things like dry blankets and dry
clothing. If you get wet, and you find yourself in shelter you’re going to want to
be able to hang up your clothes to dry and you’re going to want to have something else
to put on and keep yourself warm. After that you’re going to want to have a
really good first aid kit. You need bandages, tape, gauze, cotton swabs, and any other medication that you might
need to have with you. You want to have it there so you can patch
yourself up in case of injury. Another thing you’re going to want to have
along with you is bottled water and canned food. You never know if the water
outside is safe so you’re going to want to have that
water to keep yourself hydrated. The canned food is great because if you
don’t find any food you’ll still be able to keep yourself nurished. On a side note, waterproofing is really
important in situations like this and we have thousands of waterproof
products on our website. While you may not need a pair of
waterproof binoculars for a hurricane, we do carry them and thousands of other
waterproof products. So if you want them we have it. Now in any emergency situation or natural
disaster you’re going to want to have a really good illumination tool. I highly recommend the Streamlight
Fire Vulcan Lantern System. This was actually designed for use by
firefighters and it is super durable. Now, it comes with a front halogen light
or we have an optional LED light for the front and there are two back lit LED lights that
are great so that if you’re walking along and you need to have your light ahead
of you to see something but you want somebody behind you to still be able to
keep track of you. You just use this light and they’ll be able to
see you through the dark really well. The light actually also has really good
battery life it comes with this base, which you can
either hang on the wall or you can set it on the table. It goes right in there like this and it’ll
recharge, you’ll get a really long battery life and it’s really simple to find in the
dark because it is bright orange, you’ll just find it real quick. The Streamlight
Fire Vulcan Lantern System is fantastic. Durable, long battery life, and I’d really
highly recommend it. When you need a portable handsfree lighting
solution, I suggest a headlamp. Here we have the Icon Irix II headlamp. It’s fully adjustable
from zero to fifty lumens, and it’s actually really lightweight and
comfortable. So, I mean, when you put it on it’s going
to keep your hands free, you don’t have to think about it too
much, and it’s right there. It’s also fully detachable so if you’re
out there and you need to take it down to look at something, you can also take it down and you can
reattach it relatively simply. When you’re on the move you’re going to want
to keep your pack as light as possible, I suggest taking along a compass. Here we have the Suunto A Series Compass. It’s a lightweight and inexpensive tool
that’ll keep you going in the right direction. No matter what the situation or what
you’re doing you’re going to want to have a multitool along with you. Here we have the Gerber Suspension
Multi-Pliers. Within this tool you’re going to find pliers, scissors, can opener, wire cutters, and a bunch of other tools that might
come in handy. This multi tool comes with a pouch
that you can mount on your belt either vertically or horizontally. And it is
just an indispensable, versatile tool that will last you a lifetime. In addition to the other first-aid
supplies I mentioned earlier, there’s a few other things you can bring along with
you. Here we have the QuikClot EHS sponge. IT has one function and it does it really
well. It stops bleeding fast. If you get a cut on your arm, you apply this, and it’s going
to stop the bleeding. In addition to that we also have the PetClot. Same type of idea but it works for your
dog or cat. Anybody in a disaster emergency is going
to probably bring their pet along with them, if they get an injury, you’ll be able to take care
of them too. Now, they’re both really easy to use but if you do
need to look on the back they do have have real simple directions for how to apply
it and it’s just a great tool or great
little addition to any of your first-aid kits. Some additional tools you may want to
consider bringing along with you, a small camp axe or folding shovel. Now,
here we have the Gerber Gator combo axe. It’s actually a fantastic, lightweight, compact
axe. Comes with a protective sheath over the blade, so
that you don’t hurt yourself while you’re transporting it. The sheath also attaches really
easily to your belt so you can carry it allong so it’s not in your pack. In the hilt, it actually comes
with a small saw, comes all real easily, and it’s good for
you know, cutting down little tree limbs if you need to start a fire. It’s just a really good sturdy tool that
you might want to bring along. In addition to that, we have the Gerber Gorge Shovel. This is similar to what they
actually use in the military. It’s fully adjustable, you can tighten it
up right there. It’ll fit into any pack and if you need to dig anything out. You know, dig yourself a little protective
hole, it’s a great tool to have along. It’s always something you want to have
in your pack, so make sure you pick both of those up as well. Now that you have all your equipment ready, you’re going to need something to
carry in. Here, we have the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack Sling Bag. This bag is
really fantastic, it comes with a lot of great features. First up, we have the padded strap, it’s
really comfortable for when you’re carrying it for a long time. In addition to that, as you move down you can see some molle straps right here if you
want to attach anything extra. Right here, the velcro strip in the middle is great
for attaching a name tag, so in case anybody finds it they’ll know who’s it is. And then if you just look at it, there
are a ton of pouches to carry everything in it and while it is a small compact bag
and lightweight there’s a ton room you can actually over pack it. It really fills
out great and you can fit a ton in this bag. Thank you for watching our video about
the creation of a hurricane survival kit, start preparing yours today so you will be
ready for any situation in the future. We’d love to hear from you, what would
you put in your hurricane survival kit? Post your comments on our YouTube page, FaceBook page, or using FaceBook
comments on the OpticsPlanet website.