Hi sisters, James Charles here, welcome back to my youtube channel. If you’re thinking wow, James, you look not good I would be thinking yes. It’s currently 6:00 in the morning and I just rolled out of bed and sat down and filmed a video after going to bed at 4 a.m last night filming a video. So that’s um fun and fresh. Today I’m doing something crazy that I’m actually very very very nervous for and I Am going to tell you about that *james dying on the inside* Throughout the year in the beauty community. We have a few huge major events called beauty conventions There’s a lot of them that go by different names But overall they have the same kind of purpose of connecting smaller influencers and big brands to allow them to network together Sell products, do demos, do classes for influencers to make appearances and they’re usually pretty fun I remember a few years ago and I had only 50,000 followers begging and pleading my parents Let me use all of my saved up money to fly to California to go to generation Beauty I had followers but no fans yet No brands had any idea who I was no influences knew who I was I remember my makeup looked literally The absolute worst and as my first time meeting all the major influencers, I snuck into the crater cocktail party So I got to meet so many people and take photos and it was honestly such a cool experience And it’s also the first time that ever got on PR list ShiSHter Because of you guys know and how fast this sisterhood is growing. I don’t really go to beauty conventions that often anymore For a lot of reasons but spoiler alert. I’m going to one today So I’m going to keep those reasons to myself because I don’t wanna get yelled at after this video Even though I personally choose to not go to these conventions much anymore It has been several years since I’ve attended one The industry is ever-changing and it’s been a very very long time since I’ve been able to interact with fans different Beauty influencer people Different brands and I’m kind of curious as to how these conventions are running Are they going smoothly after Tanacon I feel like anything would be going smoothly in comparison to that. But I really want to get the inside scoop See how people are feeling about the industry right now who they like who they don’t like what brands they like which brands they don’t like, so For today’s video. I thought of doing this a few weeks ago and I can’t believe this is actually coming to life But, I hired an extremely talented special effects artists. You guys are going to meet in a few short minutes and Today I am getting fully professionally transformed into a completely different human being and I’m going to be sneaking into beautycon and interviewing a ton of people about the makeup industry You guys I’d like to introduce you to my very very special guest today this is Channing! Welcome to my Channel Channing: Hello, hello sisters – Are you excited? – I am really excited but also really nervous, okay because this is a huge transformation – Do you wanna explained like briefly what we’re really doing. – Okay. So James contacted me for this super secret sister makeover And he basically wanted to be in disguise to go to beauty con – Yes. – And we decided to do something like an older 30 year-old male Very masculine. So he’s gonna have a beard, he’s gonna have facial features that change with the prosthetics, he’s going to have a wig on we’ll do something with the brows will change wardrobe and He will be a new man. -Oh my god. How long would you this process is gonna take -Usually special effects makeup artists have like three or four people working on one person. They still can take up to five hours Five to six hours eight hours The more pieces the longer it takes to apply -How many pieces do you have today, -um, I think we have five -what do you think It’s gonna be the hardest aspect of it successfully pulling off this Sister secret surprise -I would say your face but we have that under control -yEs girl -We have it covered. -Yes -I think the next biggest challenge would be just staying in character and keeping your mannerisms in check
-Yeah. Um the second… -One Sister Slip… -oH thats a gOOd one! -And everyone is gonna know -Yeah, I’m gonna have to say hey guys for all the clips today which is gonna be a challenge already I have to really focus on slowing my words down I also have to try to go from being like a 98 percent gay man to a like roughly 32% gay man, or I’m out. We already went ahead and took off all my jewelry earlier on which was Very emotionally hard for me. Oh, she’s stuck. Oh, oh, oh Hello. Hey, I should take off. My cardi doesn’t look I can never do this with nails this limb You didn’t have to use a screwdriver for so Please don’t ever try to rob me or cut my hand off on the streets because even if you do You won’t be able to get it. So Gotcha with that one. I’d literally don’t think I’ve taken this bracelet off since I bought it what the hook righty tighty lefty loosey Right. Yes Right lefty oh, there we go. Oh Jesus it’s early My hand is shaking What the heck? Unscrew? Oh, oh, no. I only took six hours for no reason. Do you think it’s Solid gold sister’s necklace. I’ll give it away. (no absolutely not James) Oh! Kellie get it off. I’ll vlog. Hey Katie girls what have my producer Kelly taking off my neck last cause it’s stuck on my body. Wow. That was easy. Yeah Well, it’s official ladies, I officially am worth $0.00 as a human being so -Nope. Your left ear -Oh Okay ladies, it’s official again, I am officially worth $0.00 as a human being so that’s really fun and fresh, but I want to offer such as a good personality um…. *James dies for the second time* Good personality -Coincidentally as well. This week has also been one of the most stressful of my entire life So I may or may not have bitten off all of my acrylic nails Which is actually great for this video because I think that may be a very intense giveaway -That could be a definite give away _That could get…That could that could I’ll give you go down. Well, I have a million questions that I want to ask you tanning I am excited for this video today. I think you are so talented and I’m putting my face in your hands I’m very very nervous I’m not even gonna lie. It not because I don’t trust you because I don’t trust myself So we have five hours ahead of us. I think we need to buckle up Get ready to go get ready to his sister’s secret surprise everybody And should we get started on this transformation So a few nights ago Channing came over to my apartment for the first time ever and made a life cast a life cast of my face which was probably mmmmmmm *dies* One of the scariest and worst hours of my entire life, but through doing this She was able to actually make a full plate of a wonderful prosthetics that are gonna be glued on and we’ll roll the footage right now and show you guys how that process went because I’m sure you’re just going to love watching me suffer
-Walk us through your Process like what are we doing? We’re gonna use a trash bag, just to protect your lower body, your clothes. -I’m wearing a trash bag? -A trash bag. -I love that! I am trash. I am looking right at home. -You look like at West Hollywood trash can It’s silicone body double it’s what I’m gonna use to laughs cast him. It’ll come free from like all his hair I don’t have to use a release and it’s it’s a lot quicker and it lasts a lot longer So if James wants to make multiple life casts of himself he can this is very good covered now Guys, please try not to make me laugh once I help explain the feeling right now. Why are you so cat? It kind of feels like cold. Oh my I’m getting claustrophobic. Just looking at you. These might be the best 30 minutes in my entire life We can legit talked about him and him not even talk back to us So after this I will take it and I’m gonna pour a stone in it that we use to make life cast and from there I’ll start sculpting the prosthetic pieces and from that I’ll make a mold of those And I’ll pour them in more silicone and then they’ll be ready to go on. Oh, that’s so weird. I don’t like that I feel like that’s really squishy. You know. Hope the sister slice under James’s nose Okay, so now I’m gonna take plaster bandages and make a shell for the silicone mold and it just protects it Yeah, so this is the hardest part of doing it cuz now it’s gonna be stiff where he can’t move at all And I’m sure he feels it like the difference. Do you feel genius warm it’s warm. You can feel it He’s heard me knock on him like 20 times now, but I’m making sure it’s okay Hmm wait now start moving your face around This is your face really beautiful Know what’s the top ba definitely was like very uncommon especially everybody saying funny things. They want to laugh so bad But it wasn’t like pop ups. So I’m gonna start by cleansing the skin to get rid of any dirt oil all of those things Sticking and then I’m taking a skin protectant to put on you. It’s gonna be like damaging to my skin at all No, if you remove it correctly, then it’s totally safe a lot of fun So yes starting out I’m using pros aid transfers which are kind of like the same as tattoos You wet the back of the paper Like literally a temporary tattoo and then you just blend the edges off with alcohol So what like are you interested in special effects like in the first place And the tricks that they pull love that Yes Yeah, I feel like the less So if you a definite giveaway, most 30 year-old straight men don’t exactly have a vial the Juvederm engulf less But you know what? We’re not judging here Wow, I look like I just gave a really good sister sock Since the designs are so small. You may not think that like they’ll do much Yeah to the overall look but once you see it come together, you’ll realize like oh it took that little amount To change a feature, huh? This is low-key really relaxing. I don’t want to fall asleep research Any you were saying you loved horror movies? That’s kind of what you got, you know special effects What are some of your favorite horror movies that you’ve seen? I love all the some of these I was gonna say I figured you would like those. Yeah Yeah It’s just like the thing that inspires me is the fact that you can literally Just take someone a regular human and turn them into this like creature this monster So now I’m going to take silicon encapsulated pieces and apply them to James I’m gonna start with his chin Oh God So these are the pieces that Shannon came over a few days ago to premake. Oh, I know you’re not giving me a double Channing bruda Just kind of like with the pros aid transfers These blend off with alcohol as well. Well, probably the first and only time alcohol will be featured on the James Charles YouTube channel I’m a sober sister My butt chin has gone, oh now know about of jaw clenching her face didn’t can fix this that’s my worst nightmare. Oh No, oh my god, you’ve got to be kidding me so saying how long did you actually go to cosmetic school for But they take you through everything so quickly which I think is a good thing yeah, are you a fast learner I am same That was my biggest thing in school would be like I would learn the lesson once and then they’d keep going through it and reviewing and I was like, oh my god So now I’m gonna put on cheek pieces for James. What is this gonna do to the jawline? Oh my cheekbones It’s gonna round it off. It’s not gonna be as structured Okay out of all the things that you learn how to do what’s been your hardest like transformation or like special effect. Yeah I’m so in school in the special effects class we have to like sculpt and make our own monster and that was probably The hardest thing that I’ve ever done really yeah cuz start to finish it was like a four week process For weeks. Holy crop. Everything in school is pretty much like that I kind of rather than be that way because I think it just prepares you more How would you compare like this transformation type to like the stuff that you’re doing in school? Like the monster stuff. This is more difficult in the fact that it’s like realism right a monster You can just be like as creative and crazy as you want This is like all about making sure you paint it, right? Making sure your edges are blended really nicely. So this is harder whoa, I Don’t know why I’m so nervous for this. Hello everybody. My name is Tom and welcome to Beauty Cod That’s not like a man. No That’s still okay. I could be a really gay bad it bros its mark Question right now and let’s see do both and pretend that you’re asking a question Hey Who would you say your favorite influencers and Oh No, who would you say right now? Are your favorite influencers in the beauty community? And who is your least favorite? That still sounded like me, huh? I love this Have a pop in the middle I face. I think this is the finished look right here guys. So right now I’m taking bondo Which is just like a thickened adhesive to help blend the edges of the prosthetic into the skin better So is this like the final set before we get to the painting? Yeah, okay guys, we just had breakfast and we are back and we’re ready to start painting This is where actually it gets like real and it starts to like look like a real person Hello hi and I took my wig off because Mama’s hot and she’s working love Okay. So now I’m gonna start painting with alcohol paints. And the reason why we use alcohol paints is because there’s still translucent So it makes it look like skin like you’re not taking a bunch of product on you can still have translucency with it So how many layers of paint would you typically do for this? you just build them up until it gets to like a skin tone type of base like It’s a multiple layered thing like you can’t just go in one or two layers So now I’m going to take the beer that I made and apply it with spirit gum I’m so exited i’m gonna be a man I’m so excited. I’m gonna be a man Oh My god, oh, yeah Hey brothers, what’s my name Steven? Eight years of races and brushing my teeth not to go down the drain Alright guys, I guess this is the transformation all complete so I’m gonna go put on my bro outfit It’s gonna go put on my bro outfig and get changed and get ready for my first ever interview Super excited major. Thank you to Sister Channing for participating in this video today, bro I think you absolutely killed it. This transformation is insane. I don’t even recognize myself and I feel like We’re gonna kill this challenge today. So please go show Channing some love on her Instagram It’s makeup by sea Judith and I’ll leave all of her social links down below She’s the sister, sweetest and you guys better go sister support her. Thanks for having me on your channel Welcome sister sister out. So now my face in here a complete, but we still have a whole lot left to do So let’s go to the closet. We just finished the first part of the transformation and brother Ian hasn’t seen me yet So I think we need to go sister surprise him What What’s up, bro? Kind of good great Perfect. Love that for us brother drew here. It’s when my best friends in the entire world. He’s a fashion blogger here on YouTube Called them over today because I need a bro outfit for this bro interview. So Let’s head into the closet no homo What do you Think this all day is gonna be horrible worse. Oh just talk like normal for now. You’re fine. Okay, bro No, I wasn’t even coming over here for this thank you – watch your face Now you’re treating my often bro. What about beats? Yeah, Oh Seconding. Yes some sisters locs Flex are for sure in here. They’re in the back the gray ones. Oh these mine I mean are these mine? Perfect, why are they so low waisted Way down over here Mm-hmm. Yeah, then tuck it in marilla and we’re no belt not. No, that’s too trendy. You were this Australia sisters good. I like to buck in Australia here for today’s interview a beauty : job you really do? You’re in the parts of the Caribbean Episode of breaking Amish. This one does like right here What’s up, Bros, welcome to Beauty con ha ha ha Who’s like your favorite influencer right now? I love James Charles. he’s pretty funny We’re on the way right now to beautycon and I’m not even gonna lie, like I’m feeling really really nervous right now I never ever get nervous to like be in front of people But I think I’m nervous because like this is not like me. I’d have to like act and have to like play a part I guess I’m just concerned because I Really want to see the sisters and stuff But it can like these conventions can be a major safety hazard and I’m just praying that We don’t get caught because if we do it’s literally over and this whole entire thing is ruined at this point I think Channing did literally such a phenomenal job I don’t think it’s gonna be the face that’s gonna be an issue if anything I think it’ll be the voice Or like if I slip up on my man voice or like my mannerisms I speak with my hands so much Like so so so much my stomach it kind of feels like Right now and I think it’s because I’m getting the feeling on how I used to get when I first went to these Conventions like as if I’m not important because there’s gonna be a million people there and it’s like it’s very overwhelming they’re always very very crowded and very very packed and like everybody’s super standard to see the people that they love and the brands they Love but normally not when I can walk into an event or a convention I have a full team of people around me that are protecting me that are making sure I’m led to the right places getting like You know what? I mean? Like I’m very coordinated at these type of events and this were literally walking in of course Hopefully they won’t be able to see it’s me, but it’s still kind of like that Same feeling of like oh, I don’t really know what is gonna happen I’m not really sure how that’s gonna go if I’m being completely honest. I’m just a little bit nervous I just want this to go. Well, we just got here. We have to find the entrance now. I don’t really know where we’re going I’m very scared. I’m gonna be honest, but let’s get this over with Hi guys, my name is Steven Brockwell and today I’m reporting live from beautycon at Los Angeles My name is Steven, can I ask you a few questions for glitter glam magazine? I’m feeling it not good I’m literally freaking out and I don’t know why I’ve never been like that’s all showing a video before I don’t know why I’m so scared Cut the cameras, I think we need to go home today kind of reminded me exactly why I stopped going to those