Presidents Park and Mulatu launch Korea Aid in Ethiopia

President Park Geun-hye and her Ethiopian
counterpart launched the Korean government’s new humanitarian initiative Korea Aid in the
capital earlier today. The program provides area residents with medical
services, food and entertainment. Lee Un-shin has the details.
President Park Geun-hye launched Korea Aid with a special ceremony at Addis Ababa University
in Ethiopia on Saturday. The event kicked-off with hundreds of people
in attendance, including Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome.
The two leaders spoke with area residents and volunteers to discuss the future direction
of the project. The program — which aims to provide services
in the areas of health, nutrition, education and culture — uses mobile trucks to reach
people living in more isolated parts of the country. “The project needs to focus on the real needs
of the community. In order to do that, communication is the key.”
[ / : , ….] Ethiopia is among the world’s poorest countries,
with 87% of the population classified by Oxford University as “multi-dimensionally poor.”
The nation is especially in need of upgrades to its health care system.
There are only point-zero-three doctors per one-thousand people,… a significantly low
rate compared to the world average of more than one physician per thousand.
Given that, medical support was prioritized in the region.
More than 20 Korean doctors and nurses joined area doctors to provide general check-ups
and pediatric care. The program will also provide educational
media content on first aid and personal hygiene. President Park is currently in Uganda and
will later travel to Kenya, both of which are also expected to benefit from Korea Aid.
Lee Un-shin, Arirang News.