Product Review NURSAL Handheld Percussion Electric Massager, Deep kneading therapeutic perc

hi YouTube hi Internet I’ve got an
unboxing here today and so I’ve already opened it to save a little bit of time
we’ve got NURSAL hand powered massager I’ll set the box right there you
guys can look at the box and so it says NURSAL all handy powered massager
professional muscle toning massager with four attachments the easiest way to
exercise or relax capable of targeting ABS buns thighs calves and
underarm muscles so under our muscles that’s these right here super effective
in slimming toning and relaxing lightweight and portable power
oscillates rotating mechanism included and so I’ll show you this is what the
box looks like and so this is the side and here’s the other side of the box
there you can see it so let’s open it up and see what we got here okay okay so
we’ve got some instructions in here it’s asking for a want to extend your product
warranty for two years get it now that’s if you want a product warranty for two
years and then the Handy powered massager user manual so it’s got a big
user manual in here and that explains everything inside the user manual and so
it comes with this plastic thing on top here inside this box and so okay so this
is what this is what it looks like right here
this is what it looks like and so it comes like this and there’s like a thing
on here there’s three in here so let me take this off and show you guys there’s
one on here so there’s like a protective cap on the top just like that
and so there’s three different cups here I’m not sure what they’re called
they look like cups and I’m going to set this aside right there and then show you
guys okay so this is what this looks like just like that and then this comes
off just like that and so there’s this little this thing in here that spins and
so then and then you just put that on like that so there’s a protective it
feels kind of silky it’s gray now there’s other ones too you see that
there’s other ones like this so I’m going to set these aside and use this
one now I need to I need to take off my twisty tie here and then set it in the
box and then I’m gonna plug this in here and so if you look right here there’s a
little powered thing right here it says on/off this is all off on and you just
slide it like that you see that and then it like massages
oh gosh that feels so good that feels really good oh my gosh it
massages your muscles just like that oh my gosh oh oh my gosh a hand massage oh
I like this you see that and then it massages my
muscles right there like that It says it’ll it’ll massage your
thighs like that this is my thigh right there
my kneecap oh my gosh that feels so good oh and I have hardly I haven’t hardly
turned on if I turn it up like that whoa it’s really powerful oh my goodness
oh oh goodness well that feels good on my knees that
doesn’t feel just a little good that feels a lot good oh oh I really like that it massages and
then it says your belly you can use it on your belly for weight loss oh ah I
need to turn it down a little bit let’s see
you gotta turn it down I just kind of barely on there’s a little green
light here too a little light emitting diode oh maybe it could get rid of belly
fat I don’t know I’ll give it a whirl here and see but all I know is it feels
really good for a massaging machine oh let me put it on my back oh I like that
that feels good I can massage my my jelly roll this area right here is my
jelly roll my Dunlop you know who like back in the day when I was a kid we
called it a Dunlop it done lopped over your belt kind of like the tires oh that
feels good on my knees though that feels really good okay now spud he wants to give it a try
now – he’s going to get a back massage so it can be used for a pet massage or
too you see that spud kind of likes it spud
likes having his back massaged right he likes what he wants to look at
it though more than anything and he wants to try to play with it but he does
like this back being massaged though too the spud has some jelly rolls and
needs to lose some weight so yeah don’t you oh goodness you’re gonna sit down
you’re gonna sit down oh goodness oh goodness okay I’m gonna have two links
in the video description below where you guys go to and purchase your own NURSAL HAND powered massager for muscle toning and and obviously for your pets too
because spud seems to like it so yeah I’m gonna keep using this because this
feels good on my legs actually it feels a lot good so so what I would like is for you guys to
share with me the videos when you purchase your NURSA Lmassager share
your videos with me in the comment section below and then we’ll look at
each other’s videos of the handheld massager so I want to thank you guys so
much and you’ll find the information in the video description below thank you
guys so much and I will see you soon Thank You Internet I love you guys peace
love and avocados I’ll see you soon