“Pro-Life” Pharmacist Denies Bleeding Girl Her Medication, “Suspects” an Abortion

another horrible story relating to
women’s rights is that a pharmacist in idaho which now has a rule that allows
its called a conscience clause which allows pharmacist adjust not fill a
prescription if they don’t believe it or rather specifically for emergency
contraceptives and uh… it’s so-called abortion pills if they have a problem with that because
conscious doesn’t allow absolutely insane he wasn’t after the sports story we did on last
show about the the philadelphia abortion doctor and other heinous things he did
too then late term abortions they’ve really became clear to me i
really hate abortion i really really do i believe it should be legal and what
the story pro-life what is pro-life in this case a
walgreens pharmacist didn’t give a girl a medication for you here in bleeding what is pro-life because she’s too spec
that it may have been the result of an abortion but she didn’t agree with what’s pro-life about giving not
withholding medication that could save someone’s life and the hypocrisy of is that when we
hear the pro-life sentiment cited for being against abortion and wanting to avail yourself of this conscience
clauses a pharmacist letting a woman bleed out because he
refers refused to fill her prescription because u_n_ bird she may have had an
abortion or we could go on all day about their proper see these idiots but part
of this legislation that passed that’s the craziest thing here it’s a little asian i don’t know i can say the the other thing is this the
pharmacist actually called that nurse at the office for the prescribed this
yeutter in bleeding drug prevention drug that is and send it back
to the nurse why did you prescribe this in the nurse said i don’t have to tell you that that
violates confidentiality for missus hangs up says and i continue
this discussion and the problem is far bigger ladies and gentlemen then this one anti-choice pharmacists
right it is both ridiculous an incredibly dangerous to allow women’s
medical medical care to be at the whim of a walgreens pharmacist who is
anti-choice we are planning people’s health care are we putting on the line based on the i don’t know social political religious whims of all
the wallet walgreens pharmacist in idaho we cannot have loan pharmacist denying
prescriptions the people that have obtained them properly the pharmacist also i’m getting emails from women
saying the pharmacist is an embarrassment to
women how dare she put another woman’s life in
danger by denying her and people eating
medication and all of these are brilliant points my understanding is that this is a
violation of the law as it is anyway whether you agree with it or not the
love the law allows a pharmacist to refuse birth control of any kind and they can destroy refused to
distribute the morning-after pill it does not say that you can refuse medications even if we didn’t know if this is to
level with his two levels of of insanity even if she knew that this believing was the result of an
abortion you cannot withhold medication due to
complications of abortions or using birth control there was not even proof that that was
the case so this is that this is a complete
failure it is a complete perversion of the law in any case we think about it what if a pharmacist
refused to give someone antibiotics because they thought you know you are more prone to summon biff infections in the period after having an abortion
so i’m not going to give you antibiotics for that sinus infection it’s a perversion of the law this needs to be changed we cannot be at the whim of individual pharmacists for the care of hundreds of thousands of
people with valid prescriptions there’s just not the pharmacist place to
he deciding it does not mean how does that even fall
into the courting dil according to that others passed that’s why it’s so crazy
it is the problem that is the problem and then we’ll take
a break speaking of pro-life the michigan messenger is reporting that
gave gina who’s a republican congressman from
granville michigan he is now introducing legislation to eliminate the michigan
health fund initiative it would shift nine million dollars away from that for the michigan
aeronautics fund what would have been research with that nine million dollars
in great part h_i_v_ funding virtually all michigan funding for h_i_v_ research is part of
this nine million dollars talk about pro-life clearly aeronautics is more important apparently to david yuma it’s very sad lewis what is going on
with health care in this country has we talked about public options how could they start we need to start looking into that quick
especially at the state level will be back after this david adventure david padma dot com